Are you aware of the advantages of Mobile Marketing for Businesses?

It’s been about three years since mobile browsing officially overtook desktop browsing globally. This means that the majority of your customers are probably viewing your content on their mobile devices. What are you doing about it?

If you still haven’t started employing various mobile marketing strategies, you’re missing out. Don’t waste any more time, and act now. This post will outline some mobile marketing strategies to get you started. Continue reading to see which ones are the best fit for your business.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing for Businesses:

There are many different strategies that businesses can utilize to create a perfect mobile marketing campaign. Some of them include sending SMS, creating an app, using push notifications, writing emails, creating in-game mobile ads, using QR codes, using location-based services, creating mobile site redirection, etc.

Already, thousands of businesses are successfully using mobile marketing by implementing some of these methods.

Over the past few years, there has been a massive surge in mobile marketing. Considering the recent technological developments, we could expect that it will continue to evolve.

Here is an Infographic from AppGeeks, explaining how Businesses use mobile marketing to their advantage.

How Businesses use Mobile Marketing for Their Advantage - Infographic

Infographic Source: Appgeeks

As you can see in the infographic above, mobile devices have taken over the online searches and internet traffic from laptop and desktop computers. The number of active smartphone users has surpassed the one billion mark, with people on average checking their mobiles 80 times on a daily basis.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

With these stats in mind, there is no question that brands should be focussing their marketing efforts on mobile devices. By doing so, they will get a huge number of benefits, some of which we list below.

1) Instant Results:

People carry smartphones around with them like their another limb. They take it to the bed with them, to work, when they go out shopping, etc. These mobile devices are usually turned on and the owners check them frequently.

This means that, as soon as a business sends a message, the recipient will see it.

Marketing strategy using this tactic is likely to be the quickest way to reach out to the customers.

2) Broader Market:

Traditional desktops and laptops can be large and expensive, which is why many people tend to avoid using them. On the contrary, mobile devices are cheaper and much more portable, and people prefer them for browsing the internet.

So, if you design your marketing campaign for mobile rather than desktop users, you can rest assured that you will reach a larger audience.

3) Tracking:

It is challenging to track how effective is traditional advertising, such as print, for example. Mobile marketing doesn’t have such issues. Here, it is possible to track the user response and collect a large amount of helpful user data.

For example, you can see how many click-throughs and open rates from SMS and email marketing you get, see responses, and gather information on the most effective time and days to run your campaigns.

4) Viral Potential:

A lot of content designed for mobile devices can quickly spread among users, such as by forwarding an email or text, copying a message, sharing videos via social networks, etc.

You are probably already aware that videos can go viral in a matter of hours, so it is wise to consider this when deciding what type of marketing to use.

5) Targeting:

A huge number of people own mobile devices, which makes it easier for companies to reach a much more diverse audience. They have a quite significant advantage here. It is possible to effectively geo-target customers by sending messages that are location-specific, thanks to Bluetooth and GPS technologies.

Demographic targeting can also be used, so a brand will always know that the right audience is getting the right information.

Contrary to popular opinion, SMS marketing is still alive and pretty much effective. Businesses are using it to send promotional messages to interested customers. It is another important component of mobile marketing that contributes to targeting the right audience.

6) Mobile Payment:

More recently, consumers have started using mobile payments. The ability to pay for goods or services while you are out and about is very convenient for you as a customer and can be a huge plus for businesses.

7) Cost Efficiency:

Many smaller businesses have a limited budget for marketing. For many of those, mobile marketing is a desirable option. They don’t have to spend much money because many mobile marketing channels are either free or very cheap.

For example, businesses can promote themselves by creating Instagram Stories for free, or use in-game ads also for free or at low cost.

8) Increased Intimacy:

Generally speaking, a desktop computer or laptop is much more likely to be shared by family members or coworkers. This is usually not the case with mobile devices, which tend to make up part of the intimate identity of its owner. Therefore, consumers expect mobile marketers to dazzle them with personalized moments and more specific messages.

9) Ease Of Use:

Whether a company uses SMS or MMS, the messages sent across are always short, simple, and straight to the point, which significantly increases the likelihood that those receiving them will read the whole content. Companies can also include a link which will lead the consumer to a page where he can make a purchase directly.


As you can see, there is a considerable number of pros when it comes to using mobile marketing, with more benefits being added as the technology develops. It is expected that this marketing industry will only continue to grow in the near feature, thanks to its cost-efficiency and outstanding reach. There’s a new world of opportunities out there, and the sooner you jump on the mobile marketing bandwagon, the better.

Note: This is a guest post by Max Chekalov. If you an article to contribute, then check our Guest Blogging Guidelines.

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