“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” – Chris Grosser

What opportunity am I talking about?

I will definitely let you know after I share a few updates for this month. A lot of positive updates!

Once again in Top Blog Posts of IndiBlogger:

In my previous Income Report, I mentioned that one of our blog posts was marked as Top Blog Post on Indivine and hence it made to the front page of IndiBlogger.

And, the same occurred for one more article for this month. It was for “How to make money travel Blogging [Main Secrets]

How to make money travel Blogging [Main Secrets] on IndiBlogger Homepage

Interestingly both the articles were written by the same guest author Anabel Cooper. I am happy to see the contributions made from Guest Bloggers because I am focusing more towards writing articles on Affiliate Marketing.

Get more info about this top blog post selection here.

Feedback from a Blogger:

Nothing can be motivating than receiving a feedback from a Blogger, who remembers your website even after a year. Here is the message that I received from Ayush Mourya, a Blogger.

Feedback from Ayush Mourya

I would accept that my site stats have not changed for almost a year. It remains the same. Two main reasons that I figured out for this is:

Disorganized Content (As Ayush mentioned)

When compared to the way I blogged over 2 years ago, I feel my content is organized a lot better now. But still, it is not up to the best.

Only after trying out a lot of niches, I have finally decided to write more on a particular niche, that is Affiliate Marketing. I am collecting data for creating resources on Affiliate marketing.

If I choose affiliate marketing, what about the other topics?

As of now, I am allowing my guest Bloggers to cover up other topics. In near future, it might be from other content writers of my team.

You read it right!

Yes, check the careers page.

SEO Experiments:

I made a lot of changes to my website over the period of time and understood how different things affect the performance of my website in Search Engine.

The most important thing I realized was:

Your website will be ranked for new keywords now and then. And, at the same time, your website will be removed from ranking for some keywords. All that your website can do to maintain similar search engine traffic is to balance this.

And coming towards domain authority,

Yes, I failed to understand the importance of two big powerful tools for building backlinks to improve domain authority. They are Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging.

To make the best out of Blogger outreach, you need to make good connections with other bloggers on social media and Blogging forums.

And I would thank Ayush for this feedback. I need more feedback from my readers, which will support me in building up this website.

Read a good book after a long time.

What’s that?

Revolution 2020: Love Corruption Ambition

This is again an interesting book from Chetan Bhagat, which brings out the life of three friends from their childhood to adulthood.

Revolution Twenty20 Love.Corruption.Ambition.

Image Credits: Amazon

Every Chetan Bhagat looks similar, isn’t it?

All that differs is the experience shared. This book brings out the failures of the protagonist in his life and the way he made himself into a respectable person in the society by making use of the only opportunity life gave him.

No one is perfect. And yes, sometimes we need to take our sides, before everything slips out of our hand

And, let’s move towards the opportunity that I was talking about.

I won the BeRush Monthly Contest:

BeRush Monthly Contest Winners featuring Nirmal Kumar

This is not something to brag about my winning. It’s about to explain the opportunities lying around you and to make the best out it.

Haven’t you heard about BeRush?

It is the affiliate program of SEMRush, a powerful SEO tool. Though I was their affiliate for more than a year, I never made use of their monthly contest.

They were conducting their monthly contest for more than 2 years. I never understood the value of it. And, I did not win it in the first attempt. It took time to understand what they expect.

So, I have been wasting this opportunity for a year. The opportunity lies around you. It’s all up to you to make the best out it.

Read more about my participation in BeRush Monthly Contest

Accomplishments Page:

Just to keep track of everything I did for Blogging, I thought of creating this accomplishments page. And, one more main reason for this is that every new visitor will be able to understand the authority of OnlineRockersHub.

Authority is just not about getting backlinks from top domains, but also being recognized by various sources.

Accomplishments page of OnlineRockersHub

The Accomplishments page will cover up the awards received (recognition), courses completed by me and the certifications that I received.

New Traffic and Income Reports Page:

You might have come across the Income Reports page at this website. It would have simply listed out all my income reports earlier. I realized that this page is not adding value to my readers, and not providing any proper insights.

So, I just updated the page with a new layout, clearly identifying the earnings from various income methods.

2017 Blogging Income Reports of OnlineRockersHub

And that’s it for the updates.

Traffic Report for July 2018:

Let’s move on the traffic report of OnlineRockersHub for July 2018.

Here is the Audience Overview.

Audience Overview of OnlineRockersHub for July 2018

There is nothing much to discuss it. It’s the same as usual.

And the traffic source is here.

Traffic Source of OnlineRockersHub for July 2018

The traffic sources look very promising as it is from reliable traffic sources.

Income and Expense Report:

Blogging Income Report July 2018:

Total Income:  $194.97 (Approx ₹13,360)

OnlineRockersHub Blogging Income Report July 2018

Image Credits: Pexels

I haven’t mentioned the SEMRush prize here. The amount was added to my BeRush account only in the month of August. Therefore it will be added to the next income report.

And my Neobux account was inactive for a month. So, my balance was reset to $0.

Expense Report:

  • ACT Fibernet: ₹1219.82

Total Expense: Approx $17.80 ( ₹1219.82)

Do you want to manage your income and expense just like me? Use my Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses.

[Download] Free Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses

Image Credits: Freepik

Wrapping Up:

And coming to the end. I will quickly summarize this income report.

I won the BeRush Monthly Contest for July 2018.

After quite some time, I read a book. It was Revolution 2020: Love Corruption Ambition.

I have added an Accomplishments page to OnlineRockersHub and updated the Traffic Reports Page.

My income for July 2018 was a decent amount. I made $194.97. Hoping, to improve it in the upcoming months.

Share your income for July 2018 in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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