Does anybody even make money on Instagram?

Really? do come on board!

I will show you some cool guys that are making real dosh on their sites using Instagram hacks.

Not just that, in this post, we are going to explore what they do – and how to turn your e-commerce site to a sales machine with your Instagram referral visitors.

Does anybody make money on Instagram?

Does anybody make even serious money on Instagram

1) Justing Wong of So Aesthetic makes roughly $12,000 from his Instagram audience.

What did he do?

He posts nice quality pictures of men’s grooming products that thrill his audience, gets them on his site and converts them to sales.

Justing Wong of So Aesthetic makes roughly $12,000 from his Instagram audience

Now, a good percent of his audience that sees his posts, go over to his profile and click over to his blog’s landing page.

No, that’s not all!

2) Theresa Nguyen of radslimeshop is also made some dosh here – thousands of dollars a month.

What did she do?

Simple: She takes pictures of slimes with her smartphones, posts them on her Instagram profile.

Theresa Nguyen of radslimeshop is also made some dosh here - thousands of dollars a month

Most of the people who visit her profile are instructed to visit her blog where she converts them to buyers.

Now, granted that you can make some real money promoting your e-commerce site on Instagram.

But how?

Now, before you start flicking your camera and uploading pictures like the Ipman does his stunts. You should read these three necessary Instagram hacks.

STEP 1: Set up your Instagram business account

The first thing you want to take note is your Instagram profile.

Your profile alone determines weather visitor to your Instagram page chooses to follow your profile or call you a bore and jump off like a Springbok. Here are the steps…

i. Create a compelling bio

Firstly, your bet is come up with something compelling, fun and straight to the point.

Here’s what a compelling Instagram bio looks like:

Instagram bio of Rebecaa Bollwitt

Within that short space, Rebecca outlines:

  • Who she is and what she does
  • Her accomplishments
  • Her personality

Besides that, she also gave a compelling reason for her profile visitors to trust her brands – by assuring them that all the pictures on her Instagram accounts were 100% hers.

Steps to writing a compelling Instagram bio

1) Be straight to the point:

A study by sprout social suggests that the word count for your Instagram profile should not exceed 150 characters. Using bio, your major goal is to tell your profile visitors:

  • Your personality
  • Your accomplishments – Why your account is worth following
  • Your brand trust

That’s a lot to fit into that short space, with too much of words, you can be sure you already lost their focus.

2) Keywords in profile

Including business keywords in your Instagram profiles gives you more reach and opportunities for more people to locate your profile from Instagram search.

3) Clear call to Action

Unlike Twitter, Instagram is basically a photo sharing medium.

Imagine: You’ve just shared your lovely pictures of women sneaker. They loved the pictures and they even clicked over to your profile to see more.

But wait! these guys hardly care how lovely your sneaker site is. You want them to see that? Then you ‘ve got to tell them.

Radslime Instragram bio

STEP 2: Increase your Instagram following

To succeed in any form of marketing, you need the audience.

It’s simple: To make any serious sales promoting your e-commerce site on your Instagram profile, you need a good and targeted following.

Now, let’s face it, if you’re are not a celebrity, you probably don’t have a ton of following on Instagram.

So, how do you build your Instagram following?

1) Hashtagify your posts

Now, if you post a picture on your Instagram profile, you expect that picture to be seen by a couple of your Instagram followers.

Oh yes, Just your followers Tom!

Now, what happens if you’ve got a couple of hundred followers? You obviously don’t expect much engagements: likes or even profile visits.

But hey, you can still spike your reach just by using relevant hashtags for your post captions.

But there’re some rules:

  • Your hashtags must be related to your niche – or else, you end up attracting the wrong audience and your engagement would suck
  • Stick to a maximum of 10 – 20 hashtags for a post.

Instagram does allow up to 30 hashtags for a post, but you don’t really have to go that far – or else you may risk your account being shadow-banned.

2) Spike your reach with Influence induction

Now, this is one key method of growing your social following – not just your Instagram.

How does it work?

To get your profile seen and spike your following, then you must link up.

But how?

