FamilyClix is one of the legit paying PTC sites on the internet. I have received payment from FamilyClix and I am writing this Familyclix review based on my experience with Familyclix for the last 2 years.

Update: This article was originally published on March 14, 2017, and was last updated on June 15, 2018. This article is updated with the recent changes that Familyclix has made to its payments options and its new money making options.

Who owns FamilyClix?

FamilyClix is owned by Juan and Maria. They are from the Philippines. FamilyClix was born on 10th November 2014 with their effort. And, now they are running Familyclix successfully for more than 3 years. Though Familyclix is not one of the oldest PTC sites  / GPT sites like Neobux and Clixsense, they still have a good number of users.

What are the various earning options at FamilyClix?

At FamilyClix, you have so many ways to make money online. They are:

  1. Viewing advertisements
  2. Link Ads (New)
  3. Flip the Coin
  4. Paid To Signup Offers
  5. FamilyGrid
  6. Offer Walls
  7. Referring Others
  8. Buy shares

View advertisements at FamilyClix:

Standard ads at FamilyClix

Viewing advertisements at FamilyClix is a simple way to make money at FamilyClix. There are 6 different types of ads. They are:

  1. Fixed ads: These ads worth range from $0.0001 to $0.001
  2. Standard ads: These ads are worth of $0.0025
  3. Micro ads: These ads are worth of $0.00025
  4. Mini ads: These ads are worth of $0.002
  5. Tiny ads: These ads are worth of $0.000125
  6. Extended ads: These ads are worth of $0.005

The time for which we need to watch this advertisement depends on the cost of the ad.

Link Ads:

Link Ads is the latest addition to Familyclix money making options. This is almost similar to viewing advertisements at Familyclix, except that the interface will be a little different.Familyclix Link Ads

To validate a Familyclix Link Ad,

  • First, click the visit Button
  • Now, you will be taken to a page with captcha.
  • Once you complete the captcha, look for buttons like “Skip Ad” or “Get Link
  • As soon as you click the button, the Link advertisement will be validated and the amount will be credited to you

After you validate a Familyclix Link ad, you can visit the original Familyclix LInk Ads page, and click “Next Advertisement” to proceed.

Flip the Coin:

Fip the Coin is also a recent addition to the money-making options available at Familyclix. Here, you will have to risk an amount from your account balance. And you will have to choose either Heads or Tails. And, then click “Start

Familyclix Flip the Coin

Once. you flipped the coin, if you had predicted it right, you will earn double the money you risked, else you will lose the money from your account balance.

This is completely based on your luck. I will not recommend you to keep on trying this, because there is more possibility for you to lose the amount that you have earned.

Paid To Signup offers is another simple way to make money at FamilyClix. Compared to viewing advertisements, you can make more money through paid signup offers in a very short span of time.

Here you will be provided with few offers. You can choose the one you like, follow the simple steps of registration and provide the details required for signup verification.

Paid to Signup offers at Familyclix

Once, your offer signup is verified, the amount will be added to your account.


FamilyGrid is something similar to Clixgrid in Clixsense. This grid will contain many tiles. When you click a grid, you will be taken to an advertisement. Once you validate the ad, you will get to know whether you have won money or not.

FamilyGrid at FamilyClix

You can win only up to $0.05 per day. The amount you can earn at FamilyGrid is too low. So, don’t waste your time at Familygrid.


FamilyClix has various types of offer walls. In these offer walls, when you finish a task/offer you will be paid.

kiwiwall offerwall at Familyclix

The 11 offer walls found in FamilyClix are:

  • Offers4all
  • Kiwi Wall
  • Persona wall
  • Minutestaff
  • Clixwall
  • PTC wall
  • PTC Offer wall
  • Offertoro
  • AdGateMedia
  • Superrewards
  • Offerdady

Refer your friends to FamilyClix:

Referring your friends could yield you a great sum of money at FamilyClix. There are two types of referrals at FamilyClix. They are:

  • Direct Referrals
  • Rented Referrals

Direct Referrals:

FamilyClix will offer you a unique referral link. You can promote this referral link with your friends, relatives, neighbors, social media, etc

When people register at FamilyClix using your referral link and they make money at FamilyClix, you will be earning extra income. This referral earning will depend on:

  • Your membership
  • The type of advertisement clicked your referral

FamilyClix has some restrictions on making money for referrals viewing advertisements. Only when your referrals view Standard ads and Extended ads, commissions will be added to your account. If they view any other ads like micro ads, fixed ads, tiny ads, you will not earn any commissions out of it.

FamilyClix will also pay you whenever your referrals purchase any advertisement packages at FamilyClix.

You have a restriction on the number of direct referrals you have based on your membership.

Rented Referrals:

Rented Referrals is a strategic way to make money. This needs some clear ideas and strategies to make the most, else you will end up with a loss.

What are rented referrals?

All members who join at FamilyClix do not come through a referral link. Some people join directly at FamilyClix. FamilyClix will rent these people as rented referrals. You can rent these referrals and make money out it.

You can rent referrals only in packages. Each referral costs about $0.2. The minimum number of rented referrals you can purchase is 5.

