The first half of this year 2017 has come to an end. Now, it’s time for the second half to begin with. Today, I would go on with the transparency report for June 2017.

GST on the action:

If you are from India, you would have probably heard about the GST ( Goods and Service Tax) comes into effect from July 1st, 2017. However, bloggers and affiliate marketers like me are left into the stage of confusion, as proper instructions and clarifications are not given till now.

However, one thing is clear that Google Adsense income doesn’t come under GST, which is a great relief for all small bloggers.

A few more months have to pass by to understand more about, how this is going to affect every individual blogger.

GST precaution: Temporarily removed our eBooks:

GST is applicable for all Goods and services. This is applicable for the eBooks being sold online through Amazon Kindle, Gumroad, Instamojo etc. At OnlineRockersHub, I had only two eBooks. And, both these eBooks needs some updates.

So, I thought I would temporarily remove the eBooks section of our site.

Don’t worry! They will be back again!

New homepage template for OnlineRockersHub:

This June, I spent some time with coding my homepage. You can check our homepage.

Homepage of OnlineRockersHub

I know, the design looks so simple. But, the effect of having a simple homepage design is very much necessary. They reduced the page size by more than 1 Mb. This gave me a great boost in the page speed.

OnlineRockersHub pingdom page speed result

Also, I removed a lot of unwanted javascript and CSS files. This will make sure that OnlineRockersHub will load a lot faster and better reading experience.

I still look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

New Laptop:

Just ahead of GST, I played a safe game of purchasing an awesome laptop, that is robust. I purchased HP 15-BE002TX 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i5 6th Gen/8GB/1TB/Windows 10 Home/2GB Graphics), Turbo Silver from Amazon.

This is the product image from Amazon.

HP 15-BE002TX 15.6-inch Laptop (Core i5 6th Gen8GB1TBWindows 10 Home2GB Graphics), Turbo Silver

I simply love this laptop. It works a hundred times faster than my previous laptop. And, not to forget, HP maintained it’s stylish product finish.

You can also buy this awesome laptop at Amazon.

Traffic Reports for June 2017:

Let’s dive into the traffic reports.


Here is the audience overview of OnlineRockersHub.

OnlineRockersHub audience overview for june 2017

Comparing to the previous report period (May 2017), the page views increased by around 200. The average session duration decreased

The average session duration decreased and bounce rate increased. I guess the main reason for this is that blog posts weren’t published during the end of the month.

So, I expect this would change in the upcoming month.

Now, let’s look at the traffic source.

OnlineRockersHub traffic source for june 2017

The organic traffic session increased by 82 when compared to the previous month. This is a great sign that my SEO methods work fine. I expect them to increase further in the upcoming months.

I will also share my SEO tricks soon.


Check the audience overview of QuestionUs.

QuestionUs audience overview for june 2017

QuestionUs just faced a traffic loss compared to the previous month. I am planning to redesign QuestionUs, something similar to OnlineRockersHub so that the forum members will have a better experience.

I will make sure that this happens soon.

Here is the traffic source of QuestionUs.

Questionus traffic source for june 2017

ORH Coupons and Deals:

I have recently created a Facebook page for ORH Coupons and deals. This page will let the audience know the latest deals instantly.

Apart from this, I made some changes to the theme of this subdomain. I hope you would like this.

Unfortunately, during these changes and editing work, I accidentally deleted Google Analytics tracking code. I didn’t notice that until today, I opened my analytics for taking a screenshot so that I could add them to this post.

That’s not an issue.

I have an alternative.

I have Jetpack traffic stats. Here are the jetpack traffic stats for ORH Coupons and Deals.

ORH Coupons and deals jetpack stats for june 2017

More coupons and deals will be available on the site soon.

Income and Expense Report for June 2017:

Income Report:

Total Income: $ 71.9 ( Approx ₹ 4647.62)

Expense Report:

No expense for this month. As the laptop came out from my personal savings.

What’s Next:

I am very happy with the earnings of this month. My last month’s earnings were just $5.73. This just denotes that there isn’t a steady income for OnlineRockersHub as of now.

I need to focus on maintaining a steady income. Also, to further build both the subdomains.

If possible, I will post more youtube videos during this July.

Here are some of my recent income reports for you to check:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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