Do you want to get more people to go to your website? No matter if your aim is to entertain, inform readers, or sell, you have to craft better blog posts. With online tools and the right plugins, you can create sparkling content that is worth sharing.

Best Online Tools for Writers

Having the best ones at your fingertips can really make a difference. Stop for a moment to take a look at our list of recommendations. They are the best ones out there. As you can imagine, online tools and plugins will make your life a lot easier. 


Canva offers access to millions of photos, graphics, and fonts. The exhaustive photo library accommodates numerous subjects and themes, such as abstract images, people, landscapes, animals, etc. After you’ve identified the perfect image, all you have to do is drag it over to your design. With Canva, you can create beautiful images for your posts in a matter of seconds.

The graphic-design tool uses a drag-and-drop format that allows you to easily design headers or posters and customize them to your specifications. Given that having eye-pleasing pictures is essential nowadays, Canva will really come in handy. To use the full features directly in the edit screen of a page, add the Canva WordPress plugin. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 1

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best and most popular software components. What it does is make the pages of the website search engine-friendly. You can add titles and meta descriptions, set target keywords, manage sitemaps, etc. There are also advanced options that are hidden from the view:

  • Breadcrumbs – Adding breadcrumbs is no longer a long, manual process. With this plugin, you can add breadcrumbs to your site, which are an invaluable form of navigation 
  • Permalinks – you can make changes to the permalink structure. Eliminate the category base slug from category URLs or determine how frequently you want Yoast SEO to clean up the permalinks
  • RSS – You are able to control the content of the RSS feed. Basically, you can edit the RSS feed on the WordPress site and curate content. 

Yoast SEO is practically a content optimization suite with extra functionality. Yoast SEO plugin can be installed on any self-hosted WordPress site. The best thing of all is that it’s completely free to use. If you use the premium plugin, however, you can deploy the internal linking tool, which makes linking suggestions for other posts. When you write engaging content for SEO, you’ll find the ideal cornerstone article to link to.

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 2


Google Analytics offers startling insight into how users find and use your WordPress site. Thanks to MonsterInsights, you can add, personalize, and manage the Google Analytics website tracking services. What is more, you can view the top content, referral source, most profitable pages, and so on and so forth.

Install the plugin and access the analytics report from the metrics dashboard in the WordPress admin. Just so you know, you can set up complex implementations in a few seconds. That’s because MonsterInsights does all the hard work. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 3

Revive Old Posts

The former Tweet Old Post is a tool that keeps old posts alive. How so? By enabling you to automatically share old posts on social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If you are writing content that is always relevant, you might as well use Revive Old Posts.

In the menu designated at Revive Old Posts, go to the Accounts tab and click on the social media profiles you want to connect to the website. You can define the minimum and maximum age for the posts that you share and, most importantly, draw traffic to your WordPress site. With Revive Old Posts, you can:

  • Use hashtags for your brand
  • Exclude specific posts 
  • Share images and video 

What you can do with this neat tool is to revive old posts that will result in increased website traffic, comments, and social shares. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 4


Grammarly is a cloud-based application that will correct any mistake you make. Proper grammar is essential when it comes to the readability of an article. According to the writer at TrustMyPaper, Diana Adjadj, who has great writing experience and very good language skills, “grammar and spelling mistakes slow down the reader and can keep the content from spreading.”

Read the sentences many, many times and look for mistakes with Grammarly. The grammar and spelling checker can help you find and correct errors like confused words, punctuation problems, and pet peeves. Now, Grammarly Works on WordPress, which means that you can use it to proofread texts inside the WP editor. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 5

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet makes it extremely convenient for you to share excerpts from your posts and pages with the audience. All you have to do is select what you want to share and send it as a Twitter message. It’ a great way to drive more traffic to your WordPress site every single day. Don’t select long, boring excerpts because they won’t have a big impact.

Upon installing the plugin, a new menu intitled Better will pop up in the WP admin bar. To hyperlink the right tweetable, highlight the appropriate Click to Tweet text. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 6


Inforgram was built to increase data literacy. It’s a web-based infographics platform that allows you to make digital charts, maps, and, of course, infographics. Why would you want to include such elements in your blog posts, anyway? Because they keep people on the website.

Millions of articles are published on a daily basis, so you need to get creative when creating content for the Internet. The software application is simple and user-friendly, enabling users to create data visualizations really fast. There’s no better time than now to start embedding infographics and charts into WordPress. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 7

Easy Word Count

When planning out content for your WordPress site, take into account the word count. Posts that are way too long don’t attract readers. On the contrary, a post that surpasses 3000 words scares away readers. The average length for sites that makes it to the first page of the search engine results is 1890 words. It’s a good thing there is Easy Word Count, which lets you instantly count words and characters with or without spaces. If you want to check your posts, just paste the text into the online tool. Keep in mind that word count is an important metric of writing. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 8


Everyone is familiar with Hemingway Editor, the application that helps people write in a clear, concise, and powerful way. You can access the software program online or download the application onto your computer. Writers, basically all people, should use the Hemingway App. The readability is comparable to what is taught in schools in the United States. Features that are worth mentioning are: 

  • Color-coded writing problems – Issues are highlighted with the help of colors. If the text is yellow, that means it’s hard to read. 
  • Importing texts – You don’t have to copy and paste between text editors. 
  • Adverbs and passive voice – The passive voice losses points and so do adverbs because they weaken the verbs they determine. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 9


Akismet is a spam filtering service that protects you from nasty comments, trackbacks, and contact from messages. Basically, you can grab the spam and delete it before it gets published on your WordPress. Therefore, you can focus your energy on real users. Akismet doesn’t lead to mistakes, so you can rest assured the online tool does its job. WordPress comments are harder to catch. Not anymore, thanks to Akismet. 

10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers 10

Wrapping Up:

To sum up, using the right tools and plugins can really make the difference when it comes down to your WordPress site. They can assist you in improving your writing, not to mention the website. When you spend long hours in front of the computer, analyzing word after word and sentence after sentence, you’ll wish you had a little bit of help.

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10 Essential Online Tools and Plugins for Writers

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