We have come to the end of 2017, or you see in the other way, its the beginning of a new year.

Today, all I wanted to do is to take a look back at the year, and wanted to see how I progressed myself as a Blogger.

I wanted to look at what kind of articles, my readers love.

When my readers love articles on a particular topic, then obviously those articles would have got traffic better than others.

So, today, I will be sharing the top 10 posts that I wrote in 2017, and this is completely based on the traffic received by these posts.

Here, we start.

Top 10 Posts from OnlineRockersHub in 2017:

I listed down in descending order so that the most viewed post finds the top place.

1) The Best Clixsense Strategy that can make you earn money online:

Best Clixsense Strategy that can help you earn money online

Clixsense is a popular GPT site (Get Paid To site), where you can earn some money by completing surveys, tasks, mini-jobs etc. The easiest way to earn money out of Clixsense is making some good referrals.

Clixsense is a completely free to join. I have even got some payments out of Clixsense in the past couple of years.You can make your payout at Clixsense through Payoneer / Skrill / Payza.

This is the site where I earned sufficient money to purchase hosting at the beginning of my Blogging career (Still haven’t become an expert, but understood the basics of blogging).

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2) A Complete FamilyClix review to make money online:

FamilyClix Review at OnlineRockersHub

FamilyClix is a PTC site (Paid To Click site), where you can earn by clicking advertisements.

This site will not be fetching a huge sum of money, but these little earnings will be useful at the beginning of your career to boost your confidence level and will let you know that there are some good paying websites on the internet.

Because you might have come across so many scams on the internet. Nowadays, people using Facebook and WhatsApp spread a lot of fake news and money making methods, all turning out to scam.

FamilyClix can pay you through Payza / SolidTrustPay / OkPay / Payeer / PerfectMoney / Bitcoin.

Yes, you heard it right.

They will pay you through Bitcoin.

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3) Top 10 Paid Survey sites to make money online – 2017 edition:

Top 10 paid survey sites to make money online

Paid Surveys is an interesting way to make money online. It’s a little tedious task, but you get a good pay for finishing them.

To finish a paid survey, you will have to clear the screening test, and then answer some questions asked.

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked any aptitude questions.

Mostly, they will be about yourself and how well you know about social media.

But, you will have to look out for verifications in between those questions. If you were able to reach the completed screen, you will get the amount mentioned in that survey.

There are many paid survey sites being lucrative, claiming higher payouts and at last turning out to be a scam.I have listed out top 10 sites. I have tried out all these 10 sites and made payouts in most of them.

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4) [Offer] Download Proven Clixsense Survey Trick to make more money:

Download Clixsense Survey Trick

I have already explained you about Clixsense. This post is actually a list of some useful tricks to make more money out of Clixsense surveys.

Though Clixsense Surveys is a legit place to make some money, it is quite difficult to finish up all the surveys you get.

The reason is that you get irrelevant surveys. When you get irrelevant surveys, you are most probably going to be screened out during the screening test, before your survey starts.

This list isn’t a mantra to manipulate your Clixsense income. All, it will do is to, teach you some tips to get more relevant surveys. So, that you get a higher probability of finishing the survey.

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5) How to be a leader in Your Academic Group: 10 Essential Tips:

What makes a great leader

This is actually a guest post by Christina Battons. In this post, she comes up with some useful advice to be a leader in your academic group.

This post might be a little irrelevant to our blog. But, I believe some of these tips are valid for any profession. Be it blogging, entrepreneurship, academics or anything else, you have some common things.

You need to be a leader and stand ahead of everyone else in your field.

Don’t worry, if you are an introvert.

All, you need to do is to build some skills. Get to know, what are they.

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6) Earning money is what happens when you create a blog:

Earning money is what happens when you create a blog

This is an interesting post, but for new readers, it might look something from another planet. It is a mega post of more than 4000 words.

In this post, I have explained in detail about creating a new blog, and why you should do.

Also, if you are looking to create a WordPress site ( Self-hosting software and not WordPress.com), you will require domain and hosting.  I usually recommend my readers to buy them from any one of these three providers: Namecheap, Hostgator or Bluehost.

In this post, I have made a detailed cost estimate for using their services, like buying a domain, hosting and some useful addons from them. Also, I have mentioned, which service will be suitable for which kind of websites.

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7) Huge Collection of all my Clixsense Payment Proofs:

Clixsense Payment Proofs

This is one more post of Clixsense. Looks like most of my readers love Clixsense and its an easy way of making money online.

As I already said, I have been using Clixsense for the past couple of years. I have made some money out of Clixsense.

In this post, I have posted those payment proofs. This is not to brag that I earned money online. I posted it with an intention that it will be useful for those who suspect whether Clixsense will pay them or not.

If you have payment proofs, don’t forget to share them in the comments section of this post.

Check Payment Proofs

8) OnlineRockersHub Monthly Traffic and Income Report – February 2017:

OnlineRockersHub Monthly Traffic and Income Reports - February 2017

This is one of the transparency reports that I have posted so far. You can check the complete list of my Blogging Income reports here.

I post income report every month, but this post got a lot of views. Also, I was happy to see the comments from my readers and fellow bloggers.

Right now, while writing this post, I opened this income report, and I noticed that a lot of things have changed on my site.

There were so many changes within this 10 months.

If you ask me if there was any big improvement, all I would do is, shake my head.

But, I am not giving hope. I will continue to focus on the improvement of this site.

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9) Happy 1st Birthday OnlineRockersHub – Thanks for the love and support ?:

Happy Birthday OnlineRockersHub

That was a happy memory. More than just a post, it was an emotion.

It was the 1st birthday of OnlineRockersHub, to say in simple terms, it was the day when I purchased the domain onlinerockershub.com

To add up to the joy, I got wishes from other bloggers. Also, from a Blogging legend, Harsh Agrawal ( that was an unexpected one)

In this post, I will take you to the past, how did OnlineRockersHub emerged and explained whatever I came across in the next 1 year ( achievements and some important decisions)

When I am going to write for the 2nd  birthday of OnlineRockersHub (I will be writing for the 2nd Birthday too), it is going to be a still more interesting, I took many more decisions.

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10) Top 5 ways to make money on Facebook Live!

Top 5 ways to make money on FaceBook live

This was a guest post by Scarlett Erin. I accepted this blog post submission because it was completely unique. This post will bring up 5 interesting ways to make money when you go live on Facebook.

When I came up with this blog post submission, I googled on this topic.

All I found was, it was a unique one, and could not find similar posts on the internet.

I wanted to be the first in posting this topic and accepted the guest post happily.

So, a small hint for all guest bloggers: Submit a unique post, and get your post published at OnlineRockersHub. But, make sure that you post true facts.

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Wrapping up:

This post just gave me some time to get back whatever I have done in the past 1 year.

It helped me understood, what kind of articles my readers like (mostly Clixsense and other money making methods)

And that insists me that I should keep writing more on that topic.

Before, getting back to money making topics, I would like to cover more on Blog Creating topics. You will come across more of that kind of posts in the future.

I do feel that all these posts have helped me change my writing style, a little bit.

But still, I have to keep learning and write more and more.

If your friends have missed this post. Share this article with them through social media (the instant way to reach out to people in any part of this world).

Crafted by Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar is a Blogger at OnlineRockersHub and PayUOC. He is inspired by a lot of bloggers all over the world. He blogs on Affiliate Marketing, WordPress Guides, Blogging Tips, Money Making Ideas etc He is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering. You can read all his posts at OnlineRockersHub.

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