Why do stats of Blogger and WordPress vary?

My website lose traffic after migrating from blogger to Wordpress

WordPress is one the best blogging platform available. Beginners start with Blogger, to learn more about blogging. Later they understand the real power of WordPress and decide to move from Blogger to WordPress.Many bloggers who move from Blogger to WordPress complain that they lose traffic after they migrate from blogger to WordPress. But that’s not true. […]

How to move from blogger to WordPress with 301 redirection?

How to migrate from Blogger to Wordpress with 301 redirection? - OnlineRockersHub

Migrating from blogger to WordPress has been a headache task earlier on. But, things changed. With the new plugins available in WordPress, it becomes a cakewalk. This is the final post of the WordPress migration series. If you haven’t read the earlier ones, read them here: Which blogging platform you should choose? Prepare your blogger blog […]