I love to be transparent in sharing traffic and income each and every month. I am sharing a transparency report for the seventh month in a row. My traffic and earnings have a lot of ups and downs. I never feel bad about sharing the poor earnings stats of my website.

Because I believe that these bad stats are the key to growth. These are the ones filled with a lot of lessons for success. They will be useful and be proof of a struggle not only for myself but also for everyone who wishes to become a blogger.

Let’s get into the transparency report for May 2017.


1 year of WordPress:

By 23rd May 2017, OnlineRockersHub completed it’s one year of WordPress usage. I received a greeting from WordPress.com. You can check the screenshot of the greeting below.

1 year of WordPress - Happy Aniversary wtih WordPerss.com

During this one year of using WordPress, I learned a lot from my mistakes. I will try to share a lot of WordPress tricks in my upcoming posts. But now, you can check some of my old WordPress tutorials and guides:

  1. How to install WordPress in Namecheap within a minute?
  2. Guide to setup Facebook Instant articles for your WordPress site?
  3. How to install a WordPress plugin?
  4. Best Magazine themes for WordPress site.
  5. WordPress Kupon theme review

Traffic Reports Collection:


Here is the Audience Overview of OnlineRockersHub for May 2017.

OnlineRockersHub Audience overview for May 2017

This month OnlineRockersHub saw a huge boost in its traffic. The pageviews increased by 44.42%. I hope this will continue in the upcoming months too.

Here is the traffic source of OnlineRockersHub.

OnlineRockersHub Traffic Source for May 2017

It was interesting to notice that the major traffic came from Google’s Search Engine. Google’s organic traffic rose by 74.55% when compared to April 2017.

The other traffic sources were also surprising. Traffic came big social networks like Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Quora. If you haven’t connected with OnlineRockersHub on social media, it’s time to connect.


Check the Audience Overview of QuestionUs

QuestionUs Audience Overview for May 2017

QuestionUs traffic has also started to grow. Its traffic grew by 117% compared to April 2017.

For also those new readers, QuestIonUs is the official forum of OnlineRockersHub. You can discuss topics like Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation, Domain and Hosting, Mechanical etc.

Just make sure that you post your query. Your query will be answered as soon as possible.

Also, I am looking for some forum moderators. Interested people can take a look at this page.

Let’s have a look at the traffic source of QuestionUs.

QuestionUs Traffic source for May 2017

ORH Coupons and Deals:

Here comes the audience overview of ORH Coupons and Deals.

ORH Coupons and deals Audience Overview

Just like my other websites, this one also saw traffic rise up by 120%.

Here is the traffic source for ORH Coupons and Deals

ORH Coupons and deals Traffic source for May 2017

It is interesting to see that this new website which is hardly one and half months old is getting organic traffic.

But, at the same time, you must also keep in this coupons and deals site has a total of 1561 deals.

During the recent Amazon Great Indian Sale, I added more than 1000 deals.

Income and Expense Reports:

Income Report:

The following income gave me some great set of lessons:

Total Income: $5.73 ( Approx ₹ 369.38)

Expense Report:

Total Expense: $38.88 ( ₹ 2609.51)


The income was very poor when compared to the previous report period, which made about $33.92. During the latest report period, a major sum of income came from Sponsored Posts.

Analyzing the income for this month, I was able to understand:

  • The income of a website is not directly related to the traffic a website gets
  • Google Adsense gives a more steady income when compared to Affiliate Marketing
  • Making an affiliate sale doesn’t yield the high sum of income. What matters is that the number of affiliate sales made.
  • Depending upon only one income source is a complete risk.

On the other side, traffic reached new heights. This happened mainly after I started using SEMRush effectively. I will also suggest you get a free account at SEMRush and increase your Organic traffic just like I did.

If you have any suggestions to increase my income, let me know in the comments section

Here are some of my latest income reports for you to check:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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