Paytm coupons and discounts for April 2017

Enjoy discounts and cashback with Paytm coupons

On seeing the post title,most you might be aware what this post is about. You might probably be aware of Paytm. If you weren’t, then I would like to take the pleasure of explaining you in detail about Paytm. Also, I will provide you a huge list of Paytm coupons for this month in the later part of this post.

What is Paytm? :

Paytm ( acronym of Pay through mobile) is an Indian eCommerce site, which has its headquarters at Noida, Delhi. The company was started just in 2010 but it has seen immense growth over the years. It was started as a mobile recharging site, but later they had added a lot of features.

How is it different from Freecharge? :

I guess you might have read my post on Freecharge if you haven’t then check it out here:

After reading the post on Freecharge, you might have a confusion, what is special about Paytm ?

Yes, it is more than a just a mobile recharging site.

Features at Paytm:

They have added a lot of features over the years. Let me list them below:

  • Did your TV stop with DTH noticing account balance is over? – You can recharge your DTH online with Paytm.
  • Why do you need to travel to office and stand in a queue to pay the bills? – Paytm allows you to pay your electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill, gas bill, etc  online.
  • Is your data pack expired? – Recharge your data card instantly at Paytm.
  • Pay the school fees of your ward. There is a huge list of schools, who accept paytm payments. You can check if your school has also made its spot in the list.
  • You can recharge you metro cards too online.
  • Did you just remember that you have not paid your insurance or loan? – Just pay it with paytm.
  • You can also shop various products at Paytm, just like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon.
  • Uhh! The list is not yet over. You can book movie tickets, train tickets, flight tickets, amusement park tickets, two wheelers, cars etc.

Now, you might have understood, why I mentioned Paytm has developed immensely over the years.

Paytm android app:

Paytm has its official android app. You can install it,  and start recharging just with your mobile itself.

Download Paytm Android App Download Paytm Windows App Download Paytm iOS App

Paytm coupons and deals:

Now, let’s get into the interesting part. The most interesting part is that you will get discounts and cash back while using Paytm. You can enjoy most of these offers by applying the promo code when you are requested to apply during payment.

Some offers do not require coupons. You just need to click the button to activate the deal. The following are the huge list of coupons and offers that are live right now.

Share your thoughts:

I guess you might have used those offers and enjoyed the discounts and cash back while using Paytm. Share, your experience with me at the comments section. Do share these coupons with your friends on social media.


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