I have been using Neobux for more than a year. I have earned some small amount from it. I spent some money in rented referrals without proper planning and wasted it. But, at the end, all I understood is that direct referrals are the best way to make money out of Neobux.

If you ever have a doubt, if Neobux is a scam site or legit site? Then, I want to show you something. I have made two payouts from Neobux till now.

I want to show you these payment proofs so that you will know about Neobux.

My Neobux Payment Proofs:

Payment on 26th March 2016 – $2.76:

Neobux payment proof through Payza

Payment on 11th October 2017 – $3:

Neobux Payment Proof - October 2017

Total Payments received from Neobux: $5.76

Wrapping up:

I do accept my payments are less from Neobux. But, Neobux is a legit paying site. So, if you want to start to earn something online, Neobux is a safe place to start out.

You won’t believe that I received payment from Neobux within a minute when I requested. Yes, you have instant payment facility for Payza payments.

So, If you haven’t joined Neobux till now, signup here ( You will be my referral, and I will earn a very very small commission from you).

What do you think about Neobux? Answer in the comments section below.

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