Migrating from Blogger to WordPress must be taken with care, otherwise, you will loose your SEO and traffic. This post will tell you how to prepare your blogger blog to WordPress migration. This post is a part of the series Migrating from Blogger to WordPress.The first post is why you WordPress is better than Blogger.

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Why do you need to Backup?

Before you move from Blogger to WordPress, you need to make some safety precautions for your migration. You need to backup your contents. Usually, migration takes place smoothly. But, taking a backup is an additional layer of safety. Let’s look to how to backup your content at Blogger.

Steps to backup content at Blogger:

1) Visit your Blogger dashboard:

The first thing you need to do is visit your blogger dashboard of the blog which you wanted to migrate from blogger to WordPress.

2) Backup content:

From the blogger dashboard, choose Settings -> Other. You will see the Import and backup section. Click the Backup content. This will take a backup of your Blogspot blog in a .xml format.

Content backup on blogger


Safety precautions for migration from Blogger to WordPress:

Before migration, take a backup of your blog content.  And, the next step is to disable your mobile template. Disabling your mobile template is not a must rule. But, certain browsers like Opera, might show a redirect loop to your blog. To ensure avoiding this, disable the mobile template

How to disable mobile template?

At your blogger dashboard, move on to template section. You will find a separate mobile template. Click the gear icon. You will be given with two choices on which template you want to display for mobile visitors. Click No, Show desktop template on mobile devices.

Disable blogger mobile template


These two tips which I explained you in this post are essential when you plan to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. Now, the next part is moving from Blogger to WordPress. 

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