Finally, you’ve done with your essay. You’ve made a deep research, investigated seemingly thousands of the sources. You found out an immense number of facts that made your essay look for confident and trustful. Also wrote a perfect outline and created a paper that would definitely get the best score. However, you feel that there is something more to be done to make it stunning. And now you need to decide how to introduce the changes that won’t break a structure and will improve the quality of your writing as well as the quality of the presenting your ideas.

In fact, to make your essay shine, you need to have 5 basic essay writing skills. Most of the students do not even understand how easily they can gain those skills. Are you wondering which exact services do we mean? In this article, we will cover all of them and will tell you the best ways to improve your academic writing without paying some extra efforts.

5 ways to improve your Essay writing skills:

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1)Add more action:

Your essay may have a perfect structure, impressive vocabulary and outstanding ideas. But you can easily make it better with changing passive voice to the active voice.

It has been proven that active voice gains more trust and increases the interest of your readers. For the marketing students, it seems quite obvious as they already know that power of active voice. Usage of the passive voice creates the effect that you are not confident in what you are saying and you still have some hesitations in your words. Active voice builds the trust and makes your readers more engaged in the reading. Of course, your professors will read the essay no matter the use the voices but if you want to really impress them, you’d better use the active voice.

2)Check the style:

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you read the text but you feel like it has been written by several writers?

Frequently, the truth lies in the very simple thing, the author of the text does not follow the chosen style. Thus, the text looks broken stylistically and it loses the atmosphere that a writer tried to create.

Making your text perfect stylistically includes two basic points: checking the style itself and checking whether you have chosen a proper vocabulary.

In the first point, we talk about the tone of voice that you’ve decided to use. Look carefully how you talk to your readers. With essay writing, this may be crucial as the colleges and universities regularly have some restrictions. Thus, your essay should be written for example in the informative style, thus the tone of voice should be corresponding.

Another important point is the language that you use. It is not enough to express your ideas in the common language that is easy to read. You need to make the language correspond the chosen tone of voice. Also, you need to make sure that you have introduced proper words and word combinations that suit the situation and they enrich your essay.

3)Fix chopped sentences:

We all know that rule of effective writing: write in short simple sentences and your readers will love that. However, writing in short sentences may be rather tricky as the text may look chopped.

Are you want to impress readers with your essay?

Then you need to make sure that they read it just like a novel. Sometimes, the long sentences are good and sometimes it is better to write shortly. Besides, chopped sentences frequently make the text sound artificially, and this is not the effect that you want to reach.

To understand whether your essay sounds natural, read it at loud. The sentences should be connected logically so do not be afraid do add introducing phrases. Perhaps, your essay will be longer than you planned, but it will create the effect that you need to reach.

4)Format your text:

The easiest and the least complicated way to make your essay look great is to change the formatting. Of course, colleges and universities have some rules to formatting the essays, for example, the font that you should use or its size. However, if you do not have such requirements to some reasons, you may easily make a step forward and do everything by yourself. Make sure that your text is written in one font, that the sizes differ according to the headings and simple text. Also, add the bullets to the lists as this will make your readers catch the information easier. Break long paragraphs into the shorter ones and make sure that the margins are proper as well as the spacing.

5)Give a try to writing services:

The last easy thing to do is to use special services that help to improve your writing both with the editing and proofreading. Or even with writing the essay instead of you. You can always check the cheapest essay service just to understand how it works or even tries to use some free spell checkers that will show you the basic mistakes. This is a great way to improve your writing quickly as you will no need to pay your own efforts for improving the writing. You will rely on the expertise of the professionals who provide writing services or the professionals who’ve developed the application.


These 5 ways to improve your essay writing skill and making your essay better. It has been proven to be thousands of students all over the world. Each of them has noticed that turning the essay into a masterpiece following these recommendations is easy and even a person who has no experience in writing can get benefits from it.

If you want to see how these strategies affect your writing and your grades we recommend you to follow them right now. It would be better to make use of all of them as the combination of these ways brings far noticeable results that usage of one or two of the strategies. So give them a try and enjoy your shiny essay!

Note: This is a guest post by Jake Lester. If you like to contribute to OnlineRockersHub, check our guidelines.

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