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Website motive:

Online Rockers Hub was started to provide high-quality posts on entrepreneurship ideas , educational posts, shopping deals,  reviews etc. We have our motto ” Innovation In Lifestyle” and we make sure that we will maintain it.



OnlineRockersHub was officially started on April 9, 2016. Before the evolution of OnlineRockersHub, some of these posts were available at http://www.onlinerockerswix.blogpspot.com . These posts were written by Nirmal Kumar.


Blogging ideas:

We post a lot of blogging ideas, WordPress guides, tutorials , SEO strategies etc. These posts are usually written after working out by the author. We guarantee that these posts will make a huge difference in the SEO content of my readers.

Educational posts:

Online Rockers Hub has all sort of rights to promote LMES content on their website .

We promote the LMES videos on our site along with relevant details on the particular topic. We do this with a good intention to spread educational videos. The money earned through these videos by LMES will be spent on the education of children. However , the videos are available only in TAMIL. Hence, we add some relevant information in English. We expect this to change in future. Videos may come up with an English Subtitle, depending on the response provided by the readers.

Coupons and Promo codes:

We just don’t post ideas on how to make money online but also offer you ways to cut down your expenses. We usually offer some useful Coupons , Promo codes and inform you about the upcoming discounts from reputed merchants. Merchants change the offers regularly. So, we also update these offers regularly. So you can always bookmark our page.

Discounts, Coupons and Promo codes – [ Updated Regularly]


Apart from offering coupons, we sell eBooks at OnlineRockersHub. These eBooks are written by Nirmal Kumar.Some of these books are free. Some are premium books, which you can purchase directly at our website. These premium eBooks are also available on Amazon Kindle. You can check these eBooks here:

Ebooks from OnlineRockersHub


Apart from the reading content posted at OnlineRockersHub, we also post videos. These videos are hosted on  Youtube. You can also watch these videos at our website and Facebook page.

Watch OnlineRockersHub videos.


You can find some inspiring and motivational quotes at OnlineRockersHub. Some of the images for these quotes are created at OnlineRockersHub while the rest is taken from the internet. The images taken from the internet are provided with the credits to original image. For any kind of Copyright, kindly contact admin@onlinerockershub.com . We are always happy to hear you.

Inspiring, motivational and life quotes from OnlineRockersHub


Nirmal Kumar owns the website Online Rockers Hub. At the present scenario, the website is managed only by Nirmal with few authors. Sooner or later, more members will add up. We are always welcome to our guest bloggers. You can check up the details of the guest bloggers at the end of each post in the author bio box.

Feedback / Suggestions:

We welcome suggestions and feedback. And we are glad to receive them. The more feedback you provide the more we grow. So, contribute to the development of our site Online Rockers Hub.You can submit your feedback at the contact us page of our site or you can even provide them at the contact us widget at the right bottom side of your screen.

Best of Online Rockers Hub:

Some of the best interactive content written on Online Rockers Hub are as follows:

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