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As being the admin of the site OnlineRockersHub, I am very happy to present you my blog. I started this website with an intention to produce good quality educational posts, money making ideas, LMES videos, shopping deals, blogging tips, WordPress guides, Social Media Marketing tips, Search Engine Optimisation guides etc.

I am also interested in writing topics which my readers want. This website is dedicated to the content requested by my readers. Let me know the topics you need, in the comments section. I will post it as soon as possible.

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I want many good quality bloggers to emerge. So, I would allow the interested people to write guest posts on OnlineRockersHub. You just need to read the rules and regulations for guest blogging and then start writing for OnlineRockersHub.

By writing at OnlineRockersHub, you can show your online presence to a wide range of audience. Also, you can get a quality no follow link back to your site.

The inspiration that gave me ideas to try out new things:

I am very much inspired by one of the top tech bloggers of India. He is Harsh Agarwal. He is the admin of Shoutmeloud. You might be aware of him and his blogging sites. Because he is too popular. He gives a lot of blogging tips and he is well known for his income reports. He posts his blogging income very transparently.

His transparency in blogging motivated me to post income reports of OnlineRockersHub. I am posting income reports each and every month.

These income reports are just not about transparency. But, also they help me to analyze the growth of this site.

Keep in touch with me at 24 x 7:

Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet. ~ Kevin Stirtz

True to the above quote, the success of a business depends on its customer service. So, I always want to keep in touch with my blog readers.

You can contact me instantly through social media or use the contact form at the right bottom of your screen. You can push a mail to me at admin@onlinerockershub.com

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Everyone loves to shop online because you have a lot of comforts sitting at your home and purchasing. And, if you get some good offers for your most awaiting product, then it’s a Double Treat.

I take this pleasure to offer many exciting deals and coupons at this website. You can activate those deals and enjoy your shopping at your favorite merchant.

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What is an advertisement?

For all those who wonder how do I advertise on this website, I will explain briefly. You could have noticed banners on the sidebar, top, middle and at the bottom of posts. These advertisements are placed by Google Adsense, TheOneNetworks and Adsoptimal. I also sell my ad slots to various top quality service providers.

Apart from selling banners, I also like to take up sponsored posts, run giveaways etc. If you are an advertiser, who offers service related to content offered at OnlineRockersHub, I would like to conduct campaigns for it. You can approach me.

If you are one of those service providers, who wish to place ads on our site and get leads, then you will have to take a look at this,


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Even though social media started to find important places in our lives, the traditional email subscription is still the best.

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