[Easy Guide] How to create blog at blogger for free?

Create a free blog at blogger

What is blogger? Is it a free platform? How to create a blog at blogger? And that’s it our topic for today.


Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google. Many people widely use blogging platform because it is owned by Google. Since it is owned by Google,

  • It has tight security. It is not easy for hackers to hack website in blogger.
  • You can get Google Adsense easier compared to other platforms.
  • You can link your comments section with Google+.


What are the requirements to create a blogspot blog?

  • Just an email id. That’s it.


Steps to create a blog at blogger:

Step 1:

First, go to www.blogger.com . If  you don’t have a gmail account, create one. Enter your account details in the following login page.

Google login page
Step 2:

Next, you will get blogger home page. Click Create New Blog.



Create blog at Blogger Homepage


Step 3:

Next, enter the name of your blog, and your blog address.
Create a new blog at Blogger

Check if your blog address is available. If you already have a custom domain you can setup your blog with that. If you wanted to purchase a custom domain then use the following service.

  • Namecheap (They provide you custom domains  starting at 0.88$)

It is not mandatory that you should use a custom domain. You can continue your blog for free at Blogspot subdomain. You can setup a custom domain whenever you need it.


Step 5:

And that’s it. You have created a blog just a matter of seconds. Your next step is to start posting content in your blog.
Google's Blogger dashboard


Watch the following youtube video to get a clear understanding on how to start a blog on blogspot ?



Let me know in the comments section if you find this tutorial useful. And tell me what’s your blog all about?

I am a blogger. Loves to experiment new products, services etc. Inspired by various bloggers all over the world.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    i understood that we can create blog in our gmail account as per your video..but could you pleas advise me that what kind of blog we can write and how it will help me to make money etc.


    1. There is no particular topic for making money. You can make money from your blog, only if it has good content. You can make good content, only if you have some interest on it. So try creating a blog with a topic, on which you have some interest. If you are not sure whether your topic will work out,then do this:
      1) Go to google. Type a topic
      2) If the search result has more than 5 blogs on that topic, then it is a good topic to blog on.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for very informative article.

    It will really helps those people who wants to start their own blog using blogspot.

    1. Feel free to ask me if you need any help in creating blog.

  3. Hay nirmal ! came through quora nice blog you have and lots of money making and blogging articles are really helpful for many beginners. My personal advice of this post most of use start a blog for to make money but if you start a free service its not really worth. Because my first blog is blocked due to the small reason, which i just added little bit custom html code. So, i have started a new blog with custom domain godaddy server. Free blogs only helpful for personal not for commercial. This is my experience, i don’t know how some people are making with free blogs.
    Thanks for sharing !

    1. @Charan There are certain factors to be considered while starting a blog. Some people create a blog with no idea like myself. They are not sure whether blogging suits them. You cannot expect beginners to spend for blogging.

      Initially, I started my blog at blogger. Learn a lot about blogging and SEO and later moved to WordPress. Yes, I accept the fact. Some people make money out of a free blog. It is because of their excellent blogging skills.

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