Nowadays, videos are the most shared form of content on the internet. They have started to dominate blog posts, Facebook, google search results, hike, WhatsApp and what else.

Google search engine has started to high-rank blog posts that contain videos. These posts rank better than posts without videos.

So, now you have started to think about uploading video to your website.

But, should you upload video to a website?

Why should you not upload video to a website?

Now you might start to think,

I have got unlimited disk space from my high-quality web hosting Bluehost / Hostgator. I will upload all my videos to my server.

Hold on.

You should not.


Though you have unlimited disk space, when you upload video directly to your website, you are going to experience some issues.

  • The videos are going to increase your increase your page size. Thus, your pages are going to load slow and this will affect SEO.
  • It’s little hard to share videos when you upload them directly to your site.

So what should I do to overcome this?

You can upload your videos in video sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc. Youtube is the most preferable. Because youtube has an audience almost one-third of internet users. And most probably it belongs to Google and you get better SEO with it.

The following infographic will explain you the importance of Youtube.

Free Guide: Download this Ultimate Youtube SEO cheatsheet -2017 edition, for free.

But, how do I embed youtube video in WordPress site? I am not good at coding.

No issues, embedding youtube video in WordPress is so simple. There are few simple plugins to do this.

Jetpack plugin:

Jetpack plugin by WordPress

Jetpack plugin is created by Automattic, the same company which created WordPress. Jetpack has so many features like share buttons, email subscription, contact form, and much more. This plugin is absolutely free.

If you have no idea, how to install a WordPress plugin, go through this simple tutorial.

With jetpack plugin, you can embed your youtube video with shortcode.  Refer this guide to insert shortcodes and customizations for youtube videos using JetPack plugin.

Download Plugin Now!

Shortcodes Ultimate plugin:

Shortcodes ultimate wordpress plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate plugin is just not to embed youtube videos. You can do a lot with this plugin. You can create buttons, gallery, tables, slider, RSS feeds etc. And, this is a free plugin.

Here are 40+ reasons why you need to use this plugin.

Install and activate this plugin. ( Need help in installing the plugin, refer this guide). To use this plugin,

Just go to the post/page where you want to embed your video. Click Insert shortcode button visible above the content of your page.

Click Insert Shortcode button


Choose Youtube from the list.


Features available at Shortcodes Ultimate plugin

Enter the URL of your youtube video, make some customizations if you need it. You can preview the video on live and then click Insert Shortcode.

Now, your video has been embedded. You also have more features with this plugin in the name of Youtube advanced. This will help you add a playlist and more controls.

Download Plugin Now!

Yottie – WordPress Youtube Channel Plugin:

Yottie - wordpress youtube Channel plugin

Though the above plugins help you embed youtube videos, it is not suitable for a video blog. In the case of a video blog, you will have so many videos. You can’t keep inserting shortcodes and create templates and make customizations.

For this kind of videos blogs, this Yottie – WordPress Youtube channel plugin would be really useful. It will help you to add video galleries so easily. This is a premium plugin and costs 19$.

This plugin so many features like flexible sizes, responsive designs, 3 header layouts, etc. And the most important one is that it is Adsense compatible. You can use this plugin to add Adsense ads and make money. The following infographic will tell you more about this plugin.

Key features of Yottie- wordpress youtube gallery plugin

You can check the preview of this plugin here.

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These three plugins are useful for embedding youtube videos into your WordPress site. You can start embedding youtube videos into your site and gain higher rankings in search engines.

Let me know in the comments section if you find these plugins useful. Do share this post on social media. For more WordPress tutorials, subscribe to OnlineRockersHub WordPress tutorials newsletter.

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