It’s a long delay this time for writing the Income Report Because I was caught up in placements and other events. Anyway, today I am sharing this income report for August 2018

Updates for this month:

First, let me quickly share the important updates for this month.

Closed Neobux and Familyclix accounts:

Neobux and Familyclix help you to earn only a very small income. I have been using them for the past few years and now I want to try out other online earning sources. And that’s the reason I have closed these accounts.

After closing my accounts on PTC sites, I would like to spend more time on Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts. Because these two are my major revenue source. So, focusing on this would help me to boost my income.

Namecheap Loyalty Credit:

You might have seen me recommending Namecheap in my websites and in other social media. I do that not just because I am an affiliate of Namecheap, but I am really satisfied with their customer service. If I am not satisfied with their service, I won’t be really using their web hosting for the 3rd consecutive year.

On a fine day, when I recommended Namecheap on Twitter, they noticed me and got my email address.

And later I received this mail from Namecheap team.

Namecheap Loyalty Credit for Nirmal Kumar

They offered me $20 for being a loyal fan of Namecheap. This was unexpected, but I felt happy to receive this. You don’t find many companies doing this. But, Namecheap did it.

Thank you, Namecheap!

GoodBye ContentMart!

I remember sharing Contentmart on one of my previous Income Reports. It is a marketplace, where you can find content writing freelancers. It is a platform dedicated only for content writing.

In fact, I signed up and received a $10 signup bonus earlier. (Note: I later withdraw the money I deposited at contentmart for urgent use and hence the bonus was deducted)

Now, what’s the news?

Though it was a good platform, the ContentMart Team decided to shut down the website and its service.

Contentmart shut down on August 22, 2018

I could understand this would have been a tough decision for them. But, they found it necessary. All I could hope is that they come up with a better platform in the future.

Exclusive Guide to Create and Sell Online Courses in 2018:

Useful Resources are crafted just to be shared!

And that has brought me sharing this wonderful resource on online courses.

But, what’s the benefit of creating online courses?

Online Courses are one of the popular ways nowadays to generate revenue online. And, the best thing is that they give you a steady revenue. Also, by sharing the knowledge you have through online courses, you are establishing yourself in your domain.

I came across this exclusive guide to create and sell online courses in 2018 from Thinkific. This is completely free to download and read. Hope, you find it useful.

Download Guide on Creating Online Courses!

Cenmax Giveaway winners:

OnlineRockersHub was running this Cenmax Giveaway for almost 3 months and now it has come to an end. As I mentioned earlier 20 winners are chosen from this Giveaway. And, here is the list of those 20 winners.

  1. Sony Luqman Aziz
  2. Andreas Moll
  3. Karl Borowy
  4. Amimul Ahsan
  5. Julien Usclade
  6. Alena svetelska
  7. Ravi Dixit
  8. Pandi
  9. Abhishek Verma
  10. Abigail Jervis
  11. Lawrence Giordano
  12. Ahlam Charai
  13. Tiffany tisdale
  14. Paula Stewart
  15. Wesley Dzierlatka
  16. Kevin Honey
  17. Patricia Cope
  18. Piyush suthar
  19. Thomas Vase Jensen
  20. Danalee Davis

Congratulations to all the winners!

If you haven’t claimed the prize, do contact me.

IndiBlogger Features our post on Mobile Marketing:

During this August, Josh Wardini, a Guest Writer wrote an article on “Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing”. It was an in-depth article regarding mobile marketing.

Just like promoting every other article, I did for this too and submitted to IndiVine.

Everything you need to know about Mobile Marketing - OnlineRockersHub Post featured on IndiBlogger

And soon, this article was featured on IndiBlogger.

Hope, many more posts from OnlineRockersHub will be featured at IndiBlogger.

Happy to Use Tez Payment!

Recently, I tried out this Tez payment app, (now Known as Google Pay). This is a new payment app from Google. I haven’t tried this for so long, because I was using other payment processors like Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik etc.

But then, it happened to try out Google Pay once. I was very impressed with the UI and ease of features available. Google just nailed it.

And the best thing about Google Pay is the scratch cards that you get there. It is similar to the cash back that you receive at other payment processors.

Every time you send money to someone or make a payment at Google Pay, you will receive a scratch card. If you are lucky, you will get a small amount when you scratch. This amount will be deposited to the bank account that you linked in just a few minutes. So, far I have earned ₹39 through scratch cards with only 2 transactions.

Nirmal Kumar received Google Pay Rewards

What’s the benefit of depositing the money you receive through scratch cards?

Yes, you have a benefit. When the amount you receive goes to your bank account, you will be getting an Interest for that.

Looks cool, right?

Now, join Google Pay and get Rs.51 directly to your bank account.

Get Rs 51 for joining Google Pay

Exclusive WPEngine Coupon Code:

WPEngine is a popular Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. It is the same company that recently purchased StudioPress of Genesis Framework fame.

Now, I have got an exclusive WPEngine Code to share with you all. You can make use of this to claim 4 months free on the annual subscription.

Coupon Code: WPE20OFF

Note: This offer is only for new customers and not valid for any existing WPEngine Customers.

Hurry up! This offer will end soon.

Income and Expense Report for August 2018:

Income Report:

Total Income: $1164.084 (Approx ₹82,498)

Note: I have added the BeRush affiliate contest prize amount to this month’s income.

Expense Report:

  • Cenmax Giveaway: $1000
  • Internet Service: $15.80 ( ₹1119.82)

Total Expense: $1015.8 (Approx: ₹71,989.82)

Wrapping up:

To summarize everything from this Income Report,

I have closed my FamilyClix and Neobux accounts, as I would like to focus on other money making options.

Namecheap has offered me a $20 credit for being a loyal customer.

The popular content writing freelance platform, ContentMart has been shut down.

Make use of the exclusive guide to create online courses to start generating revenue online.

Cenmax Giveaway has ended and the winners are announced.

OnlineRockersHub article on Mobile Marketing was featured at IndiBlogger.

Start using Tez Payment (Currently Known as Google Pay) to get more rewards for your transactions.

If you are looking for a Managed WordPress Hosting, use our WPEngine coupon code to get 4 months free on Annual Subscription.

Before I end I would like to share with you one more news!

What’s that?

DrapDropr Giveaway:

Dragdropr is a visual content builder. By making use of this tool, you can create web pages by drag and drop without knowing any coding. However, this is a paid platform.

OnlineRockersHub has come up with this DrapDropr Giveaway. One lucky winner will get a DrapDropr membership for one year.

Dragdropr Giveaway

The Giveaway winner will be announced on December 10, 2018

Looking forward to seeing who is that winner?

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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