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 How do you study? What is your aim while studying? Do you learn with an aim to score more marks and get a placement in a good company? Could you Sustain there? If Not, Why you couldn’t sustain there?

The exact reason behind this is Lack of Application Oriented Learning .  Over the years, we study in order to score marks and not to understand the basic concept behind them. Now I guess you have started thinking, Why you don’t understand the concept?

It’s because of the boring way of teaching.   You are forced to sit inside the class and just watch over the teacher scribbling on the blackboard. You haven’t been made to imagine the concepts. Is it possible to change the way of learning ? If so, how?

 Lets Make Engineering Simple, commonly abbreviated as LMES. It consists of Premanand Sethurajan and his friends, They are basically engineers. Two years ago they came up with an idea to change this way of learning, And they wanted to lay a firm path for the education of INDIA.

They started a Youtube channel and posted educational videos of great quality in Tamil.They  currently have huge social media supporters. And I am glad to say that I will be posting LMES videos in this blog, We have all kinds for permissions to post their videos.
Here is their first video. In this video , Premanand Sethurajan introduces himself and their vision. The video is in TAMIL. 

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Also, they have started an Academy know as LMES Academy. With this Academy, they planned to join with schools and help students learn the concepts.

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  1. I want to know the landfill method for producing methane ..in that loop whole gas loss may occur….

  2. thanks for the reply i will check out and shortly come back to u…i to trying to find an alternative method of methane gas plant with AD of electricity generation with small engineering sciences

  3. in your hydrocarbon plant video is same like bio-gas plant rights.or else could u tell the difference between them.am waiting for the reply.
    thanks regard

    1. Hey Singathevan, I would like clear certain things. I am not a part of the LMES team.

      I am a blogger. I found LMES videos so useful. Hence, I share them with my audience through blog posts.

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