It would be common for a Webmaster to receive plenty of emails claiming to offer potent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans for a blog or website. Yet, they simply do not understand that great content is one of the best SEO techniques at this moment. The growing crack down on sites with low-quality content has been going on for the last few years.

It places an even greater importance on providing a high-quality article. Yet, the content alone cannot work its magic, as it needs to come with an exquisite title. It is imperative that this title is attractive, conveys information, and pulls visitors all at once.

Thankfully, it is now possible to get a great title at the click of a button. The presence of various headline generators makes it possible.

Top 7 Headline Generators:

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Here are some of the top seven article title generators available today:

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

Blog Titile Generator by SEOPressor

This tool can help create catchy titles or even suggest topics blog about. Unlike most of the title generators out there, SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator manages to shine by virtue of its accuracy. It is possible to specify the nature of the keyword – if it is a generic term, brand name, industry, location, event, or a skill.

The ability to choose the nature of the keyword makes the biggest difference on this generator, as it is possible to achieve a high degree of accuracy for titles of any nature. Yet, all this does not take a lot of time and it is extremely simple to use.

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TweakYourBiz Title Generator

TweakYourBiz Title Generator

At times, the blogger may be just lost for ideas. In this case, the TweakYourBiz Title Generator acts more than just as a title generator. It can be a resource hub for some of the best ideas. The input options may be small with the ability to offer a noun or a verb. However, the list of titles is quite exhaustive. Titles are offered in each category like lists, best of, how to, or questionnaire. In terms of the sheer number of title options being provided at the click of a button, TweakYourBiz Title Generator is second to none.

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Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

hubspot's blog topic generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator happens to be one of the most popular title generators and it is easy to see why. This happens to be one of the easiest title generators around. However, it can also be criticized for the lack of options and lower accuracy. Users can import up to 3 nouns in order to form a title. The inability to enter the category or niche of the keyword means that it is possible for erroneous titles on some occasions.

Try Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator!

SumoMe’s Headline Generator

Sumome's headline generator

SumoMe’s Headline Generator is certainly a title generator meant for the experienced users. The sheer number of options can be a huge boon for experienced users who want to customize their title to great lengths.

Yet, this also presents a disadvantage for first-time users who may take a while in order to understand the various features. It is possible to generate titles for various niche articles like the how-to, explanatory, controversial, or numbered list category. The creators have tried to make the complex options easily understandable by providing useful tips about how they work.

Try Sumome’s Headline Generator!

UpWorthy Generator

Upworthy generator

Making a catchy title is of paramount importance in order to make a post viral. At a time when there are numerous blogs available on the Internet, standing out from the crowd is extremely important and it can only be done through catchy titles. UpWorthy is a hugely successful online platform that has largely succeeded due to its catchy titles.

Users do not seem to be complaining as long as the content is great. Yet, generating titles like those found on UpWorthy are quite difficult for the less creative person. This title generator manages to overcome the handicap by providing titles that are similar to the ones that appear on UpWorthy.

Try Upworthy Generator!

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

portent's content idea generator

This serves as a quick and easy tool to generate titles. Portent’s Content Idea Generator only needs the user to come up with the keywords, and it will generate titles with each hit of the refresh button. As a bonus, it is also possible for users to get information about any content strategy that will help in maximizing the attractiveness of the article.

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Fat Joe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator

fat joe's blog post title idea generator

Fat Joe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator serves as an easy way to generate titles merely by inputting a keyword. Even though the generator does not ask for more information like the niche of the keyword, it turns out to be fairly accurate in terms of the titles that it generates. The ease of use coupled with decent accuracy makes it one of the top options around.

Try Fat Joe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator!

Final Thoughts

Headline generators are now making it easy to make a successful blog post. The seven options happen to provide the best titles and they come with their own advantages. In addition to this, you can always use a custom writing service to get help from professionals.

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Crafted by Kevin Nelson
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