BeRush Monthly Contest July 2018 Winner

Nirmal Kumar January 16, 2019 @ 11:04PM
BeRush Monthly Contest July 2018 Winner

BeRush is the affiliate program of SEMRush, a powerful and of the most popular SEO tool. Being an affiliate program, they don’t pay just for their conversions. But, also encourage their affiliates with a monthly contest. I am also an affiliate of BeRush and participated in the BeRush monthly contest for July 2018.

Every month, they will have a particular theme. For this month, it was about the SEMRush Organic Research Tool. I did have a SEMRush pro version and managed to write an in-depth article on SEMRush Organic Research Tool.

How to use SEMRush Organic Research Tool?

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I was a little confident and had a thought of winning because I did spend almost a day in understanding their tool, and coming up with each and every minute data that this tool provides.

On August 1, 2018, I was surprised to see the mail, that I won the contest.

Nirmal Kumar wins BeRush affiliate contest for July 2018

It was the second time, that I participated in BeRush Monthly contest. But, this time I was happy that I won, as I failed to make it earlier.

As a result, I was listed in their Monthly contest winners list at BeRush.

BeRush Monthly Contest Winners featuring Nirmal Kumar

And, my blog post was featured in BeRush Monthly Newsletter.

BeRush Newsletter features Nirmal Kumar

Hold On! Not over yet.

They did share the article on the Official SEMRush Twitter Handle and BeRush Affiliate Twitter handle.

SEMRush Twitter handle featuring OnlineRockersHub article

BeRush Twitter Handle featuring OnlineRockersHub Article

I should thank SEMRush for all these recognitions and finally for the prize amount ($100) added to my BeRush account for withdrawal.

Looking forward to participating in many more BeRush Monthly Contests.

Ta Da,
Nirmal Kumar.

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