Bearings – do you know, what are they?

Bearings - do you what are they

Today we will have a look on an interesting mechanical component. It’s nothing, but bearings. Do you know what is a bearing? Well, you might be familiar with that. If not, let’s check it out what’s that. What are Bearings? Here is a technical definition of bearings. Bearings are highly engineered, precision made components that […]

Do you know? You can never really touch an object

Do you Know?- You never Really Touch an object

Today’s let’s discuss an interesting topic. To be clear, this is the very basic of Science. It’s about the atoms. Let me explain you in detail about these atoms. Origin of the term atom: The term ‘Atom‘ is generally derived from the Greek word ‘Atomos‘.Generally, atoms are very hard. In Greek, the prefix ‘a’ means ‘not’ […]