Why am I posting Neobux Payment Proofs?

I have been using Neobux for more than 3 years. Though I am not an active user of Neobux, I have earned some small amount from it. I spent some money on rented referrals without proper planning and wasted money. But, in the end, all I understood is that direct referrals are the best way to make money out of Neobux.

If you ever have a doubt, if Neobux is a scam site or a legit site? Then, I want to show you something. I have made two payouts from Neobux till now.

I want to show you these payment proofs so that you will know about Neobux

Update: This article was originally posted on October 11, 2017, and was last updated with all payment proofs till February 21, 2019.

My Neobux Payment Proofs:

Payment on 26th March 2016 – $2.76:

Neobux payment proof through Payza

Payment on 11th October 2017 – $3:

Neobux Payment Proof - October 2017

Total Payments received from Neobux: $5.76

Avoid my mistake: Start making Neobux Direct Referrals:

As I mentioned earlier, I wasted money by spending on Neobux Rented Referrals. Because the return on Investment for the Rented Referrals is not so good. Also, you will find it difficult to manage your rented referrals every day.

But, if you choose Neobux Direct Referrals, they might not worry about managing your referrals. Also, the return on Investment for Direct Referrals is good. Because you don’t need to spend any amount on getting these referrals.

10 ways to get Neobux Direct Referrals

Wrapping up:

I do accept my payments are less from Neobux. But, Neobux is a legit paying site. So, if you want to start to earn something online, Neobux is a safe place to start out.

You won’t believe that I received payment from Neobux within a minute when I requested. Because they had the Payza Payment Processor at the time, I made the payouts. Now, Payza has been removed as the payment processor. Skrill and Neteller are currently used for Processing Payments. So, I am not sure about the speed of the payments now.

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Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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