You may find website design trends coming and going. But one platform that remains favorite in the developer community is WordPress. Keeping that in mind, we’ve eased it out to find tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks by bringing 25 best WP blogs.

Whether you are an enthusiast or a newbie WordPress website owner, you can increase your knowledge by following these blogs. Following these blogs will help you be aware of new improvements in WordPress.

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Best WordPress Blogs to follow in 2019:

So, here we bring you 25 best WordPress blogs to read, to follow and take help from. These blogs are listed in no particular order. Each blog has its own style and way of conveying its idea.


The best WordPress blog for beginners is— It’s obvious that you should follow it. The blog brings you all the needed topics on WordPress including code changes, development, plugin release and a lot more.

Anybody who is passionate about open-source community along with this popular CMS platform should follow this blog.

2. WP Arena

WP Arena

As the name suggests, this blog works as an ultimate source for WordPress lovers. Founded in 2006 by famous WP blogger Jazib Zaman, the site brings latest news, tips, and tricks all related with this CMS.

You get amazing tips and guides to outshine your competitors too. Anything related to WordPress, be it editorials, how-to guides, reviews, events, etc. can easily be found over here.

3. WPBeginner


Looking for the best WordPress blog for beginners?

Follow WPBeginner.

Not only beginners but those who are experts in this CMS will also find this site worth visiting. It helps you learn many new things. More than 600,000 WordPress enthusiasts trust it all over the world.

Now, you know why we have added it in our list.

4. WebCreate.Me

Those who want to get inspiration about online website design daily; this is the site to follow. It consists of varieties of topics in PowerPoint templates about WordPress themes, Tips, Typography and a lot more.

With regular inspiration, it’s sure that you would enhance your website design skills.

5. Hosting.Review


It’s all fun when you’re working on your WordPress website locally, but there comes a time when you have to actually put your website online so you can share your pride and joy for the public to see. For this, you will need a good WordPress hosting provider that meets your needs & one you can trust with keeping it up 24/7.

Hosting.Review is a good source for information when deciding on which hosting services are best for your WordPress website.

6. WPExplorer


With plugin reviews, themes, tutorials, how-to’s, tips and tricks, WPExplorer serves as the best resource for WordPress lovers. Not only great posts, but the site provides excellent giveaways with exclusive deals. It helps people like you to save big bucks while staying abreast of the latest happening in the WP community.

7. WPLift


The site is everything about WordPress, WordPress, and WordPress! It brings you ultimate tips, techniques, guides, and tutorials from best bloggers. Besides, you also get amazing deals as well as offers that are coupon-based. WPLift is ideal for both beginners and expert-level enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge base.

8. WP Superstars

WP Superstars

Although it’s more of a review-based site than a blog, it publishes informative WordPress tutorials for beginners and experts alike. You get not only eye-opening reviews about WP plugins or themes, but also get well-curated content on WordPress.

9. WPEka


You may think about this website’s USP. Well, here it is— the site gives you useful opinion based posts. With that, you also get detailed reviews about plugins, themes, and in-depth tutorials to add up to your knowledge. The site also covers topics related to digital marketing, web development and SEO besides WordPress.

You can have in-depth insights all through the week.

10. LearnWoo


The site publishes a wide range of articles around WordPress topic. The articles include tutorials, reviews, interviews of WP influencers and a lot more. Although the site is primarily focused on WooCommerce, it keeps on posting articles about WP tools as well.

It is a good resource for beginners who want some practical advice for online website design. The site also provides a series of e-books that cover every topic around WooCommerce and WordPress that you should know before working on these two platforms. The articles about WooCommerce core along with its extensions are worth exploring.

11. WP Tavern

WP Tavern

This site is the brainchild of Jeff Chandler. Started in 2009, WP Tavern brings its readers latest news, themes, hacks and plugins related to WordPress. Sarah Gooding and Jeff Chandler update the blog regularly with the latest news in WordPress.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great site to read and know about WordPress.

12. WPMU Dev Blog

WPMU Dev Blog

With over 360K active members, fresh website design and a dedicated blog section, WPMU Dev brings you best WordPress tutorials. It’s a go-to resource for WordPress enthusiasts both beginners and experts.

The topics that the blog covers include WordPress Multisite, WordPress, BuddyPress and more.

