Do you wish to keep your readers updated with innovative things on your website? Then try the push notifications as your medium of communication.

You must be thinking now,

What are Push notifications?

Let me tell you, push notifications are the clickable pop-up messages or alert based messages that display on your mobile /desktop screen. These plugins support various browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla as well as in your mobile devices.

Push notifications have become more popular day by day, and you can see many websites using them on a regular basis. It includes the detailed metrics of your visitors to your WordPress dashboard.

Push notifications will provide a key to success to attract a maximum number of visitors to your website. To achieve this, you need to ensure the content delivered should stay at the forefront of the reader’s mind.

How to add push notifications to a WordPress website?

It is very easy to add push notification plugin in a WordPress. There are several WordPress plugins available and they follow a similar approach in setting up. Many of the plugins allow you to choose the type of content you want to promote through a push notification.

First, you need to install and configure a push notifications plugin for WordPress. The first time visitors will receive a message to opt into the notifications. After the users accept the request, they will receive push notifications from your website or blog. The users can opt-out push notifications anytime they want.

Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

The following list brings you the top WordPress push notification plugins of 2019. You can use the push notification plugins for your WordPress websites. Check it out!

1) OneSignal:

One Signal - WordPress Push Notification Plugin

This is one of the most popular plugins in the market for push notifications. It has got more than 10,000 active installers. The plugin supports Chrome in both desktop and Android devices.

It allows you to automatically send push notifications when you publish a new blog post. You can also set up a reminder for the readers who are not active on the website for a few days.

Other features include A/B testing, targeted notifications, real-time analytics and many more. It allows you to target visitors based on their pre-defined attributes such as language, frequency of visits, etc.

Try OneSignal Plugin!

2) Delight Studio:

Delight Studio - WordPress Push Notification Plugin

This push notification plugin has a built-in hub which allows WordPress websites to directly send push notifications. This is very convenient for beginners and personal blogs. This plugin allows sending real-time alert messages to the visitors. Some features of the plugin include:

  • Automatic notification for subscription
  • It helps the users to select the categories of posts they want to receive the notifications.
  • Push notifications analytics
  • It allows the localization for both in English an Italian.
  • It supports only Android, iOS, and Fire OS mobile devices.

Try Delight Studio Plugin!

3) Pushengage:

Pushengage - WordPress Push Notification Plugin

You can use the PushEngage plugin to get automatic notifications while publishing a post. You can send notifications without leaving the dashboard and can send them from WordPress directly. Just add the API key and save a couple of files in the dashboard. You can implement the push notification in less than 10 minutes by just adding the JavaScript code to your website.

You will have multi-site and multi-user login with access control that manages multiple websites. It also allows you to add different people from a single account.

You can get higher click-through rates than email by sending through the browser push notifications. By using the Geo-segmentation, you can personalize your messages based on geography. It is active in more than 115 countries and supports many as well.

There are certain self-hosted push notification tools available in the market which you can use with multitudes of features.

Try PushEngage Plugin!

More Push Notification Services:

The below-mentioned services don’t provide plugin for WordPress websites. However, you can integrate the provided code with your website to enjoy the services. Let’s talk about a few of those tools

1) Pushmaze:

Pushmaze - WordPress Notification Plugin

Pushmaze is a leading self-hosted push notification tool for several blogs and websites. It sends push notifications to visitors and engages with them. It sends notifications to users even if they are offline.

You could note that Pushmaze is using a noticeable amount of power with the help of Google cloud messaging. Thus, It provides a reliable way to trigger push notifications when the user is not on the website or browser.

Pushmaze doesn’t demand the recurring charges for sending notifications. One time cost incurs for purchasing. Many WordPress websites can use the Pushmaze plugin to get automatic notifications while publishing a new post. Multiple sites can be managed by a single Pushmaze account. You can personalize the messages by using your custom segments. With real-time analytics, the notifications will be delivered in real-time to customers.

Try Pushmaze!

2) Gotify:

Gotify - WordPress Notification Plugin

Gotify is also a self-hosted push notification server for sending and receiving the messages in real-time. It sends messages via Rest-API and receives messages via WebSocket. It manages the users, client, and application.

Try Gotify!

Final Thoughts:

As you have noticed that many of the plugin services are paid after you pass the threshold at their service. If you are looking for a free solution, go for the free service providers. However, if you want to customize your notifications, target the audience according to your requirement, then go for the self-hosted push notification services in which you have the authority to do any change for customizations, adding additional features, etc. This will be the best bet for you if you are looking for customizations. You can pick the best one which fits your needs and requirements.

Note: This article on Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins was contributed by Ann Marry. If you have an interesting article to contribute, then check our Guest Posting guidelines.

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Best WoedPress Push Notification Plugins of 2019

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