Creating a free blog has never been easy without WordPress. Yes, you heard it right. This post will help you create a free blog at WordPress. Let’s quickly get into the topic.

What is

WordPress is generally a blogging platform similar to blogger. WordPress generally comes out as a software. You will have to install that software on your web hosting. And you will have to pay for it. That is the usual version, which is an open source.

However, the company Automattic has created a hosted version of this open source software. And that’s the website

Why you need has some good features. Let’s check what they are:

  • It allows you to create a free website with WordPress subdomain.
  • It has security better than Self-hosted WordPress sites.

How to create a free blog at

First, go to

Create free blog with

Click Create Website button.

Now you will be made to the choose the category of your blog. Once you select the category, you will be further made to select the subcategory. For this tutorial, I chose “Business and Services” category and “Advertising and Marketing” Subcategory. blog categories blog subcategories


Now, you will be given the option to select the layout of your blog. You can select it to be a list, welcome page or a grid of latest posts. Blog homepage layout


The Next step is to select the theme for your blog. Since it is a free website, it has the number of themes limited. But, however, you can buy a premium theme at WordPress. free themes

The Next step is the most important one. You will have to choose the name of your blog. will give you a free subdomain. Select a name for your blog and check it is available or not. But, if you want to use a custom domain that you already own, you can point it by paying $13.00/year. You can even buy your custom domain at for $18.00/year. For this tutorial, I chose as my domain name. free subdomain for free blog

Now, the next step is choosing a plan for your blog. blog plans and pricing

There are three plans available. They are:

  1. Free
  2. Premium
  3. Business

Let’s compare the three plans: plans and pricing

Free plan:

  • This free plan does not expire.
  • You can have as many numbers of free blogs for yourself at, however, some features are limited.
  • You will not be able to use Google analytics.
  • You cannot have video press.
  • Your blog will contain ads by WordPress.
  • And the most important is that you will be given only 3 GB space.

Premium plan:

  • This premium plan costs about  $8.25  per month and you will be billed for yearly.
  • It offers you a custom domain address.
  • Your website will be free from ads.
  • You can have a Videopress.
  • You had only 3 GB space on a Free plan. But, in Premium plan, you will get 13GB space.
  • But still, you won’t have the opportunity to use google analytics.

Business plan:

  • This is the highest plan offered by  It costs about  $24.92 per month and you will be billed yearly.
  • This plan costs you so high because it offers unlimited space and unlimited premium themes.
  • This is the only plan with google analytics feature.

I recommend you to choose the Free plan, until or unless you have a need to upgrade.

Once you select the plan you will have to create an account for yourself at If you already have an account, just log in. You could notice that your username will be initially given the name of your domain. You can even check out if any other name is available.

Register free account at

And that’s it, wait for a few seconds.

Free blog created at

And finally, you have created a free website. Here is a screenshot of the one which I created.

Free blog created for demo at

Start editing the post.

Watch this tutorial on Youtube:

I have attached a youtube video. You can check it to know how the website was created. You can subscribe to our Youtube Channel, to get useful blogging videos.


I hope, you would have found this tutorial so simple and easy to use. Did you create your free WordPress site? Do you still need any help? If so, let me know in the comments section.

What’s Next?

You have now created a new blog. Once, you start posting, you will realize that your blog is not getting sufficient traffic. To get enough traffic, you will have to take some extra effort.

How to get traffic to my blog for free?

Download my list on “How to get traffic to my blog for free?” and implement those steps. Let me know the results in the comments section.

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