What to do with a mistake – recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it – Dean Smith

But, How is this related to me now?

Let’s see at the later part of this report.

Live Webinars:

Recently I came across invitations for Live Webinars from ConvertKit. I just thought it will be useful for you and so I am sharing it now.

How to make your first dollar Online: 6 Strategies from Real People Earning a Living Online

How to make your first dollar Online 6 Strategies from Real People Earning a Living Online

This is the first webinar. This is happening on 23rd October 2018 at 11:30 pm IST. And this is going to be presented by Isa Adney of ConvertKit.

And this webinar will cover up the following topics:

  • An exact framework to turn your passion into an online business
  • How to create a successful product from scratch and start testing it today
  • How to get your first 100 email subscribers and make your first dollar?

This is a free webinar. You can register for this webinar here.

And, here is the next webinar from ConvertKit.

Making the most of your Email list? The Top 5 ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails and Buy Your Stuff

Making the most of your Email list The Top 5 ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails and Buy Your Stuff

This is webinar is happening on 24th October 2018 at 11:30 pm IST. This webinar is also being presented by Isa Adney of ConvertKit and she will cover up,

  • How to increase your open rate so more people read your emails and buy your stuff
  • How to survey your email list using link triggers + tags
  • How to create custom automated sequences to get more sales in less time

Register for this webinar here.

The New Book; The New author:

After reading a few books by Chetan Bhagat, I decided to try reading a book from a different author. This time it was from Vikrant Khanna. I read his book on “Love Lasts Forever: Only if you Don’t Marry Your Love

Love Lasts Forever only if you don't marry your love - Vikrant Khanna

Seriously speaking the title made me read the book. It was about 2 different love stories of 2 sailors.

I wasn’t too much connected with the book, but still, a good one to read.

And coming to the next one,

Free Udemy Courses:

Online Courses are a great way to build your skills. But, most of them are paid ones and so you may find it difficult to spend money on it.

But, there are a few good courses being made free for promotion. You don’t need to put that hard effort to search for those courses.

I made a list of some free Udemy courses for you.

  1. Practical Blockchain & Smart Contracts: Ethereum & Solidity
  2. Leading Effective Meetings – You Can Lead Effective Meetings
  3. First Steps in Marketing Funnels & Customer Journey
  4. Introduction to Python and Hacking with Python
  5. Problems & Solutions in Accounting Basics
  6. Learn How to Improvise on Guitar in 30 Days
  7. The Complete Personal Productivity Course – Business & Life

These courses are all free only for a limited time and for limited customers. So, the faster you go, the more chance of purchasing these courses for free.

Traffic Reports for September 2018:

Let’s see the traffic reports for September 2018. Here is the Audience Overview.

OnlineRockersHub Audience Overview for September 2018

There is no improvement in the traffic for the last 2 years. Still not sure what is hindering from traffic increase.

Here is the Traffic source for September 2018.

OnlineRockersHub Traffic Source for September 2018

It looks like the Medium account is driving a lot of traffic to my website. Looking forward to seeing how the traffic from medium continues.

If you haven’t followed OnlineRockersHub on Medium, follow now.

Income and Expense Reports for September 2018:

Let’s see the Income and Expense of OnlineRockersHub for September 2018.

Income Report:

Total Income: $41.01 (Approx ₹2974)

Expense Report:

  • Internet Service: ₹1119.82

Total Expense: $15.44 (₹1119.82)

Wrapping Up:

There is a huge drop in the income. Though it is a costly mistake, it still thought me a lesson.

What was that?

Being Consistent:

During the month of September, I didn’t touch my blog for almost three weeks. And so, I had to pay for the consequenes. It’s not too easy to maintain the consistency. But, if you want to continuously grow in terms of search engine rankings, then you need to be consistent.

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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