Everyone loves reading blogs and money of course, but many of us write interesting blogs, just for fun and we also have a great list of followers too. However, you know you can monetize your blog and earn good amount of money because you have great followers who follow and read your blogs and they also have different needs and demand in their life they want to purchase, learn, consult etc.

There are plenty of things they want to spend money on. So why not you avail this opportunity and earn some good amount of money.

Some of us also know these tricks and tips of earning money through their blogs but they often give up because they are lacking patience, well I would suggest you not to give up because it takes little effort and time to build a proper website and then you can make good money.

Depending upon your website type, the techniques here I am going to mention you can be implemented accordingly. But don’t give up and get discouraged keep trying these techniques and you will make good cash. Before we move to technique first few things you want to improve your web page or blog site is to make it more appropriate, an appropriate looking web page will look more appealing to your valuable blog readers.

After building a proper website select your valuable niche, in this you have to specifically choose the subjective areas of your blogging this will build more interest in your valuable readers. Now create interesting and amazing contents for your website.

There are plenty of way for creating interesting and attention grabbing contents for your reader audience and from your interesting content they will read and receive the value of your website so make it more fantastic.

And in the last of fundamentals, you should cultivate your loyalty and never lose your loyal audience. Announce prizes and rewards for your active audience, keep them happy and amusing. Once you have high trafficking blogs and followers now it’s time to use monetizing techniques on your web page for earning money. Here are those blog monetizing techniques.

11 ways to monetize blog:

1) Marketing Endorsement:

marketing endorsement

Many of the production organizations look for such big audience follower’s blogging pages where they can endorse their products to the customers. Marketing endorsement is the most popular way of monetizing your web page. You know you have a great audience, now you can affiliate the product endorsement and put the link of the product on your page if the customer is interested they will click on the page and from that click, you will earn money from the organization.

2) Google Adsense:

Google Adsense Transparent logo

Google AdSense is the easiest way of monetizing, we all have Google account right now what you have to do is just activate the Google AdSense from your account and get approved for your website. Once you have been approved, Google AdSense will have its code on your page and analyze the data, after analyzing it Google will automatically post the relevant ads on your web page and now you can earn money per click from 1$ to 5$ depends on the value.

3) In-Text Advertisement:

In-text advertisement

This type of advertisement is done by the bloggers in the articles. You have to write about the advertisement in text and create the hyperlink of that text. If the reader is interested they will click on it and you can earn money per click. Although you just can’t put a link to anything, you have to get affiliation of the advertisement by signing it to provider’s account that provides such specific advertisement to be published.

4) Text Advertisement:

Text Advertisement

Text advertisement is general text advertisement e.g. example sometimes you just visit pages and text pop up in front of you about the product of any other services. Text advertisement is also good for forums where people like discussions and you can affiliate such advertisement on your page by providers and write an advertisement for them.

5) Widgets:

Advertisements in Widget

In the time of creating your web pages, you can add advertisement widgets into your page where you can publish different ads by the affiliation of the providers. This method of advertisement is quite new so avail it before it gets boring because the audience will click on it curiously due to interesting words, design, and logos on the widget and you will get paid for click and commission on the sales of the product too.

6) Audio Advertisement:

Audio advertisement is one way to earn money by blogging

Audio advertisement is the best because, when any follower enters into your page, they will listen to the audio advertisement. This method is great because your follower will automatically listen to the advertisement just like short radio advertisement. And you can earn up to $5 to 10 $ over clicks and commission.

7) Selling Your Own Product:

online shop - sell your products online

If you have interesting business ideas then start selling your own product on your web page. This method can lead to the creation of your on business for example if you make handicrafts, or any DIY gifts then advertised it on your page. People are crazy out there looking for such interesting things. And you can have direct contact with your customer who will purchase your things. And you can make money out of it.

8) Sell Your Templates:

Earn money through blogging by selling templates

If you are good at making software templates then start selling it on your web page there is a lot of demand for templates and theme in the software market. There are many official websites who sell this theme very expensively but you can compete with them in their market and you can sell single theme of 5 to 10 bucks.

9) Write An Ebook:

Earn money through blogging by writing eBooks

Although you are a good writer that’s why you have a great following of people who read your blogs and articles.But why not, write your own book probably EBook for Kindle, if you are a creative or fictional person then just start writing your story and sell it on Kindle or EBook online.Surely your follower will buy that EBook and you will make good amount of money.

10) Teaching Programs:

Earn money with your blog by teaching online

Start your teaching classes online, people are looking for someone who can teach them online and help them in their educational problems but they don’t have time to visit schools. So start your E-learning course online. You can make a really good money in short courses programs and even you can pursue this as a business in your future.

11) Paid Reviews:

Earn money through your blog by paid reviews

We know, Yes, you are an amazing blogger and you can write. Now you can also make money from writing reviews about fashion, products, about the recent books and technology. People love to read reviews and you can make earn good amount of money from the business providers for writing positive reviews about their product and services this will increase their sales and yours too.

It’s your turn:

These are the 11 popular ways to make money out of your blog. Share your views in the comments section.

Note: This is a guest post by Catherine Daisy. You can contribute to OnlineRockersHub here.

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