We birth, live and die.

This is our life.

The final part of our life is to end.

Time washes our memory day by day.

We can’t live on the earth forever. In a simple word, We are mortal.

But our words, our written words can be a part of history. Words which we write can make us immortal to our next and after next generation. Our works make us live. In this way, many ancient kind-heart men have been living with us. They have been living in our memory. Thus, mortal human remains as IMMORTAL!

Most of us create content for the purpose of making money online. But, There can be another objective which is helping others with our writing.

If you can complete the second one, The first one will come to you automatically.

Believe it or not, It happens.

Creating compelling content to rank in search engines may be your target. But if make your target that you will make content for human too, Search Engines will give you more priority. But you can mix some tactics by which you can achieve love from human along with Search Engines also.

Creating content is not a very hard task, but the hard task is to create valuable contents. You must try to create contents which will attract your potential reader’s eyes and Search Engines too.

The task is not very easy or very crucial but really hard! You can consider this as an art. Because by knowing this, You can win what you want!

SEO Copywriting - Turn visitors in to customers

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SEO copywriting is a process by which one tries to attract the eyes of Search Engines. The effort is definitely a white hat method and for this, Search Engines will love you! 

By resorting to SEO copywriting techniques, it is believed that contents quality will be higher and it will draw the attention of others. By this way, It will be able to generate natural links.

Some matters you should remember. SEO copywriting means putting the right keyword in the right place within content. But it also refers to make quality contents which will be preferred to a human mind.

Another thing you should remember strongly that SEO copywriting does not mean to produce keyword stuffed pages.

Consequently, get that SEO copywriting is a textual assessment of contents to rank a page higher with certain following keywords in Search Engines.

SEO copywriting attract visiots, Engage Customers and Drive sales

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Putting the right keyword in the right place is yet challenging to every contents maker. Only a few of them know the real and exact way by which they can rank their keyword on top. You can think that they have got the god-gifted power to do that.

But if you think that, you are wrong!

All you need to have proper practice… Because, you may have known that practice makes man perfect!

However, There are 3 points which you should notice when you are going to make your content…

1. Keyword

It is called that the main efficiency of a skilled SEO copywriter is placing the right keyword in the right place.

On the other hand, Keywords are the most vital part of Search Engine Optimization.

People use a part of the content which they need. People put a simple or long tail word in the search box of a Search Engines when they search. The word they use to find out their expected content is called the keyword.

The keyword research will help you to go more deeply with your content to your customer.

Perfectly Optimized Page

Image Credits: Christian Giardina

2. Title

The title of your content is just an image of the whole content. It indicates or gives ideas about what is containing your whole content.

On the other hand,  placing a keyword in the title tag is more strong trick than using it on the body of content. It does not mean that you should not put your keyword in the body of your content.

In a simple word, By placing your keyword in your title, you tell Search Engines that your content are containing valuable information with this keyword.

So, you have to think both logically and smoothly. You just can’t place your keyword in title tag which is looked ugly.

You have to think about Search Engines along with human being.

Title for Blog Post

Image source: Business2community

3. Content

Creating compelling content is not only creating content for Search Engines. Creating compelling content means creating content for human too.

You should create which is well-discussed, well-looked and literally accepted. It is the main challenge to keep adjustment with the all of the conditions.

Because, If you give priority to Search Engines only, your content may lose its appeal to human.

On the other hand, You can’t create content without following these tricks.

There are more. You can’t create which can’t found by Search Engines. Because people will not go to your website or blog directly until they are not finding it by any source. Search Engines is the big source yet.

So, you must create your content with making an adjustment in every side of considerableeight-pointt.

Content is King. Usability is Queen

Image Credits: Flickr

We write or make.

We fulfill or build.

But we do!

when we are doing we should follow some tricks and tips.

When we are doing we must do strategically.

Because Strategic work can give us more output than working without following any strategy. To create compelling content also, we should be strategic.

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