Careers at OnlineRockersHub – Join the team of ORH

Nirmal Kumar November 20, 2018 @ 7:17PM
Careers at OnlineRockersHub – Join the team of ORH

OnlineRockersHub has been a great place for sharing knowledge. Now, it can also offer you a career.

I always wanted to build OnlineRockersHub into a top-level website. I have worked harder for this. In this journey, I realized it’s impossible to do this alone. I need a team to carry out this.

And that’s the reason, why I am recruiting interested people.

Job offers available at OnlineRockersHub:

Let me list down various careers at OnlineRockersHub.

1) Writers

I do expect writers to have some knowledge on certain topics before they apply for this career.

For OnlineRockersHub,

I expect my writers to have basic knowledge of SEO and WordPress. And he/she must be willing to learn techniques on the go.

2) WordPress Developer:

I expect my developer to have good coding knowledge of CSS, HTML, Js, PHP, and MySQL. My developer should be able to work on new templates, plugins, and themes.

3) Graphic Designers

I do have a lot of quotes to publish. But, I couldn’t find time to create images. I want a graphic designer to create quotes for my site.

I also expect my designer to create featured images and infographics for my blog posts from time to time.

To Apply for the job:

If you find any of our career option matching your skill set and you are interested in working with me, drop me a mail at

These are the team members I require as of now. As time goes, I will be requiring more experts.

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