FotoJet Plus Giveaway worth $120 to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary

Nirmal Kumar March 11, 2018 @ 9:05AM
FotoJet Plus Giveaway worth $120 to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary

It’s going to be almost 2 years since OnlineRockersHub was started. To celebrate this anniversary, I am happy to announce, our Fotojet Plus Giveaway worth $120.


This isn’t the first Giveaway from OnlineRockersHub, but the biggest so far. And, I would like to thank PearlMountain Limited for sponsoring this Giveaway.

FotoJet Plus Giveaway

Make your Entry for Fotojet Plus Giveaway:

FotoJet Plus Giveaway worth $120

Terms and Conditions:

To make sure this Giveaway goes on in an organized manner, I have set some guidelines to follow. You can find them below.

  • 3 winners will be selected from the entries.
  • Each winner will get a Fotojet Plus membership for 1 year worth $39.99 each.
  • Fotojet and OnlineRockersHub have full rights to cancel the prize / Giveaway in unavoidable situations.
  • Fake entries / Participants whom I could not reach out will be ruled out of the Giveaway.
  • Winners who don’t respond within 10 days from announcing prize won’t be able to claim the prize. In that case, I will choose another winner.
  • There is no maximum limit on the number of entries. So each participant can submit as many entries, as he/she wants. The more entries the more possibility of winning the membership.


As I already mentioned, each winner will get a Fotojet Plus membership for 1 year worth $39.99. Let’s get to know, more about Fotojet Plus.

Fotojet Plus:

I have already written a detailed review on Fotojet. If you haven’t read that, you can check my Fotojet review. I would give a glimpse of Fotojet and its features here.

Fotojet is basically an Online Graphic Designer, Collage Maker, and a Photo Editor, where you can create and edit your images.

FotoJet Online Graphic Designer and Collage Maker

So, who would like to use an Online graphic designer?

I am a blogger (Yes, without any doubt), and every blogger like me would need a graphic design software to edit images and to create featured images for the blog post. Images are so important for any blog because they capture the audience on the first sight.

The moment when I say graphic design software, the first thing that will strike your mind is Photoshop.

Then why Fotojet?

Adobe Photoshop is indeed the best software for editing your photos. But, you don’t need such powerful tool for creating simple images for your blog. A light software, with a feature to store your images online, will be so useful, because you can access your images anywhere from your account.

Fotojet Plus will help you do this!

So, only if I have internet, I can access Fotojet?

Nope, Fotojet has also got software that you can install on your computer/laptop.

For Windows, they have got three software namely,

  • FotoJet Designer for Windows
  • FotoJet Collage Maker for Windows
  • And, FotoJet Photo Editor for Windows

FotoJet Windows software

And they have got the same three software for Mac too.

So, what Fotojet Plus has in addition to the free membership?

Here is a comparison of free and plus membership at FotoJet.

FotoJet Free and Plus version comparison

When you get a Plus membership, you get a lot more templates, shapes, clipart images, frames, overlays etc. Thus your images get better and better.

With the free version, you can’t use your custom dimensions. But, with Plus membership, you can have your own dimensions, and you can even save/load your projects.

And the most important thing, Plus membership will be ad-free.

So, FotoJet Plus has got some good features. You can use it brilliantly for your designs and make them look professional.

So, why are you waiting still?

Participate in the Giveaway today! And get a chance to win a FotoJet Plus membership.

Giving with ?,
Nirmal Kumar.


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