There is nothing permament except change – Heraclitus

True to the above saying, I have so many changes and updates to discuss with you in this income report. In spite of all those changes, there is something that doesn’t change.

That’s my monthly transparency report for you!

The main objective of this transparency report is not to show off my traffic and income. But, the real intention is to keep track of all the changes that occur as time progress. After so many years, one day, when I turn back to look, how I progressed, these reports to going to tell a big story. They will let me know, how many struggles that I have come across. And that matters the most.

Now, let’s move on to the latest updates.

Updated Advertising Options:

If you unaware of the advertising options at OnlineRockersHub, then I am pleased to explain you.

OnlineRockersHub is a blog to share Blogging Tips, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, WordPress etc. The revenue source of this blog is Sponsored Posts, Affiliate Marketing, and Google Adsense.

Though Affiliate Marketing contributes a decent sum of money, the major income comes from Sponsored Posts.

Apart from Sponsored Posts, I have two other advertising options, one is placing a banner at the sidebar and the other is blog contests and Giveaways.

So, who can advertise at OnlineRockersHub?

OnlineRockersHub is completely based on Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and Social Media Marketing. So, any company, who is offering a service or product on any of these niches can contact me for advertising.

What, if you want to promote a coupon/deal?

You might be aware, that I run a subdomain for coupons and deals, named ORH Coupons and Deals. You can contact me there, regarding coupons and deals.

What if you want to promote an educational program/ website?

Just like a subdomain for coupons and deals. I also have a subdomain for Science and Engineering, named Science Savvy. You can approach me there for advertising options on an educational program.

You are interested in advertising at OnlineRockersHub, but you wanted to know,

How can the payment be made?

I can accept Payments through,

If you want to pay me through any other payment processors, approach me regarding that. I will look in if I can create an account there.

For more details on the pricing, you can refer to my advertising page.

And coming to a common question,

Why my Guest Post is not being accepted at OnlineRockersHub?

I know, so many are interested in knowing the answer to this question. Because, I have rejected some posts this month, as they could not satisfy my requirements.

As I already mentioned in one of my previous income reports, I have set some guidelines for Guest Posts submission and I would strictly follow them to avoid low-quality contents being published on this site. (Low-quality content in the sense not suitable for this website niche).

I would like to remind my guest bloggers some guidelines,

  • Minimum 2000 words in mandatory:

I am interested in accepting guest posts with more than 2000 words. It comes out of my 2-year blogging experience. Only these kind of posts perform well on search engine. Also, my readers love lengthy posts.

  • A score of at least 70 in Flesch Reading Test:

I see most of the guest post submissions don’t even cross a score of 55. These kind of posts are highly difficult to read for non-native English readers. So, a score around 70 is important.

  • Don’t copy content:

Some of the submitted posts are copied randomly from other websites. Before accepting the post, I do check them for plagiarism. So, don’t waste your time by copying others content.

  • Irrelevant to my website:

I get some submissions talking briefly about business. I would like to inform my guest bloggers, my website is about Blogging. It has nothing to deal with Business. So, it would be weird if I post that on my website.

And, I regret rejecting all those blog posts. But, to be in this competitive SEO world, it’s important for me to stay with these guidelines.

Coming to my reading habit,

One Indian Girl:

One Indian Girl is another popular book by Chetan Bhagat. I love reading books from this guy. And coming to this book,

One Indian Girl, by Chetan Bhagat

It is about an Indian Girl, who takes the most important decision in her life, that deals with her marriage. It does talk high about feminism.

I don’t want to get deep into this topic on my blog. As a reminder, I am writing on an SEO blog. So, let’s don’t go off topic.

But, It is a wonderful book to read. I will recommend you to read this book.

Worth spending your time!

Moving to the talk of the town,

Google Auto Ads:

Google Auto Ads is the talk of the town now. It is the latest update from Google Adsense.

What’s so special with this Google Auto Ads?

Yes, it is very special. People who use Google Adsense for quite sometimes know, how difficult it is to work with ad placement. For creative placements, you must have some knowledge of CSS and HTML coding. Even after placing, the most irritating fact is that you get ads of low RPM.

You get frustrated up after seeing those low income.

Now, with Google Auto Ads, you just need to place only one Adsense code in the Header of your page and it takes care of the rest.

Earlier, only selected Adsense Users were given access to Native Ads. Now, with Google Auto Ads, everyone gets native ads.

Just place this one code, and Google will take care of the number of ads to be placed on each site, where these ads should be placed, the best type of ads depending upon the type of visitor’s device etc. The most important thing to consider is that Google will place the costliest ad. Thus you make more revenue.

I will share the improvements in my Adsense revenue in the next income report.

Now, let me come to the goals that I set the previous month.

Did I achieve my goals?

Here is a screenshot of the Goals that I posted last month.

Goals for February 2018

Let’s get into the performance.

1) Get New 50 Referring Domains:

As I opened my Ahrefs, all I could realize is that, by the end of February 2018, my referring domains for OnlineRockersHub domain is 120, which means that I made just 4 new referring domains.

I failed to reach this goal. I too realized that getting new domains to point towards your website is not so easy. You need to do a lot of work.

I have been trying to do them so far with Blog Commenting. But, it is a complicated task. Next, I am planning to go on with Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging.

