Why should you buy VPS Hosting for your WordPress website?

Web hosting has revolutionized online business and the way websites operate. For your website and business to grow, web hosting has become crucial. Even though it is still our choice if we want to avail these services or not, it is not an option for people who want to do everything possible to improve their online business.

Ever since web hosting was introduced, it has been evolving and improving. There are now options available to us where we can opt for the type of web hosting that fits our needs.

Major types of web hosting include,

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS
  • Cloud web hosting, and
  • Dedicated hosting.

All these web hosts have their own pros and cons. There are suitable for different people according to their requirements.

Trends in the web hosting business have drastically changed recently. Companies have now more options to choose apart from shared hosting. Although many companies still use shared hosting for their websites, VPS hosting has become more popular among individuals and companies.

VPS Hosting has become Popular:

VPS is a server that is used locally by the web host provider but is housed on another location. It contains enhanced upgrades in virtualization technologies, which have improved the reliability and performance of VPS.

Lately, VPS has become the preferred option for small to medium-sized businesses. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is a solution that effectively merges the characteristics of shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It has the flexibility of a dedicated server and the cost-effectiveness of shared hosting.

A VPS is made by virtualization software that partitions a physical server to form several servers within it.  Each virtual server is independent of its nearby servers and functions as a networked server. VPS hosting has become popular because it provides control at a level that is similar to a dedicated server. And it is quite affordable just like shared hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server is sold as a service by an Internet web hosting provider. Dozens of virtual private servers can be created on a single physical server, according to the specifications of the physical server. A VPS has an IP address and runs its own operating system.

Customers usually have superuser-level access to that virtual machine and can install any software that can run on that operating system. Through VPS web hosting, we can build our website on a server that offers more security, power, and stability. VPS falls in between the shared hosting and the expensive dedicated servers and offers the best of both.

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting:

In shared hosting, if one of the websites on the server suddenly gets a lot of traffic or is somehow compromised, the other sites being hosted on the same server are also affected by slower load speeds.

Websites hosted on a VPS are seldom affected by such factors because VPS provides a fully isolated environment and does not share the resources in the same way. A VPS is established in a partitioned server, has its own dedicated tools and is backed up by its own storage, RAM, and operating system.

For businesses that can easily lose their customers to slow load times, VPS hosting is the best low-cost solution. VPS hosts also offer more dedicated management of their servers. Companies that offer eCommerce, ERP, CMS, can now focus on selling their products. And they do not have to worry about taking care of the servers.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting:

In dedicated server hosting, you take all the resources of a server, which means you are the only one benefiting from the server’s power consumption. With a virtual private server, a dedicated server is divided into different virtual environments. This way, more users share the resources of the physical server and allow those resources to be optimally used.

In fully-managed VPS hosting, hosting providers do most of the server admin work either for free or for some additional cost. You can get managed VPS services on Hostiserver.

5 Benefits you get when you Buy VPS Hosting:

If you do not know much about VPS hosting and are confused if you should opt for one, here are five incredible advantages your website will get if you buy VPS Hosting.

Five reasons why you need to buy VPS Hosting for your website Infographic

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1) Reliability:

Shared hosting is a risky business when it comes to the reliability of your website. Even one bad host can affect your website’s performance, and at times even the entire server can crash. Shared hosting might even become obsolete considering how hosting companies oversell their servers and pile on thousands of customers on the same web server, which diminishes the reliability of their services.

On a shared server, a website’s uptime and performance is impacted by other websites that are hosted by the same server. Your website will suffer the consequences of mistakes made by other users.

When you run a business, it is best to avoid such kinds of risks. Because it can in any way negatively affect your company. VPS hosting increases the reliability of your website. Because the virtual private servers are completely isolated and few servers are hosted on each node. Therefore your website will have optimal uptime and performance.

How can VPS servers reduce your downtime?

VPS servers are reliable when it comes to controlling unnecessary server downtime. VPS creates virtual segments on a server that are restricted from downtime on other containers. You will not be affected by other user’s server activities. If the other users face issues with their disk space or bandwidth, your server resources will remain the same. This will ultimately guarantee that your website operates much more efficiently and independently.

Such positive results will also build a reputation for your website in front of your customers. No downtime will make your website more reliable and your customers will not only return to your website but will also recommend it to other people.

2) Have full Control of the Server:

One of the best parts of choosing VPS is that you have full root access to the server. As you are the owner and you do not have to share your server with other users. You have full control over the server environment and can make changes according to your liking.

