Since you would be spending a lot of your precious time and efforts for composing perfect content for a website, it is also important that you give in all possible efforts to make it accessible to the widest population on the web.

Of course, English is the most widely spoken language on the planet used in different forms at different places. However, there would be still many users who may want to access the web in their native language. Providing WordPress Translation Plugins multilingual content on your website will be the best use of the multilingual feature introduced by Google.

This is vital when you truly consider making your content globally available. Among the thousands of plugins that make WordPress website easily manageable, multilingual plugins could help you really well.


Selecting the best multilingual plugin

The available multilingual plugins will let you tackle translation in two major ways that are as follows:

  • Manual Translation: Without these plugins you will have to write the entire translations or hire someone to do that. These are usually time-consuming. They’d however ensure that everything is perfectly done.
  • Automatic Translation: This one works similar to Google translate. The entire webpage content is translated by a computer program. Although it is faster, it may bring up a lot of errors since computer translation cannot be 100 percent foolproof.

Well, it would often be suggestible to use a hybrid method. This would consider translating the entire content first and then rectifying all the errors that may prevail. Based on how they operate, you may select the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

Best Multilingual Plugins

You will always have numerous plugin options to get your tasks done. Rather than focusing on several fixed approaches, it would be suggestible to pick up the one that could meet your unique requirements. Here are a few that could be consider as the best choices:


This WordPress translation plugin lets you view every aspect of content translation on your website. It allows translating posts and pages from the frontend and viewing all the changes made with a live preview. You can translate any of you written content including pages, posts, Metadata and any other elements on the website. It does all the work seamlessly without requiring any changes in the interface.

Translatepress plugin

This would certainly turn out to be your favorite plugin if you prefer manual translating and focus more on perfection. With this you can translate text yourself or even introduce translator user roles for the same.

Translator users can operate the stuff without requiring complete access to admin area. This is appreciable from security point of view. It could also be a handy tool for generating SEO friendly URLs in different languages.



This is yet again one of the well-working WPML  plugins for translation. However, it is often suggestible to get an entire backup of your website before installing it. WPML is  to be compatible with almost all major WordPress themes therefore you do not really require patching other WordPress plugins to utilize it.

WPML plugin

It also lets you translate the web copies that are create using drag and drop page builders. It could also help you well with human translators by connecting you to the most probable translating services accordingly.

This premium plugin can efficiently work with various SEO plugins too. With the help of this plugin you can translate content to as many languages as you desire.

3.Multilingual Press

This interesting WordPress translation plugin allows operating every different language on a separate website. It is compose of a language switching widget that allows visitors to select their preferable language. As the users click on a language, they are directed to a new site with translated content.

Multilngualpress Plugin

This plug-in comes in with no lock-in which implies that even when the plugin is disable your website will continue to work in the way it used to. This plugin supports 174 languages and could also help with generating SEO friendly websites in different languages.


Polylang Plugin is one among the most popularly used Multi language plugins allowing the use of as many languages as you want. The WordPress language packs with this plugin are automatically updated. It supports all of the most commonly used SEO plugin including Yoast SEO and All in one SEO.

Polylang Plugin

This plugin also considers multilingual SEO by taking special care of html hreflang tags, open graph tags etc. You can select a directory, domain or sub domain per language. Apart from all of its excellent features, the fact that the plugin author is not supported for the free version of Polylang.

5.Xili Language

This Xili Language powerful plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress Translation plugin repository. However, in order to use Xili Language, it would be important to have a translation ready theme on your website. Since there are a very few themes that are repository and translation-ready, it is suggestible to check the theme you choose before installing it.

5 Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites in 2019 1

It will not only let you translate the content on site but will also change the theme’s language files as per the language. This is a developer friendly plugin that comes with a list of API and hooks that let you personalize the theme according to your desires.

Google Language Translator

This one would be a preferable selection when you need lightweight translation plugins. With its use it is super easy to create multilingual websites. Once you’ve activated the plugin, you will have to go to the plugin settings and activate the plugin status. Further select the original language for the website and the languages that it needs to be translated in.

The translate option is shown in a widget on the main website where the user can select the preferable language for translation. Based on the user’s selection the content would be translat using Google translate.

Selecting the best WordPress Translation plugin from the numerous choices available is something important since you are seeking to bring out the best performance of your website on all bases and manage it with fewer nuisances. It would be a smart decision to choose the one that could uniquely serve all your requirements and present a more sophisticated place for the visitors.

While you have the entire array of multilingual plugins, you not only need to look for perfect functionalities but also ensure that all those could be easily integrated with your resources.

Also, consider a back-up for your databases to be able to make the best out of any multilingual plugins you select. From the above-mentioned list of the best multilingual plugins, get the one you realize is the best.

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Crafted by Shailendra Kadulkar
Shailendra is an Founder of Movinnza , based out of India, offering website design, development and SEO services. I have been developing websites since 2004 and have been optimizing them for the search engines since 2006.

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