We have come to the end of the year. Never mind. We will have a new year with new resolutions. Still, it is so essential for me to create traffic and income reports for all the months so that I could analyze this site. I could understand the growth of the website. And make changes to improve the growth etc. Let’s get into the traffic and income report for December 2016 as well as yearly report.

The Disaster 🙁

December 2016 wasn’t a great month. It was a month of disaster after the cyclone ‘ Vardah’ hit Chennai. Chennai is where I live.

The devastating cyclone uprooted most of the trees in Chennai. The power supply was cut down for a week.


Cyclone Vardah Hit Chennai

Source: NDTV

OnlineRockersHub faced a huge crisis. I was not able to manage the website because the internet connection was cut down for 18 days.

My internet service provider ACT Fibernet faced a huge downfall due to Vardah.All fiber optic cables were cut down. And the company had to start connecting cables from the beginning.

Leaving this Disaster December 2016 behind, I hope for a fresh start.

SEO maintenance:

Enough though I couldn’t work entirely on my site, I have started SEO maintenance for OnlineRockersHub.

What’s special about this SEO maintenance?

  • Removal of posts with less quality content
  • Changing of permalinks
  • Removing Irrelevant tags and categories
  • Optimizing Images for Keywords
  • Replacing custom posts types with Posts
  • Better Reading Experience to Readers

I hope that this SEO maintenance will give a big boost to my website’s SEO. I decided to do these changes with a long term in my mind.

Traffic Reports for December 2016:

Here is the overall traffic view of OnlineRockersHub for December 2016.

OnlineRockersHub December 2016 Traffic report


The huge spike in the beginning of the month is a spam traffic. I tried to filter it out at Google Analytics, but I couldn’t remove it.

To prevent Google Analytics from recording all these spam traffic, I installed a new plugin called Analytics Spam Blocker.

Analytics spam blocker plugin


You just need to install and activate the plugin. No other extra work required.

Let’s have a look at the traffic source for December 2016.


OnlineRockersHub traffic source for December 2016


The ones which I marked with red boxes are spam bots. They just caused a huge bounce rate drop. Only after installing the analytics spam blocker plugin, the spam bots traffic was neglected by Google Analytics.

Income and Expense Reports for December 2016:


Total Income: 5.63 $ ( Approx ₹ 382.59)


There is no expense right now. I am just saving up to renew domains and hosting in the upcoming months.

Since we have come to the end of 2016, I wanted to share the annual report too on this post.

Annual Reports for 2016:

Annual 2016 Traffic Report:

Here is the annual traffic overview for 2016.

OnlineRockersHub annual traffic report 2016

It was April 9 when OnlineRockersHub was started. You could see a lot of spikes in the graph. I used to do a lot of experiments with my blog. I don’t have a steady graph. I made a lot of SEO mistakes. But never mind, I continue to experiment with my blog.


OnlineRockersHub traffic source 2016


The direct traffic stands first. But, unfortunately, most of the direct visits are from me. Only at the end of the year, I realized that my traffic to my site was high. Later on, I filtered them out. But direct visits were still recorded here and there.

Google Organic traffic stands on second. I just need to work more and more on SEO in upcoming months.

The red ones are the spam bots. Good Bye to all spam bots, because I have installed Analytics Spam Blocker Plugin.


Interestingly you could notice Pifexplosion on the 8th row. Pifexplosion is a traffic driving website. They allow you to send promotional emails, they drive traffic to your site and display your banners on their site.

I tried driving traffic from Pifexplosion to my own site. Later, I realized that I should not use it to drive traffic to my own site. My site could get penalized by Google search. Also, Google Adsense bans you if you drive traffic from these sources.

I still use Pifexplosion to drive traffic to my landing pages hosted on another website. To my surprise, I got few email subscribers.

You can also try Pifexplosion to drive traffic to your landing pages hosted on another website. They give you free monthly credits every month.

Special Deal: Grab a free Gold Membership at Pifexplosion with this link

Annual Income and Expense Reports for 2016:

Annual Income:

Here is a list of all income for 2016:

Total Income : 75.65$ ( Approx ₹ 5140.79)

Annual Expense:

Total Expense: 17.87$ ( Approx ₹ 1214.35)

New Year 2017:

A new year is born. Let this new year bring you joy and prosperity in your life.

Happy New Year 2017

Source: Pexels

On Behalf of OnlineRockersHub, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

That’s the end of this income report. You can share your comments and suggestions about my website. 

Here are some of my recent income reports for you to check:

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
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