How to make money travel Blogging? And how much can you make by travel Blogging?

Most people find it difficult to earn money through being travel bloggers. But it is not that difficult if you know what you really want. The only problem is that many people do not know how it is done when they fail several times, they decide to quit. Travel blogging is neither only about writing nor it is about the story. It is all about knowing the internet and knowing how it operates. This does not mean that one does not need to put so much effort. You must spend most of your time generating your income, it is just not complicated, and anybody can earn good income provided you have the time and are committed.

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Main secrets on How to Make Money Travel Blogging

Be honest and have a passion for your job

No one likes fake people. It is very simple to know a fake person and such individuals turn others off. You must enjoy blogging, it is a job which is fun to do and it is highly habit-forming. If you think it’s difficult, you will never be able to give it your time and so you will never earn a reasonable income from it.

You must be an accomplished traveler

If you intend to prepare a full guide to a certain place, then you must have been to that place. There is nothing as bad as bloggers who are clueless about their blog. Bloggers write about destinations they have never visited before but who wants to read such?

Ensure you travel to get a general overview of what your blog entails. Concentrate on a certain destination, have your facts right and provide information that is reliable. Write everything about what someone will need to travel to that destination, be a respectable information giver. Specializing in this way will be perfect not only for the readers but also for your website’s SEO and Google ranking.

Ignore the audience and niche, these do not exist

Most writers keep mentioning the audience but that is a useless concept. With the good internet and perfect SEO, a blogger can reach anybody, anywhere on this globe. Write your content, be the authority and gain the authority. Your readers will come. Most bloggers do not understand this. Google would require one to be excellent on a certain heading, however, if the heading is America, you will reach anyone who would like to know about it. It is highly recommended to focus on a single topic, write it fully (several posts, several keywords), then move to the following one.

If you do not have children, you should not be blogging about family travel. However, you may find guest posts from family writers and you can always target whichever audience you want. Also, if you would like to be niche, go ahead. However, bear in mind that you will be restricting your audience. Super niche websites many at times get recognized and partner with businesses within that small field while they are still very young.

When you begin your blogs, ignore original content

Do not think about unique ideas when writing your blog. Instead, look for the type of topic that is trending in your niche and create a preferable version of it. If you check well you might discover that each marketable blogger’s famous blog is a recreation of another blog that is the same as it. There are 2 choices when you begin writing:

  • Simply wing it and expect the content to attract people

  • Compose a blog which you already know is doing well within your niche

Even if someone else has already blogged about it, not everyone within your audience has seen it. Rich bloggers do not produce original blogs. The blogs seem original because they put their perspective on them.

enjoy traveling views

How-Tos and lists drive the highest traffic

This does not imply that travel bloggers should only produce content about How-Tos and lists. If you dwell on them alone, you will get bored. However, you should never ignore them just because most bloggers are writing them.

Lists are actually the dumbest content, however, this will be determined by how you create them. When you write them, ensure that the lists offer value for every listed item.

The same applies to “How To” blogs. Most of them are garbage but when you use the right approach, you will stand out.

Many earning streams are very important

Never put all of your eggs in a single basket. Form several income sources and set them up early enough. Become a member of as many affiliate schemes as you can, create Amazon sales pages and install Adsense. Start earning as fast as you can. The way you will earn from blogging is hugely determined by how you do your work.

There are travel bloggers who depend on affiliate selling and marketing. And, there are others who prefer getting paid to market attractions, hotels, locations and more. There are still other bloggers who sell articles or journals and others sell courses and books. It is up to you to determine what will work for you.

The affiliate schemes that bring income

The affiliate schemes that bring travel writers income include Longtail Pro, Booking.comHotels Combined, Agoda, Skyscanner, and many more. If you do not support or use a product honestly, do not attempt selling it. You will never sell any of the items if you do not understand what SEO is and without the aimed audience to your website.

Understanding KWR and SEO before starting is very important

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and KWR (Keyword Research) are perfect methods of getting viewers and buyers on your website. Email subscriber and social media are useful also but Google search traffic is indispensable and one can only have that with excellent SEO, perfect KWR, and targeting. Do not write any blog without understanding the aim of the blog in relation to:

  • Luring or pleasing readers

  • Providing useful content to establish a good reputation and authority

  • Earning income or making readers feel willing to make a purchase

Lately, Google search findings have changed the way they function. Do not dwell on the backlinks, Meta descriptions, and DA. Pay attention to good content and reader satisfaction.