13. Yoast WordPress

Yoast WordPress Blog

It’s a web optimizer and WP plugin builder set up by Joost de Valk. The site covers a diverse range of topics useful for both webmasters and bloggers. It focuses on bringing the latest tips and tricks surrounding WordPress. It helps you learn ways to customize as well as optimize WordPress for search rankings and more. Even, the blog brings you hacks for WP site maintenance.

14. Elementor


Although it’s a WordPress page builder plugin, it also has a dedicated blog section. It provides great tips to build a website using Elementor along with online website design hacks, inspiration, freelancer interviews and many more.

15. ManageWP Blog

Manage WP Blog

With this site, you can manage multiple WP websites using a single dashboard. With this, you can save a lot of time as well as effort.

ManageWP site features top-level bloggers and developers like— Vladimir Prelovac, Brenda Barron and Charnita Fance who provide tips, tricks, reviews, tutorials, advice and many other ideas for WordPress.

Well, they also cover plugins and themes for better understanding.

16. WinningWP

Winning WP

As the name implies, this site is all about taking advantage of the CMS platform— WordPress. It keeps you informed about the latest plugin and themes reviews. Also, you get great tutorials to enhance your skill sets. Managed by Brin Wilson, the WinningWP blog is ideal for both website owners and enthusiasts.

17. WP Mayor

WP Mayor

From hacks to reviews and hottest website design trends, WP Mayor brings you everything. The site is owned and maintained by Mr. And Mrs. Jean Galea. They also have contributors like Mark Zahra to bring you relevant content.

18. CodeinWP


Those who are new in the WordPress domain and are trying to set-up their own WP site, this is a must-follow blog. The site aims at providing content that includes various aspects of WordPress. They also make sure the content you come across is easy to understand. Besides browsing their guides, you can leverage the tools available on the website to build your own site too!

The site updates its tutorials every other week. It makes it easier for you to find helpful tutorials. Remember, their content is highly researched and you can count on them for best references and guides.

19. SitePoint


Running since 1999, this site has inspired a large number of designers to build unmatched online website designs and applications. Every week the site publishes high-quality WordPress tutorials. Besides, it also posts tutorials on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

As developers and designers create the content, you get some cool tips to learn.

20. ThemeShaper


Started by WordPress enthusiasts Ian Stewart, Daniel Robert, Caroline Moore, and others, the site brings you helpful tutorials on WordPress themes. Its blog section also covers WP news, tips, tricks, inspiration, hacks, and a lot more.

21. Matt Report

Matt Report

Created by Matt Medeiros, the site brings you informative podcasts and a dedicated blog section. It proves to be beneficial for digital business and WP agencies or anyone who tries to earn online. The site works as a turnkey content resource that teaches you about building and marketing a WordPress business.

22. MH Themes

MH Themes

If you are serious about learning some cool stuff, it’s the site worth bookmarking. It brings fresh content every month covering various topics in WordPress.

Not to forget they sell WordPress themes too.

23. Bob WP

Bob WP

Bob Dunn started the blog Bob WP that helps both beginners and advance-level WordPress users. He posts his podcasts regularly loaded with WordPress topics.

Follow his blog, and you would learn some cool stuff here.

24. Torque


The website is all about the latest happenings in WordPress, news, updates and more. The blog also features development, business and community sections for an organized read. Every post is created by experts to help readers understand any WP topic with ease.

25. ELEXtensions


The website is indulged in developing and selling various extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce. You can browse through a wide range of plugins responsible for multiple functionalities in domains like pricing, marketing, customer service, shipping and a lot more.

The site also brings you a dedicated WordPress blog section. The topics discuss many common as well as unique e-commerce problems with solutions. As the site has a worldwide customer base, the ELEXtensions blog gives you deep insight on various issues you may come across after owning a WooCommerce store.

26. WPShout


Managed by David Hayes and Fred Meyer, the website is said to bring out awesome content. Its weekly tutorials, development tips, resource recommendations, security guides and a lot more help WP enthusiasts to learn and improve their knowledge base.


WordPress isn’t just a popular CMS platform, but an ever-evolving domain. Its developer community is increasing day by day. In such a case, our list of WordPress blogs that we discussed earlier is sure to help you out.

Which one blog did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

Note: This article on Best WordPress Blogs is contributed by Alice Jackson. If you have an interesting WordPress article to contribute, then check my guest blogging guidelines.

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