Top Pocket Reader in 2017

Nirmal Kumar August 5, 2018 @ 3:06PM
Top Pocket Reader in 2017

On 9th December 2017, I received a mail from the Pocket Team for being selected as one among the top 1% of readers in the Pocket App for 2017. I was also selected as the top 1% of the reader in 2016. Here is the mail, that I received from the pocket team.

Mail from Pocket - Nirmal selected as top 1% reader

And, I would like to share with you my 2017 statistics in the Pocket app.

Nirmal Kumar's stats in 2017 at Pocket app

The popular topics that I saved at Pocket app include Current Events, Health, Technology, Food & Dining and Sports.

Most saved topics by Nirmal Kumar in Pocket app in 2017

And, the most popular things that I saved are:

Most Popular Things Nirmal Kumar saved in Pocket app in 2017

You could notice, all of them were from Neil Patel. That simply shows how popular his content is. Anyway, I wish to make it to the top 1% of readers for the 3rd consecutive time.

Ta Da,
Nirmal Kumar.

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