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Let me explain this in a detailed manner.Blogging is always fun. A great journey indeed. A website is something bigger, grander than every beginner believes. Every great website built on the internet is just not developed on a single day. Just like the saying,

Rome was not built in a single day.

The first blog post:

For me, blogging is a hobby, a fun, which I discovered only after hitting the publish button on the first post at Online Rockers ( The former name of Online Rockers Hub). The blog was actually in Blogger.

It was anxious. I did not have any idea on what to write about, where to begin with, just like how I am writing this post now. Seriously!

Then, a thought provoked, that the first post must be something welcoming or addressing the readers.I started the post with a greeting and just made a very very small description about the blog. And then listed out the social media sites which I was using then. ( Now, the list goes huge …. )

Once I made it just checked out how many words, the post went for .Not even 150 words.But, it doesn’t seem to be a big issue for me at that time. The blog is still alive .( Yeah, Google hasn’t deleted it yet.)

You can check out that post right here:

Later on, after I moved to WordPress, I updated that post regularly with the latest updates. And you can check it out right here:

Back to the point:

It doesn’t matter that your first post must be something epic. It needs to attract a lot of readers. The subscription list goes deep. Nothing like that.

What seriously matters is that you have started trying. You have kept the first foot into something new. This matters a lot. Great posts will take some time ( Not for all). It comes after a lot of learning, for some, it’s by natural and for most its practice.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice – Vladimir Horowitz


Time to share your’s :

Have you written your first blog post ? If not then start it right now. Do share your writing experience with me in the comments section.

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