Making money online is the hottest and easy way to make money. People love to do that because it’s simple and it’s the next generation business.

There are many money making websites on the internet. If you are unaware of those sites, you can have a look at them here:

Note: This article was originally published on December 15, 2016, and was last updated on February 21, 2019

Restrictions on money making sites:

Though there are many money making sites on the internet, but they usually have some restrictions. Otherwise, people will try to misuse them.

One such method to avoid people misusing them is tracing IP addresses. That money making sites will keep track of your IP addresses. If they find multiple accounts from a single IP address, then they will ban all those accounts and the money earned through those accounts will not be paid.

Earning potential of family members:

Such a restriction brings people to some confusions. They are worried if the potential to make money online is restricted to only one person in a household.

But actually, it’s not. Members of the family can use that money making sites with some rules.

I am listing out those rules that two members of the family should follow while making use of that money making sites.

Individual Payment accounts:

The two members should use their individual Paypal / Payoneer / Skrill or any payment processors. They must not use the same PayPal account under any circumstances.

Different computers:

Those two members should use different computers/laptops, etc. Whenever they log in to that money making sites, they must make sure that they log in through the same device and it doesn’t get interchanged.

Different routers:

Use two different routers for those two different computers. This will help you claim two different IP addresses.

These are those three simple rules, which family members should follow while joining that money making sites.


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