VPS server enables you to manage web configuration independently. You can manage website files, server backup, email configurations, database backup, and SSL configuration without contacting the server team. On the other hand, this facility is not available in shared hosting server.

If you need some software installed? Or If you want to make changes to the hardware or want a port opened? You do not have to wait for your hosting provider and can do so on your own.

In case of other web hosts like shared web hosting, the servers are optimized for performance and security. Due to which many popular software packages are not supported because of the security limitations. When you have your own environment, you do not face such issues.

Resell your VPS Hosting:

Normally, hosting companies provide you with a Control Panel like OVH, Eezpal, Virtualizor, Virtuozzo, and WebAppZ Live. You can log in with your username. And then you can easily modify options without any technical knowledge.

With VPS you cannot only install a control panel but also a hosting control panel like Plesk or cPanel. Therefore you can manage your clients who want to buy shared hosting from you. You can easily handle the content of their websites, emails, DNS on a Windows-based server or Linux-based server. You can upgrade, downgrade and update the software, make backups and custom firewall configuration. With the help of a Control Panel, you can manage all your virtualization solutions from a flexible platform.

3) Cost-effectiveness:

Cost Effectiveness of VPS Hosting

Image Credits: Vecteezy

VPS hosting has become less expensive over time. As advancements are being made in virtualization technologies, the prices are bound to decrease. Also, due to this, VPS is becoming an option for all websites regardless of their sizes.

A VPS hosting account is far less expensive than a dedicated hosting plan that has a physical server. You can even find some of the cheapest VPS with cPanel WHM here.

VPS servers are separated virtual machines that use only one server and this way your money is saved, and you do not have to spend it on physical equipment you may or may not need. VPS is affordable and convenient in comparison to dedicated hosting.

Cost of VPS Hosting is comparable to Shared Hosting:

As more than one VPS can be provisioned within one server, the cost of implementation for supplies is decreased. Therefore, if anyone wishes to upgrade from Shared Hosting because they need more resources, or want a downgrade from dedicated servers while also retaining their root access privilege, there is no option better than VPS hosting.

VPS hosting has bright future because the costs can be nearly comparable with the costs of shared hosting. Another reason is that most websites using a dedicated server do not actually need all that space. But still, they have to pay for it. VPS users do not have to worry about the space as they can utilize only the storage that they need.

If you are looking to have your own web server, then choose VPS. Because a virtual private server offers full control and the best security at a reasonable price. You certainly will not need to buy and manage any expensive hardware or perform server administration tasks that are too complicated for you.

4) Scalability:

Most of the times website owners start a new website with hopes. They believe that it might grow into something larger with time. Being able to scale your resources without experiencing any downtime or technical issues is essential, and that is why VPS is the best solution.

Virtual Personal servers have the ability to scale up or down on demand. You can start off with limited resources, and then you can slowly enhance the hosting plan according to your needs. This will save you the money as you will not have to buy excessive resources that you do not need. You can choose to add additional resources without any restoration time.

Manage your resources whenever you want:

When you host with a VPS, your environment is hosted within a container. This container has a certain amount of resources according to the hosting package you purchased. What is great about these containers is that they can quickly and easily be allocated the resources as you need them.

When you are expecting high traffic and need to upgrade your RAM quickly, you can easily add more RAM with a simple click of a button. On the other hand, had you been using dedicated hosting, someone from the web hosting company would have to physically install the RAM into your server. This would create downtime and you will lose traffic.

5) Security:

Security of VPS Hosting

Image Source: Freepik

Another very important positive aspect of VPS is the Security. VPS has a clear advantage over Shared Hosting packages because of the security it provides. When you have a VPS web host, you do not have to worry about any malicious activities. Because you are free from hackers.

The privacy and security levels of this type of web hosting are high because you are leasing a Virtual Private Server straight from the hosting. VPS has a very low risk of unauthorized access from hackers as each VPS is an isolated virtual machine from all other machines. The system is secure because of this segregation, and each website gets its personal operating system and resources. It becomes difficult for some other server to invade the security.

A VPS plan also offers a way to back up your data. The best option is to choose a service that also allows you to manually backup your own data. So that, you can ensure it can be restored at any given time.

Your website is much less vulnerable to downtime issues caused by malicious code or load fluctuations on other packages which can occur if you share your server with other users. In VPS hosting the OS is not shared with anyone else and there is no other website on the server that can access the files of the user.

Wrapping Up:

The efficiency and cost of a VPS offer outstanding benefits for small and medium websites. While you are choosing a hosting provider, do check out the testimonials provided by past customers and network uptime rates offered by the provider to ensure that you select the right web hosting company.

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