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A short intro about me:Gravatar of Nirmal Kumar from OnlineRockersHub

Hi! I am Nirmal Kumar.  The image that you can see on the right is the cartoon gravatar of me. I have been in this field of blogging for the past 2 years. I have a wide knowledge in blogging, affiliate marketing and many more ways to make money online.

This is one side. On the other side, I am pursuing my Mechanical Engineering.

A short intro about OnlineRockersHub:

I started OnlineRockersHub on April 9, 2016. Recently OnlineRockersHub turned one. It is a website dedicated to sharing blogging ideas and tricks. Some interesting topics that I blog on OnlineRockersHub are:

  • Blogging Tips
  • WordPress Guides
  • Make Money Online
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing

I have created four subdomains for OnlineRockersHub. Here are they:

ORH Coupons and Deals:

ORH Coupons & Deals Transparent Logo

This is a new platform dedicated to sharing coupons and daily deals. Currently, I share coupons from websites like,

If you want your coupon or deal to be featured here, contact me at

Science Savvy:

Science Savvy logo

Science Savvy is a dedicated subdomain to share posts on Science and Engineering. This subdomain also has a lot of posts with videos from Lets Make Engineering Simple. It is a youtube channel, that went popular by teaching Science concepts in an understandable manner and in Tamil.

Since I am a Mechanical Engineer, I share here some mechanical stuff too.

Quotes Drive:

Quotes Drive Logo

Quotes Drive is a subdomain dedicated to sharing quotes. I love to keep myself motivated and pumped by reading quotes. This gave me the idea of sharing quotes with the audience. Most of these quotes are taken from the internet. I create images for these quotes and post here.

Who could hate positivity inside us?

Why do you need to advertise on OnlineRockersHub?

Ever since I started this website, I have worked hard each and every day to develop to this stage. I have seen growths regularly. I have faced lots of ups and downs. I have also experimented a lot with this website. Only after experimenting, I learned a lot.

I have ad spots on this website. They are used to advertisements on OnlineRockersHub. I use Google Adsense and ad system at these advertising spots to make money. They will display relevant ads. Also, I get clicks regularly on these ads.

If I allow advertisers to place ads on these ad spots, these clicks can turn into conversions. Also, I could earn some good money out of this. These are the core reasons why I have advertising options.

Traffic status:

The following are the traffic stats as per 24th February 2018,

  • Alexa rank: : 1,472,540 Globally and 182,862 in India
  • Facebook followers: 370
  • Twitter followers: 579
  • Google+ followers: 61
  • Newsletter subscribers: 400+
  • Monthly visitors: 1605
  • Monthly page views: 4674 ( 51% organic)
  • Moz Domain Authority: 25
  • Moz Page Authority: 30

You can get to know more about our traffic source here.

Advertisement package:

I have the set the price below:

  • Sidebar Ad: $15/month (You could choose a comfortable size)
  • Blog Contests and Giveaways: Contact me for the quote

OnlineRockersHub is ready to take up creative promotion methods.

Sponsored Reviews:

Apart from displaying advertisements, I have done sponsored reviews on OnlineRockersHub. Some of my reviews are:

The minimum price for sponsored posts starts from $25, and each review will have a minimum of 1000 words.

If the content isn’t too wide to cover up 1000 words mark, I will compensate by creating a Youtube video.

Sponsored reviews will be original and will be true facts. I don’t report any fake ideas about the product just for making money. Here are few sponsored reviews from me:

Payment mode:

Currently, I accept payments through

If you can pay for any other service, contact me at

Products promoted at OnlineRockersHub:

Some popular affiliate marketing programs that I promote at OnlineRockersHub are:

If you are interested in advertising at OnlineRockersHub, reach me out through the form below.

I am interested in Advertising at OnlineRockersHub

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