Sometimes, these referrals can give up using FamilyClix, because they might not be satisfied with money making structure of Familyclix. Hence, their account will be inactive and you will not make any money out of them. In those cases of inactivity, you need to recycle them.

Also, if you allow a referral to expire, you will be fined from $0.03 – $0.05.

You have a restriction on the total number of rented referrals you have, referral recycling price and the commissions you earn from them depending on your membership at FamilyClix.

Looks somewhat complicated right?

But, it’s not a rocket science. You need to have some strategies to make money out of it. You can read this rented referrals strategy provided by FamilyClix.

Referral market:

When renting referrals, you will be allotted rented referrals randomly. You have no choice of picking your rented referrals. Sometimes, you will be allotted with inactive referrals. In that case, you will end up with spending money on recycling referrals.

Referral market is to avoid this kind of inactive referrals. At referral market, you can choose your referrals and purchase them for the lifetime. At referral market, you will be provided with stats like,

  • The date, when the referral has joined FamilyClix
  • Number of clicks, the referral has made in the past 7 days
  • The total number of clicks, the referral has made at FamilyClix.

Familyclix referral marketplace

You can choose the best referral at the market and buy him. Buying referrals are not the only activity that takes place at Referral market. You can also sell your direct referrals at the referral market.

Buy Shares:

Buying shares at FamilyClix are one way to make money online. But, this will require investment. Each share at FamilyClix is worth of $5. When you purchase shares at FamilyClix, you will get

  • 200 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 2000 Featured Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • 2000 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
  • Receive $0.06 for 100 days

Thus for every $5, you spend to purchase a share, you will receive $6 after 100 days.

Revenue Shares at FamilyClix

You have a restriction on the number of shares you can purchase based on your membership. I would not recommend this method, until or unless you have a clear business idea.

Bonus Earning Options:

Apart from the money making methods mentioned above, you have three bonus earning options. They are:

  • Payment Proof bonus
  • Referral Contest
  • Points Contest

Before entering into these earning methods, I would like to introduce to you the term ‘Point‘. FamilyClix keeps track of your progress through these Points. You will get these points,

  • When you click an advertisement
  • If You refer someone to FamilyClix through your referral link
  • When you complete an offer at Offerwalls available at FamilyClix
  • And also, when you deposit money into FamilyClix to buy advertisement packages.

You could ask me what is the use of points.

I have an answer for that too.

You can convert your points into money. Cool right. Here is the conversion rate.

$1 = 5000 points

But, you need to keep in mind that this amount will be added to your purchase balance at FamilyClix and not to your account balance. That is, you can only purchase advertisement packages out of this and you cannot withdraw this amount.

Now, let me explain you about the bonus earning options.

Payment Proof Bonus:

Whenever you get a payment from FamilyClix, you can share your payment proof at various places on the internet and get points for that.

familyclix payment proof bonus

You can submit the link, where you have shared your payment proof. FamilyClix administrators will verify them. Once verified you will be awarded points, which you can later convert them to money to purchase advertisement packages.

Referral Contest:

FamilClix has a referral contest each and every month. The rules of this contest are pretty interesting.

The person who refers the most through his referral link will occupy the first place. For each referral he made, he will be paid $0.25.

FamilyClix referral contest rules

The person who occupies second place will get 90% of $0.25 for each referral he makes. That is, this person will get $0.225 for each referral he makes.

This goes on for top 10 positions.

Points Contest:

Points contest looks so simple. This contest will also take place each and every month. The leaderboard is filled based on the points you score during the contest period.

The prizes for this contest will be announced at the beginning of each and every month. Here is a screenshot of the prizes for the current contest.FamilyClix points contest prizes


There are 8 types of memberships available at FamilyClix. They are:

  1. Baby
  2. Baby+
  3. Sister
  4. Brother
  5. Mommy
  6. Daddy
  7. Grandmother
  8. Grandfather

The following image will give you the complete details on the various memberships available at FamilyClix.

familyclix membership cost and details


Payments and Payment Processors:

The minimum payout at FamilyClix is $2. And baby members are allowed to withdraw a maximum of $2 per day.

The amount you can withdraw per day from your FamilyClix account and the gap between two withdraw orders varies with your membership.

FamilyClix has the following payment processing options:

Paypal and Payza were earlier available at FamilyClix as payment options. But later it was removed.

Earlier, Familyclix had many restrictions on the number of Baby members they will pay each day. Now such a restriction is removed. But, the new rule of Familyclix states that at least 20% of your income should be from Offerwalls. Only then, you will be eligible to cash out.

Payment Proof:

Any money making option in this internet without payment proof can be considered as a spam.

You can find my FamilyClix payment proof below.


Familyclix payment proof for April 2016

This is just one of my payment proofs. I have made a detailed post on all my Familyclix Payment Proofs

My FamilyClix Review:

Here are my ratings for Familyclix and my FamilyClix Review in short.

FamilyClix Review
  • Payout Options
  • User Interface
  • Money Making Options
  • Trust on payments
  • High Income

Familyclix Review Summary in Short

Familyclix is an easy way to start earning money online, for beginners. But, it will not help you earn huge sum of money easily as you do with Affiliate Marketing.

Share your FamilyClix review:

I hope you would have found this review useful. You can share your review on FamilyClix in the comments sections below.

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