There are two sides when it comes to creating viral sports content today. On the one hand, the topic is extremely popular. On the other, such posts are so abundant that users have started to pick carefully what to share. One way or another, there are plenty of things you have to consider if you want to write a viral sports post. Once you read this, you gonna know how.

7 tips to create viral sports posts:

So, lets see how to create viral sports posts.

1) Knowledge is King

Sports is a very special area. Whatever your exact topic is, you should be good at it. If you post about sports news, your readers have to be sure that you are familiar with all the peculiarities of this particular sport. It doesn’t matter whether it is football or, for example, sepak takraw, very popular in Indonesia.

If it is a game you are describing, you should know all the details. If you decide to give some advice how to keep fit, you can’t simply ground it on your own experience. You must know that it is effective and safe.

Sports knowledge is important to make sports posts go viral

The Web has given contemporary people so much information about their bodies, doing sports, and staying healthy. We know really a lot, but we want to know more. The knowledge you convey through your sports post makes the process of writing very similar to journalism. But it is essential for you to see the difference.

2) Sports Journalism Is Not an Articles

Sports journalism is a form of professional activity. You have to get some education in this area and know what makes it ‘journalistic.’ An article can be really serious and even academic. Not dull, but just not for everyone. It is not built around keywords. Its value is in the information it brings.

A sports post, even a blog post which is rather ‘long,’ differs greatly. First and foremost, it aims at entertaining people. The more people – the better. That is why keywords, the post length, and style, matter a lot. Besides, a sports article never allows the author to show his or her opinion, as opposed to a blog post.

3) Don’t Struggle to Be Super Unique

There are plenty of cases when your content has to be 100% original. Fortunately or not, this doesn’t concern sports posts. It may be connected with the fact that the number of sports events, important for great masses of users, is limited during the season. So, a lot of websites, including highly popular ones, use someone else’s content from time to time.

But be very attentive!

The message of your content may be borrowed, but the form you use to present it has to be unique. Another attitude or point of view – this what makes it yours.

Don’t forget about the headline, of course!

4) This Is All About the Headline

Headlines are important to make sports posts go viral

In sports content, the topic should be stated in the headline or at least in the description of your post. If you don’t understand why so, think of how many topics a sports post can have. It can be a sport, a game, a celebrity, some tips, statistics, etc. Your reader wants to know whether your post is worth scanning (not to mention reading) from the very beginning. Otherwise, you can’t expect your post to be viral.

There are many types of headlines that make people click them open. These types depend on the topic hugely. If you write about some sports celebrity or statistics, you may choose a provocative headline. But make sure it doesn’t sound like a total clickbait. Everybody is really tired of that.

The fitness tips can have a straightforward headline.

Why not, they are still useful, aren’t they?

A controversial headline that inspires one to argue will work for a sports post well.

After all, if your audience is sports fans, who could be more passionate?

5) Links and Hashtags

A post on Instagram or Twitter, for example, has to contain a link. Imagine you write anything about the last night’s game, and there is nothing for your audience except for your opinion. They will hardly go googling for what on Earth are you talking about, videos, the score, etc. Such a post won’t get shared for sure. For other social media, a link in sports posts is also really advisable.

Hashtags are another thing that will add some points to your post. But make sure not to overuse them – it has already grown annoying. Three is enough. Besides, if you want your post to be taken seriously, make two hashtags connected to sports and only one related to general topics.

6) Don’t Be Too Emotional

Emotional Posts on Social Media

As mentioned above, sports fans can be really passionate. They can easily get outraged by some results or policies. On the other hand, nothing can compare to their happiness when their favorites win. If fans are strongly affected by anything, they’ll write their own post. They won’t share yours.

One may contradict that people like emotional posts (especially all kinds of negativity.) Again, the fact that a lot of people will enjoy your social media emotional breakdown doesn’t mean that anyone is going to share it. But it can still ruin your reputation, so going viral will become even more challenging.

7) Make It a Contribution to Your Reader’s Image

Do you know why people don’t share posts described in the previous paragraph?

Because they don’t want to look bad. If someone feels negative about this or that sports event, they may write about it (or share a post about it) only if it is reasonable and shows that the one who posts it is ‘above’ the situation.

It is interesting that some posts with a positive message don’t get shared either for the same reason. For example, very useful nutrition tips titled “How to Stop Being Fat and Start Living” will get shared only by those who are fine with their appearances.

Wrapping Up:

Going viral with sports content is not something you cannot reach. The rules that work for this topic are almost similar to those for other content types. Some special details are described above. Following our tips will surely help you create viral sports posts.

Note: This is a guest post by Jake Lester. You can also contribute your best posts to OnlineRockersHub.

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How to create sports posts people will share?

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