Linkedin may not be the best place to go and learn what your friends did last night, or see what Kim Kardashian is up to (hopefully not getting another divorce), but it does allow you to look around at other professionals profiles, connect with people you have worked with, and post blogs and other publications. In simple terms, it’s Facebook for businesses. Should your business be on Linkedin? Absolutely. Why?

  • It is yet another way prospective customers can find your business. Linkedin ranks well with Google.
  • The links to your site on Linkedin are Do Follow. Why not get yourself a little link juice?
  • You can outline your top ten lists products/services and link to relevant parts of your website.
  • Your staff members will be listed as part of the company. It gives a nice personal feel to the company when you see who works there.

Now that we have cleared up why your company should be on Linkedin, and you’ve made your profile, we can jump into the nitty gritty optimization techniques.

LinkedIn Strategy for your Business

Look Before You Leap

A classic mistake people make is the lack of planning into internal marketing activity. Most of the time companies are so focused on sales, they tend to forget that without an internal marketing strategy they are potentially missing out on new leads. So before putting in any information to your Linkedin profile (or before optimizing if you have already created your account), have a think.

What do you want to communicate to people that land on your profile?

Surely you want to sell your company as the best at what it does. Make sure you have a compelling copy, no spelling/grammar mistakes, and a well thought out structure. Ensure it matches your brand personalized too. It can get very confusing for potential customers if your branding is inconsistent across different channels.

Add a personal touch

If you are a large company, one of the biggest causes of customer angst is the lack of knowledge of the way the company works, and what their motives are. People tend to fear large faceless corporations. Linkedin (and all other Social Media sites) allows you to bypass this, and give your company not just one face, but many.

Employee Reviews

For example, if Greg in accounts has a Linkedin profile you can see what he does. If Bridget is the Head of Sales you’ll know about it. Straight away you know more about the company than you ever thought was possible. Encourage people in your company to create, and update their profiles regularly.  If for example, you were trying to win a big client, what better way for them to see what they will be getting than to look at the profiles of all your staff and see their experience and skills.

Post. Post. Post

Linkedin is for professionals. These people like to read blogs or articles. If your company is writing interesting content on a regular basis, post it on Linkedin. If you are using RSS you can set it up so it posts all new articles automatically. These articles will appear in the newsfeed of users following your company, and on your company profile page. It is useful collateral to have on your profile, as it adds credibility to your company. Nothing looks more compelling than a company who has an integrated network of information, blogs, articles, and other collateral.

Wrapping Up

Now your LinkedIn Social Media page should be well optimized and be looking good. Remember, continue to push customer interaction with comments, questions, and Social Media Campaigns. Enjoy

Note: This LinkedIn strategy is a guest post by Mary Winston. You can also contribute to OnlineRockersHub if you have a good content.

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