We are in 2017, and we can officially call it as the era of videos. Videos have started to dominate social media, search engine and what else left. Almost the entire internet. Hence, it is essential for every marketer and blogger to move on towards video marketing.

Video marketing blogs have started to gain more attention. Every top blogger has started to dive into video marketing. They have started to embed video into their blog posts. This is just an example to show the importance of videos.

Let’s get to more about the importance of videos.

The importance of videos:


Research done by Hubspot shows that,

  • Video in an email leads to 200 – 300% increase in clickthrough – rates.
  • Including a video in a landing page increases conversion by 80%
  • Youtube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.
  • Combining video with full page ads boost engagement by 22%
  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.
  • 36% of online consumers trust video ads.

And this infographic from Animoto will tell you how video influences small business.

The power of video for small business infographic

Youtube income:

Videos are actually the most shared form of content.The main reason why marketers and videos influencers move towards youtube is that youtube pays its channel owners.Yes, youtube shares their income with their channel owners.

Many homemakers have actually started youtube channels to share their arts and crafts and subscribers count just hitting new landmarks each and every day. And, they have started earning online just by sharing what are they awesome at.

If you haven’t started earning from Youtube, you can give a try on starting a youtube channel and monetize today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is one important factor for every website owner. Google has started giving more importance for links with videos than to links without videos. Because pages with videos have lesser bounce rate and visitors stay there for more time.

Hence, Google considers those pages with videos to be more engaging and started giving them higher importance.

I personally tried this trick and found my search engine rankings rise. This is one blog post where I added a video and made it rank first on Search Engine.

Facebook algorithms:

Facebook changes its news feed algorithms so often.Facebook has now started to show a number of videos in news feed. As per first quarter report of 2017, Facebook reports that video views rise by 32%.

Facebook has also announced that it’s premium video content to launch soon. And, Facebook is also making more and more updates for encouraging video publishers to post videos on Facebook. Allowing video creators to make money from pirated videos is one such update from Facebook.

How to make a viral video?

Nowadays videos go viral often. A study made by Duncan Southgate, Nikki Westoby and Graham page shows that a video goes viral when,

  • It has branding, enjoyment, involvement or awareness.
  • It features a celebrity.

Being a celebrity to make a video go viral is not possible in every situation. Creating awareness videos have just become a trend.Here are some awareness videos that went viral.

These are just very few. I have been watching JumpCuts videos for the past few months. They make social awareness in their unique style and each and every new video from them is trending on social media.

Turn your blog posts into videos:

After watching those viral videos, you might find that those videos are made by professionals.Being a blogger, you can’t afford to pay professionals to create videos for your blog posts.

But, instead, you can turn your blog posts into videos. You can do this for each and every blog post and make sure that your posts rank better in search engines.

But, how to turn your blog posts into videos?

I have an awesome tool for that.

It’s called Content Samurai.

Getting started with Content Samurai:

Content Samurai is a website that allows you convert your blog posts into videos. They charge $97 / month and you can create as many videos as you want.

You can try out this 7-day free trial from Content Samurai.

I made use of this 7-day free trial from Content Samurai and created few videos. You can also make use of this trial program and create few videos for your blog. If you are interested in their service, you can think about paying them.

Register at Content Samurai:

Once you visit the Content Samurai page, click “Try it for free“.

content samurai - try it now for free


Now, you will have to enter your Name and email address and then click “Get Access Now

content samurai trial signup

Once you clicked the button, you will be mailed with your activation link.

Content Samurai Mailed your activation link

Check your email inbox for the activation link and click it. Once you click the link, you will be brought to the set password page.

Enter your password and click the checkbox stating that “ I agree to the Content Samurai terms” and then click “Continue

set password in content samurai

Create Videos:

Once you click continue, you will be brought to the Content Samurai dashboard. Click “Create a New video” button to get started with creating videos.

content samurai dashboard

To create video at Content Samurai, you will have to fill up 5 sections in Content Samurai.

1)The first one is the Script Section.

script section in content samurai

Here you can copy and paste the text of your blog post. At the bottom, you will find drop down box with three options.

  1. Automatically Create Slides: Content Samurai will make use of its inbuilt functions to automatically create slides based on the text you entered.
  2. One slide per sentence: Each and every sentence you entered as the script will be converted as a new slide
  3. One slide per paragraph: Every paragraph will make a new slide.

You can choose any one option you like.

enter script in Content Samurai

Don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to edit the slides individually. So choose the one appropriate to your needs.

Once you set the option in the drop-down box, click “Create Slides For your video” button.

2) This will bring you to the second section which is the Slides section.

select theme at slides section in Content Samurai

At slides section, you can choose your theme for the slides. You can choose any one of the inbuilt themes, or you can even create your own theme.

Here, you can edit each and every individual slide as you like. You can change the layout, change background image etc for your slides.

Pro tip: You can also add videos to your slides, you will not be able to preview your video or edit your added videos, but they will be added to your final video. You can use this feature to add your brand intro video, just like OnlineRockersHub has one. You can add a video at the end to ask your viewers to subscribe.

3) Once you edited your slides, move on to the next section, which is the Audio.

Voice track options in Content Samurai

At the audio section, you have three options:

  1. Music Only: You can make use of the nice music available at Content Samurai
  2. Record your own voice track: Connect your microphone and start recording your own voice track
  3. Upload a voice track: If you have already recorded your voice track, just upload it.

If you are just choosing music only video, you can jump to preview your video. Else, add audio and then proceed to the next section.

4) The next section is the preview section:

Creating preview in Content Samurai

You will have to wait for few seconds to few seconds for preview to be generated. This timing depends on the number of slides you have.

Preview video in Content Samurai

If you haven’t added voice track, you can make use of the music options available here. You can also upload your own background music.

Once, you choose the music, preview your video. If you are satisfied with timing, just move on to downloading the video. Else, manually edit slide timings.

5) This is the final section. That’s the Download Section.

Download your video in Content Samurai

Click the “Generate Your Video” button.

wait for video to download in Content Samurai

Generating your video takes some time. So, you must wait for some time.

Download your finished video in Content Samurai

Once, the video is generated, just click the “Download Your video” button.

Your video will be downloaded to your device.

You can now upload this video to Facebook, Youtube etc. But, don’t add this video directly to your website. You will face some issues.

Read my guide on “How to embed youtube videos in WordPress?

Don’t forget to download this Youtube SEO cheat sheet. This will help you improve the Search Engine rankings of your video.

Youtube SEO CheatSheet from Content Samurai

Here are some videos that I created with Content Samurai.


I hope, you would have understood the importance of adding videos to your blog posts. Also, you would have now learned an easy way to turn your blog posts into videos. Make use of the 7-day trial from Content Samurai and start creating videos as much as possible.


I am not finished yet.

Special Deal: If you are interested in paying for Content Samurai membership, make use of your special link and get a 50% off.

Here is my ratings for Content Samurai.

Content Samurai Ratings
  • Add Voice / Music
  • Create your own theme
  • Slide editing
  • Add videos
  • Pricing

Content Samurai Review

Content Samurai is currently the best tool available online for converting your blog posts into videos. Limited preloaded themes, but still you can create your own.Pricing looks reasonable. Make sure that you 50% off on Content Samurai when you purchase.

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