We love WordPress because of the availability of an enormous number of Plugins and Themes. With powerful themes, we can create a WordPress website, as we like.

When I say themes, the first thing that will come to your mind is WordPress has thousands of free themes in the WordPress Repository. If you browse further, you will come to know about paid WordPress themes.

Yes, you need to purchase these premium WordPress themes.

What’s special about these premium WordPress themes?

Each Premium WordPress theme is designed for a purpose. One theme will be designed specifically for coupons and deals site, another theme for a forum, one for a full-width blog etc. I just mentioned few familiar purposes, the list goes on.

Benefits of Paid WordPress themes:

1) Theme Support:

Whenever you browse for a paid WordPress theme, you can notice a statement something similar to this, “This theme comes with 6 months / 1year support”.

What does this actually mean?

Most of the WordPress users are not comfortable with coding. They wanted to make some customizations to the theme, but they don’t know how to do that.

When you buy a premium theme, you will get a six months / 1year ( depending upon the theme) support from the theme developers. You can interact with them and they will help you make those customizations.

Some themes, also offer a dedicated forum for discussions on the theme.

2) Optimized for search engine:

Many premium themes are by default optimized for search engines. These themes will help you save some time and indeed will help you rank better in search engines.

3) Better structured:

Most of the premium themes are coded in a well-structured manner. If you want to make any customizations for the code, you will find it easy to check the code.

Since the theme is well coded, your website will not have unwanted codes. So, your website will load faster. Having a good page speed is highly essential nowadays.

4) Regular updates:

Many themes in the WordPress repository aren’t updated for a long period of time. The author doesn’t care about updating the theme with many recent features of WordPress.

But, premium themes will have updates regularly. These updates will sometimes help you keep your website’s security intact.

5) Readymade widgets:

Premium themes also come with readymade widgets. Most of these widgets are not available in default at WordPress. Even, some widgets are also not available as WordPress plugins.


These themes are also unique from the rest of the premium themes by stylish designs. This uniqueness will have a good impact on your brand. That’s why we prefer premium WordPress themes. But, this doesn’t mean free themes are not up to the standard. These premium themes just give you an extra advantage.

Which theme do you use on your website? Do you feel it as the right theme for your site?

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Why should you buy paid WordPress theme when you have free?

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