There’s a blog for everything, and ten more blogs just like it. While it might feel like the market is oversaturated, there are plenty of people who are glad to regularly read five different blogs on the same subject. It’s all in the way the content is presented and what kind of spin you can bring to the table. If you want your blog to become a payday, the most important thing you can do is play to your strengths and allow yourself to become devoted to blogging. All you have to choose is a profitable niche.

A Blog That Benefits Your Business

If you already have a business or you’re attempting to start one, get in on the blog game. Blogs are helpful for entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online presence and establish themselves as authorities in their line of work.

Blogs can build the foundation for the successful launch of a business, or help to rebrand a business that you’ve recently purchased. Your posts can even alert potential investors and mentors about an upcoming opportunity. By using this blog to put yourself on the map, you’re effectively setting a foundation for a highly profitable future.

If the blog itself is going to be your business, you might want to take a different approach. From there, you’ll need to make a few decisions about how to establish your blog as a standalone, profitable venture. Choosing what to write and how to write about it is a slightly more involved process.

Think About What You Know

Businessman Thinking what he knows

Think about everything you’re interested in or knowledgeable about. You don’t even necessarily need to be passionate about the topic. Make a list of everything you’d feel comfortable writing about. This is your starting point for choosing a niche. If you have several ideas that you believe would play well together, you always have the option of starting a lifestyle blog. Readers love lifestyle blogs, and your specific spin on a lifestyle may fill a need that isn’t already being met by an existing blog. They key is to incorporate tried and true content through your specific lens.

Look at Other Successful Blogs

If you aren’t the type to gamble, it helps to look at successful evergreen trends in blog niches. Blogs on beauty, fashion, health, fitness, food, money, and self-help have been around since the dawn of time. The interest is still there, and more pop up every day. All you need to do is choose which one will work best for you, and get to work.

Successful blogs for Business

Observe successful blogs in your chosen evergreen niche. What are they posting about? How are they organized? Take notes, and strategize what you can do to make your blog competitive with the ones that already exist. Yours needs to be different enough to stand out in a popular market, and this might require some imagination on your part. It may help to play to the abstract aspects of a common niche.

Do You Have a Unique Experience?

People enjoy reading about the unique experiences of others, especially if they’re framed in a humorous or compelling way. A journey to lose a significant amount of weight, a long backpacking trip, or the struggle of writing a novel and eventually getting it published are the kinds of things that make excellent personal experience blogs. You’re able to bring something to the table that no one else can because your story is distinctly yours.

Your Life - Your Unique Experience

These kinds of blogs are slightly harder to promote, but they stand out easier than profitable blogs in highly saturated niches. If you opt to blog about your highly unique personal experiences, it helps to network with other bloggers. Trading guest posts or cross contributing can help you build the audience you need in order to become profitable.

Turn a Hobby into Something Profitable

Have you ever purchased something on Amazon through a link you found on a blog? The blogger got a small percentage of the profits. If you have a hobby that involves products, it’s easy enough to mention those products on your blog. Blogs based on Amazon affiliate marketing can be profitable with or without ads. These bloggers receive a small percentage of the total checkout price when anything is purchased through that link, whether they promoted those products or not.

It’s time for your decision:

It may be a while before your blog becomes profitable, even if you’re utilizing an excellent idea and executing it flawlessly. Don’t give up hope if you aren’t making big money in your first few months. Stay consistent with your posting schedule, and keep networking.

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