Everyone likes to save money while shopping. If not all, at least some! Finding coupons while shopping online has been irritating when you find fake coupons. Some of the coupons, promo codes which you find on the internet may not work. This will obviously end up with losing shopping interest. Here is a cool extension which will deliver you with working coupons every time you shop. It is nothing Honey!

Did I call you Honey? It’s actually the name of the extension – Honey.

How do Honey works?

Honey is actually an extension. Just visit the extension’s website and get it installed in your browser. The next time you visit an online store, the addon will list out the coupons available for the particular website. The coupons offered are regularly tested. Hence, you need not worry about the working condition of the coupons. You got your time saved.

Here is a screenshot. It was taken, when I visited the Amazon and the extension glow orange with 47 coupons available for the particular site at the moment.

Honey chrome extension displaying coupons for the site


What is HoneyGold?

HoneyGold is nothing but redemption points offered by Honey. There are stores online with the HoneyBadge. Every time, you make use of these coupons and shop at these stores, you will get these HoneyGold. 100 HoneyGold is worth 1 USD. You can redeem them in the form of Amazon gift cards. The minimum redemption amount is 1000 HoneyGold or 10 USD.

Is finding coupons the only use of Honey?

No, Honey offers a referral program, which gives each and every user a unique referral link. You can share these referral links with your friends and make them get an account with Honey. The next time, your friend makes use of coupon from Honey, you will receive 5$. Looks cool, Right.

Where are the places Honey works?

Honey works at almost all the stores. You can find the extension showing promo codes  for stores like,

and much more.

Wrapping Up:

Honey is just one way of saving your hard earned money. There are several other ways to save the money you earned.

Did you find this extension useful? If you have any more ideas, let me know in the comments section.


Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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