2) Reach 5000 Pageviews:

Opening my Google Analytics account, I come to know that I just got 4366 page views in February 2018. I missed out my target by 644 page views. Not to forget, February has got only 28 days. If it had 3 more days, I would have even come close to reach this goal.

Thus I failed to reach both my goals for February 2018.

Leaving them aside, Let’s move on to Traffic Report.

Traffic Report for February 2018:

Here is the audience overview.

Audience Overview of OnlineRockersHub for February 2018

Comparing this with the previous report, I could notice a slight increase in bounce rate (from 28.43% to 30.63%). I should keep a note of this. Because bounce rate increase is a not a good sign.

And here is the traffic source.

Traffic Source of OnlineRockersHub for February 2018

It is good to see organic traffic from Google boosting up, (829 users to 873 users). But, this is not my expectation. I should be writing more number of blog posts to get more search engine traffic.

If you ever notice, I am making any SEO mistake, let me know in the comments section. I am always curious to learn new things.

Income & Expense Report for February 2018:

Let’s move to the income report.

Income Report February 2018:

Total Income: $51.95 (Approx ₹3384.28)

Expense Report:

  • ACT Fibernet (Internet Service Provider): ₹1114.82

Total Expense: $17.079 ( ₹1114.82)

This month has got a pretty good income. The majority of income comes from Affiliate Marketing. And luckily, I get these affiliate sales under affiliate marketplaces like Cuelinks and ShareASale.

The benefit of getting affiliate sales under these sites is that you can reach the payment threshold faster, as you have many programs under them. So, you can get the payment faster, than sales under single affiliate site.

Setting goals will show my progress. So, I am going to set goals for the next month, even though I couldn’t reach my goals for the previous month.

Goals for March 2018:

1) Get 200 New Backlinks:

As I already mentioned, I own a coupons and deals site, named ORH Coupons and Deals. I consider this coupons site as the biggest earning potential. But, all it needs now is my attention to build it up. This site lacks proper SEO and Link Building. So, I decided to build backlinks for this site.

My Ahrefs account shows that this subdomain has 88 backlinks at the beginning of March 2018 By, the end of this March 2018, I need to reach 288 backlinks. I prefer going on with Blog Commenting. But, Blogger Outreach will also help me now. Guest Blogging is too difficult now.

2) Rank for 100 new Keywords:

By the end of February 2018, the Coupons subdomain is indexed for just 19 keywords. I need to rank them for 100 new keywords, so by the end of this month, it should be 119 keywords. This is a highly difficult task. But, I try my best.

And, here comes,

Surprise! Surprise! And Surprise!

It’s going to be 2 years since I started OnlineRockersHub. By April 9, 2018, it’s the second anniversary of OnlineRockersHub.

So, shall we do something interesting?

My readers are my biggest strength in Blogging.

They helped me build this OnlineRockersHub. I don’t have a big list of followers, just a little, but very supportive.I wanted to thank my followers, just not with words, but with something useful, something that could help them.

Hence, I came up with an idea of Giveaway. But, what do I have to offer my readers? I am already sharing everything that I know, through blog posts. What else could I offer? I don’t even have anything for sale.

Then, I came up with a sponsor. Thanks to PearlMountain Limited. They offered me 3 FotoJet Plus accounts for 1 year, worth $120.

One hundred and twenty dollars?

That’s huge for me!

But, it is going to be definitely an awesome gift for my followers.

In exchange, I agreed to them for a sponsored review, which I would be sending them near soon.

If you were following me for a long time, you might remember this is not the first giveaway that I am conducting. I already did one, a long ago.

But, the prize was worth just $9.99 at that time. Not, it is $120. Almost, 12 times the previous.

Coming back to the topic,

I have set up the FotoJet Plus Giveaway with Gleam. (Try Gleam for Giveaways, they make the work so simple).

FotoJet Plus Giveaway

I have set some guidelines too. I would follow them strictly. And, I would announce the winners on the next income report.

So, don’t miss this chance,

Participate in this Giveaway today and get a chance to win FotoJet Plus membership.

The more entries you make, the more chance you have to win the prize.

Best of Luck!

Wrapping Up:

That’s the end of this transparency report. As a quick recap,

I have updated my Advertising options at OnlineRockersHub. So, if you are interested in advertising here, contact me.

I would follow my Guest Blogging guidelines strictly. So, I request guest bloggers to follow them to avoid getting their article rejected.

Coming to book reading habit, I finished “One Indian Girl”, a book by Chetan Bhagat. Hope, I will finish one more book this month.

Google Auto Ads, being the talk of the publishers, is expected to boost the income of Adsense publishers. Hence, I installed it at OnlineRockersHub too. So, if you find anything ads annoying, curse Google for it. And, let me know about the reader’s experience with this ads. So that, I would see, what I can do.

Coming to monthly goals, I failed to achieve both the goals of last month. Don’t give up Nirmal! And so, I set two more goals to accomplish.

Last but not the least, a Giveaway worth $120 to OnlineRockersHub Readers. I am not sure when I will be able to conduct my next Giveaway, so make use of this one.

That’s it. You need to wait for one more month for the next income report.

Until then, its Bye from Nirmal!

And don’t forget to share this on social media.

Here are my latest income reports to check for new updates:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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