Why do you need to Promote your Blog content?

So you have done it.

You have written a great blog post, created amazing graphics to go with it and published it.

You sit back, snug and satisfied with yourself and wait for the horde of readers to come swarming to your blog.

Only when you refresh that stats at the backend of your website all you hear are crickets…

That user count is still at zero and you have no idea why when you followed the best advice in creating a blog post that is SEO friendly and optimized for search engines.

There is still one step that needs to be followed in order for you to achieve blogging success.

It is not enough to have a brilliantly written blog post, or a blog full of them for that matter if you do not have traffic to build a readership.

You do not want virtual tumbleweeds floating across your website so you need to be proactive in developing and maintaining a sustainable traffic flow to your blog. It is only then, you can convert readers into loyal followers who will champion your work and share it across many other platforms, attracting an even wider audience.

You need to work hard to promote your blog content and it may seem discouraging if you do not get the results you want off the bat, especially if you are a new blogger. But it must be done.

In order for your blog to succeed, you need to get out there and market your content.

Benefits of Facebook Promotion:

Facebook promotion is one surefire way to gain traffic to your blog content and it is a great avenue for blog content promotion because:

  • It has over 2 billion active users every month and more than any other social media network.
  • Facebook is the “Most logged into social media platform“.
  • Five new Facebook accounts are created every second.
  • Most US adults spend at least 20 minutes on Facebook every day.

facebook monthly active users stats

These statistics amount to a wide audience that consumes tons of content every second. If you can attract and engage with even a small percentage of these users with your blog content then your blog will be crawling with traffic in no time.

Do not wait to tap into this resource!

Effective ways to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook:

Here are 9 effective, actionable and creative ways to promote your blog content on Facebook.

1) Ensure That Your Blog Is Structured To Grab The Reader’s Attention:

Before trying to promote your blog content on any platform ensure that the layout and content are designed to capture the reader’s attention and hold it. Getting it right from the get-go will save lots of hassle and headache.

  • Know your audience. Ensure that you have created a marketing persona and you are creating content caters to the reading needs and wants of this person.
  • Include a featured image. Visuals are reader magnets as they capture readers’ attention.
  • Ensure that your blog posts have strong headlines. Ask questions, Use numbers and catchy phrases… No matter the tactic you use with creating your headlines, craft them so that they are eye-catching.
  • Post regular and consistent content. When you do get readers to your blog, ensure that you have created, relevant content that entices the reader to stay a while and return. When he does indeed return, ensure you have something new to wet his appetite for more. If you fail to do this, he will move on and forget your blog exists. Online readers are fickle like that.
  • Format your content for quick consumption. Design the structure of your blog posts so that they are skimmable. Your reader is a very busy person with a short attention span. Respect his time by enabling him to consume your content fast.
  • Make your content shareable. Ask your reader to follow you on social media if he does not already and include social sharing button strategically in every blog post.


2) Complete Your Facebook Page:

onlinerockershub facebook about page

Develop your website’s brand by extending the feel of it to your Facebook page. Make it so that there is no confusion for the reader to associate your Facebook page and blog. You will have to follow some thumb rules for this:

  • Do not create a personal profile because a Facebook business page works best for optimizing your blog’s success.
  • Create a custom Facebook URL with your blog name if possible.
  • Add a recognizable profile picture.
  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) button such as “Find the Blog Here”.
  • Avoid publishing personal information not relevant to your brand.
  • Use the About section to tell your brand’s story that is relatable to an ideal reader.
  • Insert contact information.
  • Ensure your Facebook page is keyword optimized.
  • Customize your tabs

3) Create A Facebook Header Design:

Nirmal Kumar Facebook page @nirmalkumar1997

Again with consistent branding and optimization of your Facebook page for engagement with your reader, visualization plays a huge role. When a reader comes to your Facebook page, you want him to be immediately intrigued and having a stunning header certainly is one way to grab attention.

Even though the saying advises, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, that is not the case with most internet users. Visual marketing is a key factor in whether or not a reader will allow you to engage with him. Therefore making sure your Facebook page look great should be a high priority and the Facebook page header is usually the first thing a reader sees when clicking on your Facebook page.

Try it out: It is a great idea to use a slightly altered image of your blog header as your Facebook header.

Facebook advises page header dimensions to be 820px by 312px. Design the header so that no elements are cut off based on the screen size it is viewed on.

Do not worry if you are not a wiz at designing. There are free online tools that can help you create a professional-looking design. One such resource is Canva

4) Participate On Facebook:

Participate on Facebook

The secret to succeeding at any venture online is by making it all about your client or reader. The same goes for promoting your blog content on Facebook. Customize your content to suit him. Tailor to his needs by providing content that solves his problems and alleviates his pains.

This builds his trust in you as a valuable resource for information that caters to his needs and desires. As this trust builds, he will start to automatically turn to you to fulfill his reading needs then he will champion your intent by sharing it.