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A good website is quick and efficient

A website must be quick, mobile compatible and possess excellent SEO. This normally comes with excellent hosting, excellent (often purchased) plugins and tools and a premium theme. In order to earn more income, you must spend some of your money. Do not dwell so much on the appearance; just ensure that your website is fast, clear and efficient. Readers are interested in the content and they would like to get it very fast and in an easy manner.

Affiliate earning is about the targeted traffic

This is how you earn in affiliate schemes. It is meaningless to have random affiliate links on a blog or on your sidebar. The readers are not interested in purchasing what you would like them to purchase. The skill is in getting readers to the point where they buy onto the pages. You can take them there through Google search (KWR and SEO) and social media.

Get your audience to Amazon

Amazon is excellent at making people buy. Getting your readers to Amazon will save you plenty of work.

Here are 18 simple and easy tips to earn money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Content and maximizing Adsense revenue (2000 dollars each month is achievable)

There are skills for generating so much money as one can from Google Adsense. Those skills entail monitoring your pages and placing adverts where the eyes linger. Mediavine also brings incredible earnings but bloggers cannot be part of an advanced marketing company like that without high traffic. Starters must begin with Adsense.

Make readers look at your Adsense adverts for longer and direct their attention and time to the section where your adverts are located. Tables, videos, pictures, text boxes, captions and anything else that is likely to capture people’s attention will keep them on that spot. Pay attention to such features and keep your blogs long enough to permit many ads to appear. Be aware that above the fold is premium adverts space. This is not complicated. Try getting your traffic over 25K every month in order to join Mediavine quickly. This changes income so fast. It is possible for a blogger to move from 600 dollars to 1,500 dollars per month within a few weeks. Additionally, having the readers’ attention on your pages for long is not only good for a blogger’s advert revenue. It is useful for Google ranking as well.

Go up the Google search findings as quickly as you can

Make your DA advance through authorized link creating. Come up with an excellent and long rich blog, keep people on the pages for long, attain lots of social shares and have your on-page and on-site SEO correctly. Those are the aspects which can make Google give your website a high ranking.

Also, do not target the keywords which you do not have an opportunity of ranking for. Instead, get something a bit concealed whenever you are just beginning. Bear in mind that the DA does not have anything to do with how high your Google rank will be. Previously, DA was considered the main component of SEO but these days, Google has improved and it is way too clever for the sham backlink sellers. If the content is good, it is possible to get ahead of a blogger who has a higher DA than yours. DA only measures the number of backlinks a blogger has. It is just an indicator and not something that bloggers should dwell so much on.

Additionally, it is important to avoid being part of spammy sharing forums and link exchanges. If you are involved, this can later come to haunt you. Remain honest and real. Do not attempt to fool the system. If whatever you create is not useful to readers, it can never do well in Google ranking.

Enhance your past content

The content that you had written sometime back may bring you a very high income and assist in making your website get ranked high. Go back and modify your past blogs in terms of present information, SEO and effectiveness. If your past blogs are bad, they will lower your website’s SERP ranking. Make the necessary amendments but if the blog is really bad, consider removing it and adapt it under the URL that is better.

You must be an annoying blogger to create more income

This is a bit difficult because no one likes someone who is annoying. No one wants to keep getting several emails from bloggers but you will have to keep sending the emails in order to capture buyers’ attention.

When established bloggers undergo a product launch, they will send people several emails. These emails are not sent to annoy the recipients. They are sent several times because that is the only way to capture buyers’ attention.

For instance, if a blogger earns 120,000 dollars every month, this does not imply that he or she requires selling a lot of stuff. If a product costs 999 dollars, the blogger will only require selling 120 of such products to get his monthly income. On a blogger’s fifty thousand members’ mailing list, he will require 0.24% of the recipients to purchase. This is why sending annoying emails is necessary.

A blogger will never get income if he sends the email during the first day and during the last day only. The money will come only when there are several emails being sent to the people continuously.

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From income reports, there are lots of travel bloggers who win money online each month. Those are the secrets of earning from travel blogging. These travel blogging secrets can also work for other niches and for anyone who is interested in earning from blogging.

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