FamilyClix is another easy website to start your online income. It’s not possible to earn a huge sum of money out of it. But, definitely, it is a good place to begin.

How I make money at FamilyClix?

I do click ads regularly at FamilyClix and my referral income is considerably good and I am making a few referrals each and every month. If you haven’t joined FamilyClix, use my referral link.

If you haven’t read my FamilyClix review, you can read it here. Also, I have posted a small tutorial that will teach you how to click advertisements on FamilyClix.

I have made some small payments out of FamilyClix till now. I am posting those payment proofs here. These proofs will indeed help you know that FamilyClix is a legit site and they pay you regularly on time.

My FamilyClix Payment Proofs:

Payment on 4th April 2016 – $2:

Familyclix payment proof for April 2016

Payment on 12th July 2017 – $2:

FamilyClix Payment Proof - July 2017

Payment on 16th November 2017 – $2:

FamilyClix Payment Proof - November 2017

Total earnings from FamilyClix: $6.9

Wrapping up:

These small incomes, in turn, give me a regular source of income (still better than making $0/mo). Just, by making more referrals, I expect to increase my income.

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