  • Reach out to similar accounts in your niche, volunteer to promote their profiles on yours in exchange for a shout out.
  • Connect with influencers, offer them some of your products in exchange for their recommendation.
  • Connect with influencers and offer to pay them in exchange for their recommendation.

3) Use psychology of social sharing

Wait a bit:

Imagine: you just log in twitter, see an image pop up and all of a sudden hit heavily on the retweet button – without a second thought!

Here is it:

The post was either funny, plainly emotional or just weird! Now, that’s called the psychology of social sharing!

According to OKDorks, contents that poke on people’s awe emotion have 25% higher chance of getting viral.

A study made on popular Emoticons by OKDorks

So, how does it affect your Instagram and e-commerce site strategy?

To spike your reach, get more mentions and gain followings and spike your Instagram referral visitors to your site:

Poke your audience to actions by posting pictures and contents that trigger any of these human emotions:

  • Awe
  • Amusement
  • Laughter
  • Empathy
  • Surprise

4) Get down on your Instagram analytics

Tracking your Instagram analytics gives you insights to measure the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing.

Specifically, Instagram analytics gives you insights on:

  • Total impressions vs the previous week
  • Posts with the highest impressions
  • The Time when most of your followers are on Instagram
  • Your followers’ demographics

Now, why do they even matter to your e-commerce site?

a. Total Profile impressions vs the previous week:

Tells you the progress of your Instagram marketing campaigns. The more impressions you have, the more click-through you can expect to your site or landing page.

Instagram Insights dashboard

b. Posts with highest engagements:

Tells you the type of contents that resonates best with your Instagram audience.

Instagram Insights dashboard showing top posts

c. The time when most of your followers are on Instagram:

Tells you the best time to post your contents – to guarantee the highest clicks over to your profile and your site

Instagram insights dashboard showing followers active time

Followers’ demography: This tells you the type of products you can pitch to them on your landing page

5) Spike your reach with Instagram ads:

Now, if you ‘re yet to think of it, an Instagram ad. is a direct way to quickly build your Instagram followings.

Okay, I get the looks and of course, an Instagram ad. does cost some bucks.

But think of it!

The audience that your site build becomes yours thereafter and you can repeatedly promote your contents to them over and over again.


STEP 3: Optimize your site for conversion.

Here’s a snitch:

You just got a ton of white balls landing on your site from Instagram. Now, what happens next?

That question is more important than the rest of the post so far.

But hey:

It’s either they end up converting to sales on landing or snooze their faces and bounce off like a baseball. There’s no middle ground!

But how do you convert your Instagram site visitors to sales?

Simple: Optimize your landing page! Now conversion optimization is a broad topic on its own, but I will outline some steps you can quickly take…

a. Utilize the power of social proof

Social proof can be in the form of recommendations from influencers in your niche or a batch from some of the sites your brand has been featured in.

Figleaves, the e-commerce store had more than 30 percent sales conversion just by implementing social proofs.

b. The lift model:

To convert your Instagram visitors to sales, your landing page must be designed and optimized for conversion – The list model of conversion.

The lift model to convert your instagram stories to sales


1) What’s your value proposition

Tell them why they should buy from your store and not from your – probably bigger competitor

Here it is: If you sell kids’ wears. Give them a reason to purchase from your store – not from Walmart.

2) Your sales relevance

Now, this is clearly a simple. If you post men’s socks on your Instagram feeds, then don’t expect your Instagram visitors to make purchases when they get on your landing page and find the sweetest lollipops.

Yes! lollipop is sweet – but it’s not relevant to your Instagram audience.

3) Create Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency on your e-commerce site – or even landing page helps to set your visitors in an instant mood to purchase against a deadline.

A commonly used instance of a CTA that utilizes the psychology of urgency is: Buy Now button.

4) Finally

Get rid of the distraction

Distractions on your e-commerce site or landing page distract your visitors from your CTA

Here’s what I mean:

If your aim is to get sales on your landing page, then you’ve got to give them that single GIANT button only: BUY

Wrapping up:

Try these Instagram hacks and let me know how it worked in the comments section. And do share this article on share media.

Note: This is a guest post by Ige Lewis. If you too have a valuable content, then you can contribute to OnlineRockersHub.

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