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Nirmal Kumar November 20, 2018 @ 12:28AM
About OnlineRockersHub


I welcome you to OnlineRockersHub (ORH) community. This community includes bloggers on various niches.

What’s special about OnlineRockersHub?

OnlineRockersHub is a blog started with zero investment, with a motive “Discover the world of Blogging“. Yes, the world of Blogging is very vast and it takes a lot of time to become an expert in it. It’s difficult, but sure, I believe one day I can achieve it.

How it all began?

Back on April 9, 2016, I purchased this domain “onlinerockershub.com” from a domain registrar, which is not even so popular. I chose it, just because it was offering Payza payment processor (the only one payment processor I had an account at that time).Just before purchasing this domain, I was blogging on “onlinerockerswix.blogspot.in”. This was a blogger subdomain.

After I purchased this domain, I started learning more about Blogging, SEO, and WordPress. I fell in love with WordPress and I decided to migrate my website to WordPress. I did earn some money on the internet through Clixsense and purchased hosting on Namecheap, and installed WordPress on it by making use of ShoutMeLoud’s tutorials.

I was overwhelmed with features of WordPress because Blogger did not have any plugins. You will have to do everything by coding (I am not a coder).On the height of enthusiasm, I made numerous customizations to OnlineRockersHub both on appearance and content wise.

My habit of doing customizations to ORH continues, and hope so it will

How is OnlineRockersHub different from other blogs?

There are so many blogs out there. And I desperately want ORH to stand out of them. I prefer readers over monetization.

  • I love to be transparent with my readers and that brought out the habit of posting all my income reports.
  • I wasn’t a blogging expert when I created a blog. I was impressed by Harsh Agrawal’s simplicity in writing blog posts ( they were in simple language to understand). That inspired me to write blog posts in a simple language at ORH.
  • Last but not least, I would like to support many entrepreneurs out of blogging.

About Nirmal Kumar ( Yeah, It’s me 😎 )

Nirmal Kumar

I live in Chennai. Currently, I am pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Mechanical Engineering. During my Higher Secondary summer holidays, I was eagerly looking for money making methods online. After browsing a lot, I came to know Blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money.

That sparked my thoughts to put hands on Blogging. After 2.5 years, I am here now.

My experiment is not limited:

As I mentioned already, I made a lot of customizations to ORH. That’s because I love to explore new things. And that made me start PayUOC.

PayUOC is a coupons and deals site targetted for Indian users. I find out the best shopping deals for each eCommerce store and post them here. Hope, you find you those deals useful.

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