A few ways of making it all about your reader on Facebook are by:

  • Share Facebook posts from other users and other relevant links on your page.
  • Start and participate in Facebook groups. These are the great networking and engagement avenues as a group allows persons with similar interest to engage with each other. Find the groups where your ideal reader hangs out and contribute valuable information. You can similarly create your own group and attract your ideal reader that way. You can also make use of Facebook Group Poster to post on facebook groups.
  • Be Gracious. Thank your followers for sharing your posts.
  • Comment on other user’s posts.
  • Wish your followers happy birthday on the big day.

5) Always Share Your Content on Facebook:

Share every piece of content that you publish on your blog whether it be a blog post, article, infographic, how-to guide or more. This will be effective in the promotion of your blog content in the following ways:

  • Updates your followers about new content.
  • Increases your chances of being found organically by a wider audience.
  • Highlights the fact that you are actively providing fresh, new content.
  • Allows your followers to share your content more often.

Sharing your blog content on Facebook is so important. For 60 seconds on Facebook, there are

  • 150,000 messages
  • 292,980 status updates
  • 49,980 shared links
  • 136,020 uploaded photos

facebook in 1 minute stats pie chart

Although controversial, there are also statistics that supports sharing one piece of content more than once. Some big-name websites practice this religiously and have found the following benefits along with in increased traffic to their blog:

  • The opportunity to target multiple time zones. There are many Facebook users on this earth and they are active on the social media platform at different times. By sharing the same post at different times, you can reach a wider audience.
  • Sharing older content with new followers. Some of your new followers may not yet have been exposed to content you posted in the past. This is a chance to add value and reuse content you published previously.

6) Share You Blog Content As a Facebook Post:

This is a simple process. All you have to do is copy and paste the blog content link into the publishing box on your Facebook page. This will automatically generate the image, headline and link description. If you have Yoast SEO plugin, you can create a specific Title, description, and image for the Facebook audience.

Revise this to ensure it captures your followers’ attention. All of these elements are editable and making use of this feature is necessary. Remember that your readers are viewing your Facebook page across many types of devices and some of these have small screens, example smartphones. Make it easier to read your introduction with a bold, compelling first line and keep it conversational and friendly.

7) Use Symbols and Emoji To Add Spice To Your Facebook Posts:

Facebook emojis and smileys

Facebook posts that contain emoji and special symbols have been shown to have drastically higher click-through and engagement rates. A recent small A/B test by Aggregate blog with SaaS brand Scoro revealed that an “ad with emoji in the headline had a 241% higher click-through rate than the ad with no emoji.

This effect is due to the humanizing effect of emoji and these symbols. They express feeling and make posts on all social media platforms more fun. They can replace entire sentences yet elicit more sentiment that these words. As any content marketer will tell you, invoking emotion with content is the truest way to getting your reader to do what you want him to do. In this case, that would be to click through to your blog content.

An added benefit of using emoji in your Facebook posts is that it makes your reader connect with your brand because of commonality.

Here are a few ways you can use emoji to humanize your Facebook posts:

  • Use emoji reactions.
  • Add emoji to your comments or response to comments.
  • Use meep when commenting.
  • Add them to your Facebook posts.
  • Share how you feel as an update and choose an emoji.

8) Make a ‘Weekly Wrap Up’:

If you have posted new content more than once for the week (which is a great achievement that will keep your blog relevant) then you can compile all your posts for the week then share it on Facebook. This gives your follower a chance to see all your posts at a glance and to pick up on anything he might have missed. It attracts a reader’s attention because it can be “prettied up” and spun into an enticing update for your follower.

This tactic does not only have to be used as a weekly update. It can be used for different timelines or to compile similar posts, especially those which have not gained as much traffic as you would like.

9) Use Facebook’s Paid Features:

There are two paid methods on promoting your blog content on Facebook: Creating a boosted post and Creating Facebook advertisement.

These methods are effective because your Facebook post or ad is displayed to a much wider audience. With great planning and set up, this has the potential to drastically increase your blog’s traffic and readership.

A booster post is faster and easier to set up. It is a great option for Facebook advertising beginners. Unfortunately, you will only be able to direct your posts at one target audience so this needs to be targeted for optimal results.

A Facebook advertisement is more complicated to set up. However, there is more control of the ad placement and delivery of clicks and conversion of your campaign can be optimized to your specifications. Multiple audiences can be targeted.

Bonus Tip:

Give away free stuff!

People love receiving things at no cost out of pocket.  Host a contest or giveaway on your blog then promote this on your Facebook page. Your followers will obviously engage with you and head over to your blog to find out more.

Wrapping up:

These tactics will help you drive consistent traffic to your website from Facebook. But, will it make your content go viral? That depends on your luck. Unexpected content goes viral at unexpected times. That’s Facebook for you!

If you have any more questions, let me know in the comments section below.

Note: This is a guest post by Ibrahim Raidhan. You can even contribute content to OnlineRockersHub as per our guest blogging guidelines.

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