Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose –   Lyndon B. Johnson

So, let your past go and focus on what you need to achieve tomorrow.

I quoted this, particularly because, I know Blogging can be tiresome sometimes. You will not be able to achieve the success you expect for your hard work. And, you will also be made to face some unexpected troubles. But, remember every stage is a step towards success.

So, never give up!

Ranked as Top Blog Post by IndiBlogger:

Every time when I publish an article at OnlineRockersHub, I have been submitting it to IndiVine of IndiBlogger for more reach.

Just like every other time, I submitted the article “6 Things that I Learned by Marketing for Startups”. This was a guest post by Anabel Cooper, where she shared her Startup Marketing Experience.

Just after few hours of submitting the article on Indivine, I noticed IndiBlogger sharing the article on Twitter.

And in the following days, I received a mail from IndiBlogger, that this article has been ranked as Top Post on IndiBlogger.Here is the mail from IndiBlogger.

IndiBlogger Mail regarding Top Blog Post on IndiBlogger

Also, they allowed me to add a badge to that article. And, they too added the badge on the submission.

Top Blog Post in IndiBlogger - 6 things that I learned by Marketing for Startups

After this mail, I have a got the motivation to share more quality articles on OnlineRockersHub.

Impressed with Thrive Themes SmartExit and SmartExit+:

You might have read my recent article on “7 Best Email Capture Tools That will get you more Leads”.

7 Best Email Capture Tools that will get you more leads for your business

Image Source: Freepik

While doing research for this article, I came across this amazing feature of Thrive Leads and was impressed with it. How good would a team be to think of converting a failed email marketing technique to successful email marketing technique?

But, what are SmartExit and SmartExit+?

Exit Intent is a technology that will display a popup to collect email address when a user is about to leave the website. But, Thrive Themes noted that this Exit Intent has poor conversion rates.

So, this SmartExit feature will understand your user behavior and displays the Exit Intent Popup only if it has met certain conditions.

You can read in detail about this SmartExit feature.

Here is a video on SmartExit

Certifications Received:

For the past 1 month, I have been interested in online courses and trying to take up a few. These online courses will actually give me more exposure to recent advancements in Internet Marketing. And, not to forget, it will also help me to build my skills.

The best thing about these online courses is that you get a certificate on completion. These certificates will help you make your portfolio look professional. It lets your visitors know that the Blogger really has the knowledge to write content.

I have taken the test on SEMRush Affiliate Program Terms Exam and passed the exam. By, passing this exam, I qualify to be a SEMRush Affiliate.

SEMrush-Academy-Certificate-SEMRush Afiliate Programs Terms Exam

Also, I have completed a Udemy Course on, “14 Authority Sites for Learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing”. This is a free Udemy course. It actually gave me an exposure to various practices and low competitive niches used by Popular Amazon Affiliate Marketers.

Nirmal Kumar completed the course on 14 Authority sites for Learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing

I have something interesting for you.

15 Handpicked Free Udemy Courses:

I have browsed all over the internet to find you 15 Udemy courses with free coupons. So, now you can enroll in these courses for completely free.

  1. HTML for Absolute Beginners
  2. Learn Psychology: How our mind works in Six Lectures
  3. After Effects CC: Create Stunning Video Transitions Easily
  4. Shut Up! Experience the Power
  5. Vero – True Social – Learn How to Market your Things in 2018
  6. TJ Walker’s 1-Hour Public Speaking Presentation Skills Class
  7. 5 Figure Affiliate Business 2018
  8. Difficult Conversations: How to Master Them
  9. JavaScript for Beginners – Learn the Importance of JavaScript
  10. Adsense Masterclass – 2018
  11. Youtube Hacks, Tips & Tricks: Start a Profitable Business
  12. Productivity POWER Course – Become More Productive Fast
  13. Boost Adsense Profits on Existing Site by 30%
  14. Product Creation: Beginner’s Product Creation BluePrint
  15. 10 Hacks to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Note: You can enroll in these courses for free only using these links. These courses are free only for a limited period of time. So, enroll in these courses today, even if you wish to take up the course later.

And, I believe I made this call at the right time before anything unexpected happens.

Update: Continuing Cenmax Giveaway:

You would have probably aware of OnlineRockersHub conducting Cenmax Giveaway. This giveaway was started on 11 May 2018 after Cenmax Founder approached me through email.

Update as on 8th June 2018: Earlier I stopped Cenmax Giveaway as I did not receive any response from the Founder. Now, I am continuing this Giveaway after receiving apologies from the Cenmax Team on various sources.

Cenmax Apologizing for the delayed reply


New Sidebar Sponsored Ads:

For the past 2 weeks, you could have noticed this Sidebar Sponsored Ads at our website, promoting services. OnlineRockersHub will be promoting banner and text ads on the sidebar. The pricing for these ads starts as low as $10/month.

OnlineRockersHub Sponsored Ads on Sidebar

If you wish to promote your blog or Product or Service through our Sidebar, do check our advertisement page.

Traffic Report:

And, finally, we have landed up with the Traffic report. Here is the audience overview.

OnlineRockersHub Audience Overview for June 2018

And the traffic source is here.

Traffic Source of OnlineRockersHub for June 2018

The high bounce rate is caused by referral sources. I am still not sure how this referral traffic comes. But, I should find a way to cut down this bounce rate. Because having a high bounce rate will create a drop in my search engine rankings.

Income and Expense Report:

This is the most important part of my reports.

Blogging Income Report June 2018:

For this June 2018, here is my Income Classification.

Total Income:  $240.9  (Approx ₹16,489.6)

Though the income is less than the previous month, it is still a huge income for me.

Expense Report:

  • ACT Fibernet: ₹1119.82

Total Expense: $16.36 (₹1119.82)

Do you want to maintain your Income and Expenses just like me?

Then, Download my Free Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses. This is the exclusive spreadsheet that I use to maintain the Income and Expense of OnlineRockersHub.

[Download] Free Small Business Spreadsheet for Income and Expenses

Image Credits: Freepik

Wrapping Up:

That’s the end of this Income Report. To summarize all important updates of this income report.

One of our articles has been rated as “Top Blog Post” by IndiBlogger“.

SmartExit and SmartExit+ feature of Thrive Leads can help you build more email leads.

I have been certified after passing SEMRush Affiliate Terms Exam and I have completed the course on, “14 Authority sites for Learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing”.

I have shared 15 free Udemy courses for you to join this month.

New Sidebar Sponsored Ads are available to promote your blog/ product/service.

And, don’t forget to share this report with your friends on social media.

Here are my latest income reports for you to read:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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