I have already said the importance of forms in so many blog posts. With that said, I would like to remind that there are more than a dozen good form plugins for each purpose. Some of them include WPForms, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, etc.

When a WordPress user decides to choose a form plugin, he often runs into so many doubts and questions. The reason is that these numerous form plugins being available. Though the ultimate purpose of each of these form plugins is the same, i.e. to collect data from the users, the features of each of these plugins vary a lot.

And, that’s why you always need to compare plugins before purchasing. (Yes, you heard it right. WordPress users purchase form plugins.) Though there are so many free form plugins being available in the WordPress repository, their functionalities are always limited when compared to the premium form plugins.

And, today we will be comparing two premium form plugins – Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms.

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Formidable Forms vs Gravity Forms:

Let’s start comparing Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms with one by one important characteristic.


The first and foremost thing, that each buyer checks is the pricing. The human psychology is always to pay less and get more.

So, we always expect to underpay for products. However, there are still people who pay for quality. Without talking much on this ideology, let’s get into the comparison.

Formidable Forms has a lite plugin and a Pro version. You can download the lite plugin in the WordPress repository whereas the Pro version can be downloaded and used, only if you buy any one of the premium memberships. The pricing of premium memberships starts at $49/year.

Formidable Forms Pricing

You need to keep a note that there is no monthly pricing. You can purchase only the annual packages. However, you get a 14-day money back guarantee.

Not to forget the Lite version of Formidable Forms is already a hit because the plugin is rated as 4.6/5.0 in the WordPress repository with more than 200,000+ active installations.

Over to Gravity Forms…

Unlike Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms don’t come up with a lite version. You can get access to Gravity forms only if you purchase a premium membership. The pricing for premium membership starts at $59/year.

Gravity Forms pricing

Just like Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms also don’t have a monthly pack. So, you can only purchase annual packages.

Note that, the starting price for a premium membership of Gravity forms is higher when compared to that of Formidable Forms.

Though no lite version for Gravity Forms available, you can get access to the backend of WordPress with Gravity Forms installed for demo purpose. To get access, just fill the form available on this page.

Gravity Forms demo

Winner: Formidable Forms


The next big feature everyone expects from a Form plugin is the support for integrations it has. Because you have already put some effort into creating a quality from to collect data.

What if you don’t integrate the data collected to your email marketing/automation tools?

You will have to do all this work of transporting data manually. That would cause a lot of time. It is essential that your form plugin comes with features to connect with your marketing tools at least in the form of add-ons.

Formidable forms have got 28 add-ons that comes along with various memberships. Apart from that, they have 21 more third-party add-ons, which needs to be purchased separately.

Formidable Forms add-ons

Gravity Forms has got 44 add-ons, which is higher than the add-ons that comes along with the Formidable Forms membership. The add-ons are grouped into three packages namely Basic, Pro and Elite.

Gravity Forms community Add-ons

Apart from these add-ons, they have got hundreds of community add-ons offered by third-party services.

Winner: Gravity Forms


Formidable Forms has got 24 different templates considering the applications and 6 different templates considering the styles. You don’t need to purchase the product to see the templates offered. Just head over to this page and find the different templates available.

Gravity Forms come with a default 13 template forms created. You will have to clone these forms and use it the way what you want.

Winner: Formidable Forms

Which Form plugin should you choose to go with?

Gravity Forms has got a lot of community Add-ons, which is offering so many features with additional plugins being installed. If you are very much impressed with any of those extra add-ons, then obviously you need to go with Gravity Forms to get access to go that add-on.

But, if you are very much concerned with the Flexibility of creating any number of forms and the Pricing involved, you would be happy with Formidable Forms. For the same number of features in Formidable Forms, you are paying extra for Gravity Forms.

If you find this as your case, I would recommend you to go with Formidable Forms.

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Formidable Forms vs Gravity Forms - Which one is the best

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