Welcome to the end of a business year in India, or you can simply call it as the beginning of April. I will be covering up few updates from OnlineRockersHub during March in this post.

Redesigned Homepage of OnlineRockersHub:

During March, I just redesigned the homepage of OnlineRockersHub. Here is a screenshot of the homepage.

Redesigned HomePage of OnlineRockersHub

I made all these changes with the help of Elementor page builder plugin. It’s an easy drag and drop builder available for WordPress and the most important one is that it’s free.

Redesigned Sidebar designs:

Also, I played some time with CSS on my sidebars to make it look attractive. Here is a screenshot of the sidebar.

ORH Monthly Traffic and Income Report - March 2017 Edition 1

(Aww… I understand your thought. I could have directly asked you to look at the sidebar. But this screenshot is for my readers reading right now on social media).

Traffic Reports for March 2017:

Here is the audience overview of OnlineRockersHub for this period.

Audience overview of OnlineRockersHub for March 2017

Considering the previous month ( February 2017), I am able to see a 12.4% rise in the page views. Thus the traffic of OnlineRockersHub has started growing.

And the pie chart representing the new visitors and returning visitors is very solid. New visitors sessions are 80%, whereas the returning visitor’s sessions are 20%.

And the bounce rate is still in control ( 70.68%). Our website redesign is one of the reasons for this in control bounce rate.

Here is a screenshot of the Traffic source of OnlineRockersHub for this period.

Traffic Source of OnlineRockersHub for March 2017


Organic traffic and WordPress forums are contributing a lot of traffic. Stumbleupon traffic has gone down. Might be because of the less number of new posts this month.

It was interesting to notice Flipboard traffic. Did you realize that I am on Flipboard?

Have a look at the list of magazines available at my Flipboard profile.

A warm welcome to QuestionUs Traffic Reports:

This is the first time, that I am writing about QuestionUs Traffic Reports. If you haven’t been to QuestionUs, try a discussion at that forum.

The following is the traffic overview of QuestionUs forum.

Audience overview of QuestionUs for March 2017

QuestionUs is still in the growing stage. And the traffic is not continuous. I will try to pick up the traffic in the upcoming months.

Income and Expense Reports for March 2017:

Income Reports:

The income of OnlineRockersHub has always been worse. Still not able to hit the expectations.

Total Income: 7.89$ ( Approx ₹ 511.32)

Expense Reports:

This month, we had an expense of renewing OnlineRockersHub domain.

  • OnlineRockersHub Domain Renewal: 12.89$

Total Expense 12.89$ ( Approx ₹ 835.36)

I had been saving up for the past few months for this renewal.


That’s it. We have come to the end of this income report. Thanks for reading this with patience. You can send me your suggestions and feedback on improving OnlineRockersHub. You can mail me at admin@onlinerockershub.com

Here are some of my recent income reports for you to read:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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